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Mossberg 590A1 AOW Review

So I bought this AOW Mossberg 590A1 with my Trust, it is the 14 inch barrel version. Let’s take a  brief look at what your 429.99$ and 5 months of wait time on the ATF gets you.


CZ guns are in!

Just got back from the Silencer Shop where I picked up two new CZ guns..

The 455 suppressor ready and Practical shotgun.

I quickly put them together and put my Spectre II on the 22.


Staff Review: Taran Tactical Benelli 3gun competition parts review

By: Kurt Gruber, Staff Writer

If you are familiar at all with the world of Three Gun, then you are no doubt familiar with the name Taran Butler.  Taran has one most every match he has entered more than once and is one of the top shooters in the Three Gun community.  Taran recently formed a company, Taran Tactical Innovations (, where he is putting his expertise in making guns run as fast as possible to work for the rest of the shooting community. 


Benelli Introduces the New Performance Shop M2 3-Gun Edition

ACCOKEEK, MD (January 17, 2012) – Multi-gun competition demands the highest standards of reliable operation in guns performing under the pressures of action shooting and the stresses of a timed event. Benelli’s M2 has passed the test of time, establishing a sterling reputation as the shotgun of choice for serious 3-gun competitors. Now, Benelli takes the M2 to the next level with the issue of the Performance Shop M2 3-Gun Edition, the ultimate tactical competition gun that’s simply perfect.


Mossberg 500 Review

Welcome to review 48 I think. Today’s topic is really quite unremarkable in that it’s just a pistol gripped Mossberg 500. Blue finish, 6 shot, 12 gauge I just picked up for well under $200 While they’re like 90 billion of these on Earth we used to use this exact model for door breaching in the desert. It was simply carried slung on your back with a piece of 550 cord. Loaded with door breaching rounds, carried in addition to an M4 rifle. I picked it up for a few reasons. One being it reminded me of the old days and I smiled when I saw it. Two, for the $$ it’s a reliable piece of ass kicking machinery. Three, when you can almost pay for a decent gun with the change in your ashtray and center console you should buy it.


Mossberg Introduces 500 Thunder Ranch

North Haven, CT — For decades, the legendary Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun has been selected by the military, law enforcement agencies and civilians worldwide for its rock-solid durability and superior reliability; simply known as a tool that you can count on. A similar tenet is expressed by Marine Corps veteran and former SWAT team member, Clint Smith, who serves as President and Director of Thunder Ranch training facility in Lakeview, Oregon. When discussing the school’s doctrines, Smith emphasized, “We provide our students with functional and logical defensive tools that they can confidently use.” The newly-introduced, well-designed 500 Thunder Ranch shotgun is the culmination of Smith’s life experiences and Mossberg’s dedication to build dependable and innovative firearms.

At the core of the 500 Thunder Ranch shotgun is the field-proven 500 pump-action platform with non-binding twin action bars, positive steel-to-steel lock-up and anti-jam elevator for smooth, reliable operation. This compact 12-gauge features an 18.5-inch barrel and shortened synthetic stock with a 12.75-inch length of pull. The decreased overall length of 37 inches provides for added maneuverability in close quarters and for proper fit with use of tactical vests or gear. A fixed cylinder bore delivers optimal pattern densities and the machined stand-off barrel design can be used for breaching. For faster target acquisition, the barrel has a simple white dot sighting system. Convenient tri-rail Picatinny fore-end provides for the easy addition of tactical lights and accessories. All exposed metalwork has a non-reflective matte blue finish and the durable stock and fore-end feature a matte black finish and sling swivel studs. Completing this tactical shotgun package is a handy, black padded sling; 6-round total capacity; 23/4 and 3-inch shell capability; and the distinctive Thunder Ranch logo engraved on the receiver.

“The new Mossberg 500 Thunder Ranch shotgun holds true to the doctrines and traditions of Thunder Ranch,” stated Smith. “Our goal is to provide individuals with the practical tools and defensive training that they need to defend their families and homes. Heidi and I are proud to work with Mossberg in the design of this effective, yet affordable tool.”

“Thunder Ranch has earned the reputation as one of the leading firearms training facilities in the world for military, law enforcement and private citizens,” commented Tom Taylor, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. “With the proven performance of the Mossberg 500 as the base platform, Clint provided us the necessary criteria to develop a defensive shotgun worthy of the Thunder Ranch name.”

Protect yourself and your home with a shotgun that you can depend on. Visit your local Mossberg dealer today, to see the complete line of Mossberg tactical shotguns including the ultimate in home defense, the 500 Thunder Ranch.


