With a catch line of “One can to rule them all” it’s pretty clear that the Optimus is is marketed as a jack of all trades.  This can has a lot of potential and I have to applaud Griffin for taking a huge step in listening to the market.  I think this is exactly what most people want in a can, something with the flexibility to be used on multiple hosts and to perform well.  There are a few review’s on this can already and Silencer Shop released a video recently with meter data on it.  I will be taking a look at this can on multiple articles, each focusing on a different type of host and configuration.  On this article, I’ll discuss what my impressions were using it on a 14.5″ 5.56 AR while hunting predators at night.

First, the host I used for this review is a Texas AR 5.56 rifle equipped with a Ballistic Advantage Hansen Profile barrel, Midwest Industries MLOK 12.5″ rail, CMC Triggers flat 3.5lb single stage trigger, IR Defense IR Patrol thermal optic, and a Griffin Armament 2 chamber muzzle break pinned and welded to the barrel.


The Optimus comes standard with the standard length taper mount extension to be used on their QD taper mount muzzle devices.  As an option, you can purchas a mid length version of this which is the same length and size as their Blast Shield.  This is handy as it will have the same function as the blast shield when the can is not attached, however I had an issue with this.  Using a 14.5″ rifle I had to have the 2 chamber muzzle break pinned on the rifle to have the added length, the 2 chamber break is too long to use with the mid length configuration and it forces you to run the full length extension on the can.  This adds just a few oz to the can however it does add at least 2″ to the muzzle, something that I found disappointing but not that big of a deal.


Configuring the silencer for use with a 5.56 was simple.  I placed the .22 end cap on and made it hand tight.  I then put the blast baffle in and secured the taper mount extension to the back half of the can.  I then screwed the can onto the mount and was ready to go.  Overall I used the can while hunting predators at night and found that the can was sufficiently quiet that we called multiple animals up on the same stand even after shots were taken.  There was little to no POI shift on the rifle/can combination that we used for this test, however we were shooting shorter distances. (100yds or less)

**NOTE** It has been brought to my attention that the Optimus manual does not support the use of the .22 end cap on the full length configuration. I have since contacted Griffin about this and they confirmed it. Use of the 9mm end cap is necessary when using this can in a full length configuration. This is due to the length of the can, and apparently I was fortunate. Reading the manual throughly is necessary. **NOTE**


One of the most striking features of this can is how slim it is.  Having tested several cans now, I can say that I can appreciate how slim the Optimus is especially when compared to my Griffin Sportsman.  Not that the Sportsman has got into my way, but it will not fit into rails like the Optimus would.


Strictly using this can on a 5.56 rifle for a weekend, I will say that I was impressed.  It functioned flawlessly and was very attractive.  I would have preferred a way to use the mid length configuration using the full length 2 chamber brake, but overall my feeling is that the can works fantastic.  Griffin has really outdone themselves with this silencer.  My initial impression of this can tells me it’s the best bang for the buck silencer on the market today.  If you have several cans and want an all around guest can, or something you can take that others can use.  This is a great option as it will literally go onto anything.  If you are on the fence, I would strongly recommend this can if you are only looking to purchase a single can.  More can be found on this can at Silencer Shop and on Griffin Armament’s website linked here.   Thank you to Silencer Shop for making these reviews a possibility.  Please check out the story from the hunt on our sister website, www.texasoutdoorsnetwork.com and specifically check out THIS story.


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