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MSA TC2000 Ballistic Helmet – My Brain Bucket

My second year in Iraq, I took along a MSA TC2000 ballistic helmet. More commonly known as the MICH (or in the Army, the ACH), this helmet provides level IIIA protection from fragments and pistol rounds. Why did I buy my own instead of taking what the Army would give me at CIF down in Ft. Benning? Easy; I was a contractor and the Army hated my guts.


British Tactical MPMP – Adaptability from the Isles

MPMP micro chest rig

We usually think of the British Isles as a place of tradition, but the family-owned company British Tactical is developing some interesting and innovative products.  Their flagship piece of piece of kit is called the Multi-Purpose MOLLE Platform, or MPMP for short. It is designed to be used in several different configurations. You can wear it as a satchel, as a drop-leg platform, or as a chest rig.


Osprey MK4 Armor Carrier

Osprey MK4 armor carrier

If you’re in the market for a plate carrier, you have a lot of choices in today’s market. For those who want a great package on a shoestring budget, I heartily recommend the Osprey Mk4 plate carrier.

I first saw the Osprey line of body armor in Basrah, Iraq. At the time I was sent down to that base, it was still run by the British as COB Basra. Of course, at that time, the British were wearing the Osprey MKII carrier, which is in their desert camo pattern. It was far from ideal, and Her Majesty’s Armed Forces have made several improvements. The current model, the Mk4, is available for you to purchase from


Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper – MOLLE Attachment Evolution

After the slight trouble I ran into with the Ten-Speed  mag pouches on the BELTminus, I went with a different design. However, I was quite impressed with both the strength and the lightweight nature of the Ten-Speed products. Feeling that they simply needed a firm platform, I placed them on my old Spartan II armor carrier. These two pouch sets replaced a Condor Kangaroo triple mag pouch.


Camouflage Accessories for Armor

Flecktarn is an excellent camouflage pattern for temperate climates such as the one I live in. As stated in a previous article, I highly recommend surplus German gear in this pattern for its utility and low cost. However, there aren’t a lot of armor options for the Flecktarn pattern. So what do you do if you want to wear body armor and Flecktarn?


Russian Flora Uniform and Vest

I’ve had a certain fascination with Russian culture and products ever since a Slavic buddy taught me to drink during my freshman year. This continued through my time in Israel (which is why I still speak Hebrew with a Russian accent) and to the present day.

I was an AK man long before I had an AR-15 and I’ve always been interested in the rather austere, functional equipment that the Motherland makes. So of course, I had to acquire a Russian uniform and LBV. Vladamir, the man behind Soviet Army Stuff, was kind enough to send me a Flora pattern suit, vest and cap.


Raine Canted MOLLE Tactical Holster

I don’t particularly care for drop-leg holsters, but I like to have a pistol handy. So what to do if you want to be able transition to your handgun? If you own and carry a Beretta, you can mount a Serpa S.T.R.I.K.E. platform to your chest, but I tend to stick with my trusty SIG P226. Sometimes I like to carry the HK USP or 9mm pistols I’ve been sent for testing. so a model-specific holster isn’t the best option for me. Thankfully, I found the Raine Canted MOLLE Tactical Holster.


Velocity Systems Steel Side Plates

Several months ago, Jim over at Deliberate Dynamics sent me a pair of Velocity Systems steel side plates for testing. They are multi-hit rated for 7.62x39mm. These are lightweight, low-profile plates made for military and law enforcement use. Unfortunately, Velocity Systems neither lists them on their website nor markets them to the general public. I count myself lucky that I was able to get my hands on them. I was both excited and slightly depressed about receiving these plates. Excited over the opportunity to test a rather exclusive product, but depressed that I would, by the very nature of testing, destroy the plates. 


BulletProofMe Level III Armor Plate

I have done a couple articles on steel body armor plates, of which I am a big fan. A few months ago, the kind people at sent me a 10″x13″ steel Level III armor plate to submit to destructive testing. After long deliberation, I finally took it out and tested it well past the point of failure. 


Deliberate Dynamics Low-Profile Plate Carrier

As stated in a previous article, I’m a big fan of not having metal (or anything, really) pierce my tender flesh. In fact, I have spent a large portion of my life trying to keep metal out of my body. Body armor accomplishes this very well. Rifle plates in particular are an excellent way to prevent bullets from entering your body. But what if you don’t want to advertise the fact that your torso is armored against AK fire? Well, that’s where the Deliberate Dynamics Low-Profile Plate Carrier comes in.


Tactical Applications Group: Spartan II Armor Carrier

The number of people who have actually worn body armor at work is small. Most are military and law enforcement. In fact, the vast majority of civilians who purchase a plate carrier will do so for airsoft or paintball use. There’s nothing wrong with this, but for those few civilians who have actually had to wear body armor, this article is for you.


Consumer Review: BulletProofMe – Please!


          In 2008, I went through Ft. Benning before going to Iraq. There, I was issued body armor. The outer vest was new and spotless, still in its plastic wrap. The plates, however, were junk. Both plates were extremely worn, one having a long groove in the strike face.