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Knife Rights

Many of you know of Todd Rathner and his NFA Freedom Alliance.  In addition to his work on NFA rights, Todd has also been successfully lobbying in support of Knife Rights.    Being based in Texas, TGR is especially pleased with the changes coming September 1, 2017.  As of September, Texans will be free to carry pretty much any blade you might want.  As you might imagine, the news channels are stunned that it will soon be legal to walk down the street with a sword or Bowie knife!

The real problem is that the previous law contained vague language surrounding such terms as “dagger” and “poniard.”  Under current law, an “Illegal knife” is defined as:

  • knife with a blade over five and one-half inches;
  • hand instrument designed to cut or stab another by being thrown;
  • dagger, including but” not limited to a dirk, stiletto, and poniard;
  • bowie knife;
  • sword; or
  • Spear.

Under the new Texas statute, “illegal knife” is changed to “location-restricted knife.”  Which basically means you can’t carry a blade greater than 5.5 inches into specific restricted locations like schools, airports, hospitals, prisons, taverns, and racetracks.

These types of efforts are going on across the USA thanks to Todd Rathner, the American Knife & Tool Institute, and the good folks at Knife Rights.

Join Knife Rights and the NFA Freedom Alliance today!



Cold Steel Voyager Tanto Rawles Limited Edition

Cold Steel Voyager Rawles

The good guys over at Tactical Intent  sent me the new Cold Steel Tanto 5.5″ Rawles Limited Edition Voyager XL Folding Knife to review.  Like most of us, I love a good knife and eagerly opened up the box when it arrived.  Drop-dead gorgeous in a rugged sort of way – if you like this sort of thing.  The Olive Drab Griv-Ex handle perfectly compliments the black DLC (diamond like coating).

Texas law dictates a maximum blade length of 5.5 inches.  This is one serious knife!  Despite the size it weighs in at only 7.8 ounces and feels balanced.  


White River Jerry Fisk Sendero Knife

Jerry Fisk Sendero

White River Knife & Tool have teamed up with Master Bladesmith Jerry Fisk to produce the Sendero Bush Knife.  Mr. Fisk states, “this is the best overall using knife I have made in an outdoors knife.”  This is a beautiful semi-custom knife featuring an Olive Drab G10 handle and a CPM S30V blade.  It is almost too pretty to take into the field but I was anxious to see how it performed.

The fit to hand is perfect – it just feels right.  Light weight at only 4.8 ounces.  The blade measures 3.6 inches with an overall length of 8.25 inches.  It is the sort of gear that causes other hunters to pause and ask, “Wow, what kind of knife is that?”


Wilson Combat Rapid Response XL, ELMAX knife review

Wilson Combat RRX ELmax knife

I am a lot like my father. I appreciate fine craftsmanship and am a sucker for a good knife. When I became a man there was one thing I knew I could get my dad for a special occasion that would surely put a smile on his face, and that was a knife. Not just any knife, but a good quality one that would be used hard and it had to shave hair and be tough.


Puma Skinner Knife Review

Puma Skinner

Puma is one of the world’s oldest knife makers having been registered with the Knifemaker’s Guild in Solingen, Germany in 1769.  Solingen is known as the “City of Blades” and is world renown for cutlery much like Toledo, Spain.  Puma is most famous for their White Hunter.  The Puma Skinner is a stag handle knife specifically designed for skinning big game.  


Real Avid Revelation – Lighted Knife

Real Avid Revelation

Have you ever field dressed big game after dark by the light from a headlamp or truck headlights?  It is not the easiest thing to do especially if conditions are cold and nasty.  Real Avid has come to the rescue with their Revelation series of lighted knifes.  A lighted knife?  Yes sir, a stack of small alkaline batteries reside in the knife handle and the light is activated by a small press switch.  There is an LED light on each side of the blade and they project enough light to help get the job done quickly and, most importantly, safely.


Ontario Knife Company Kukri Knife

I’m a huge fan of the Nepali khukuri (more commonly spelled kukri). I’m also a fan of my Ontario Knife Company Air Force Survival Knife. Knowing OKC to be a good company, I contacted them about their version of the kukri. Soon, an OKC Kukri Knife arrived on my doorstep sharp and ready for use.

The Ontario Knife Company Kukri is not a traditional khukuri, nor should it be judged as such. Rather, it is a hybrid between the khukuri design and an American knife design, such as a Marine Combat Knife.


Tops Grim Ripper Push Knife/Dagger

Today this will be short and sweet. I picked up something I always wanted, a Tops Grim Ripper. I have a good sized knife collection and always wanted to add one of these to it. Let’s take a look at this thing.


Staff Review: Real Avid Gun Tool

Real Avid The Gun Tool

The Real Avid Gun Tool is a must-have for anyone who shoots. I carry one in my range bag and one in my hunting backpack at all times.  The Gun Tool includes 18 of the most commonly used tools for rifles and shotguns. The Torx and Allen wrenches are particularly handy to always have readily available.


Cold Steel Torture Test: Recon Tanto VS Brinks Safe

I wanted to post a story and some pics of a recent impromptu “knife durability test” I conducted. The whole “right tool for the job” thing was not going my way and I ended up using my Cold Steel Recon Tanto to get into a safe. This was not an easy thing to do and the knife was subjected to abuse FAR past anything I have ever done to a knife before.


KHT Historic (Improved) Khukuri

I have been a fan of the Nepali Khukuri ever since I encountered it in the hands of Ex-Gurkhas in southern Iraq, in 2009. I love the design of the khukuri and use one on a regular basis. It is my constant companion when hiking in the woods, as its versatility and strength are a great asset. That said, I have always felt that there are a few improvements that could be made upon the traditional design. Enter the Historic (Improved) khukuri from Khukuri House Thamel.


Sirupate Khukuri – Weapon of Nepalese Warriors

Weapon of the Gurkhas

The khukuri (also spelled kukri) is the traditional weapon of the elite Gurkha soldiers. Fierce warriors who hail from the mountainous regions of Nepal have used this ancient blade for centuries.