Benelli M4 H2O review

ACCOKEEK, MD (January 17, 2012) – Benelli’s M4 Tactical is so rugged and reliable that the U.S. Marines have depended on it for all their shotgun needs since 1999. The latest version is called the M4 H2O, which includes for the first time ever, a factory-installed telescoping pistol-grip stock, a full-length magazine tube (7+1 capacity) and NP3 coating—a seriously rugged weather-proofing that will withstand all the elements.

The M4 H2O comes standard with a Picatinny rail, pistol-grip stock and a fully adjustable ghost-ring aperture rear sight and windage-adjustable front sight.

NP3 is an electroless nickel-based finish, which gives the metal’s surface an attractive satin gray, non-reflective finish. All active surfaces including the M4 H2O’s entire bolt assembly, trigger group, magazine tube and follower and barrel are evenly plated with a true composite coating of sub-micron particles of PTFE  polytetrafluoroethylene)—also known as Teflon with electroless nickel co-deposited into the nickel matrix. Every metal part of on the M4 H2O is completely protected from rust and corrosion, even when exposed to marine environments with salt spray, rain, and high humidity. This degree of protection is 10 times greater than standard electroless nickel finishes. Not only is NP3 extremely corrosion resistant, but it also provides high lubricity and a low friction co-efficient, which greatly increases the life of a firearm. Furthermore, as wear occurs on the surface of the finish, fresh particles of PTFE are exposed to maintain consistent lubricating qualities of the coating. The M4 H20 will only be available for a limited time, so visit your Benelli dealer soon to see and handle a shotgun that’s truly capable of weathering all conditions.


  • Gauge: 12-Gauge
  • Barrel Length: 18.5”
  • Sights: Ghost-ring
  • Metal Finish: NP3
  • Stock: Telescoping
  • Average Weight: 7.8 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 40”
  • Length of Pull: 14 3/8”
  • Drop at heel: 2.25”
  • Drop at Comb: 1.5”
  • MSRP: $2269


FNH USA, LLC is pleased to announce the limited release of its SC-1 over and under sporting competition shotgun, which is the first over and under shotgun sold by FNH USA.

“The FN SC-1 establishes a striking new standard in both performance and appearance that sets it apart from traditional over and under shotguns,” said Ken Pfau, Senior Vice President of Law Enforcement and Commercial Sales for FNH USA. “This is a magnificent 12-gauge shotgun that is ready to go out of the box and will definitely turn some heads at the team’s upcoming matches.”


Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical Review


Tonite I have the Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical to discuss. Per the usual there is a real slug fest in the forums over this weapon. I’m glad we don’t have that problem here. The main thing I’m seeing is comparisons to the Benelli M4 shotgun, currently in use by the USMC. Well that’s sorta like comparing Dodge Chargers to Z06 Corvettes. Comparing K-Mart sales flier swimsuit models to Victoria Secret girls, you get the idea, apples and oranges. The price range difference is huge. Going back to the car comparison, both will reliably get you where you want to go, both are nice. Is the extra 10’s of thousands of dollars extra worth it to be behind the wheel of the Z06 Vette?? That you would have to decide, it was for me. I drive a Z06 but with the shotguns?? No, I felt the Mossberg would do anything I needed it to and so far she’s been a gem.


Mossberg 590 Review


This afternoon I want to go over the Mossberg 590 A1 combat shotgun. Not only the weapon itself but the overall usefulness of any “gauge” in MIL or LE use.


Browning Citori Review

Browning Citori – I have fired probably 25,000+ rounds through this fine 20 gauge shotgun with NO repairs or malfunctions.  Not a single repair.  The rounds were racked up on dove hunting trips to Cordoba, Argentina where it is not uncommon to shoot 1,000 – 3,000 rounds per day (or more if you are tough enough).

Dependable – rock solid.  Good looking gun.  Single-selective trigger.  Good selection of screw-in chokes.  Comes to the shoulder nicely and is well balanced.


Any gun that can fire this many rounds in field conditions without a single repair has to earn a high Value rating.

As you might expect, a bit heavy due to double barrells.  Not heavy for normal shooting but try lifting it 2,000 times one day…..

By the way, if you want the ultimate wingshooting experience go to Argentina and hunt with H&H outfitters.  No place on earth has as many birds and H&H is the premier outfitter in the area.  H&H has the roosts around Cordoba locked up.  Shoot 400 birds with x or shoot 2000 birds (per day) with H&H.

Anyone who hasn’t shot a fine double is missing out.  It is nice to have an option on shot pattern as the birds are coming in.  Screw in Improved/Modified, Skeet/Improved, Modified/Full to match the situation and then select which to fire.  Duck coming in to the decoys, select Modified, high passing shot select Full.

There are better Over Unders than the Citori and there are cheaper options as well.  However, bang for the buck the Citori is an excellent choice. 

By Mike Coker