For just over a year, I’ve used the Adams Industries Legionnaire Gen 3 Clip On.  What I have learned is that it’s not always easy to use Night Vision.  The Legionnaire is quite the impressive value with a retail price around $3995 for a Gen 3 autogated clip on, it’s hard to go wrong.  Simply attach the unit in front of your day scope with the provided hood to help block out the light, and then turn it on and use your day scope in its original configuration.  I found it easy to use, here’s my year long after thought on the unit.


Battery consumption.  In my case, the unit is fairly battery hungry and if I leave a battery in it will drain it.  I always take the batteries out when the unit is not in use anyway, and it does only use 1 CR123 battery.

Mount.  The mount that comes standard with the Legionnaire is not a desired mount.  I am picky when it comes to QD mounts as I have used most every combination available today from a variety of makers.  This mount is not great and takes a little wiggling and effort to get onto some rails.  It does lock up nice and tight however, so it functions fine.  I would just prefer a mount that is a little more friendly on the installation side.

Focus.  The top mounted focus on the unit is what you use to put your target into view clearly.  It is easy to focus your target and make it look right, however it can sometimes take a little time to get the focus right.  I’ve been in situations where I had a difficult time focusing on my target and lost a shot due to this.  However, it was early on in the use of the unit and I have since become so familiar with it that it is no issue.  The time it takes is no big deal and the focus works very well.  Looking at targets at great distances with this unit are no issue due to the excellent ability for it to resolve details.

Clarity.  On my particular tube, I have found that it is very clear and bright.  No spots despite me bumping it around and not taking as good of care of it as I should.  The unit was on top of my LaRue Tactical OBR and fell over….on a concrete floor.  I was sure that it would have damaged the tube, but I had no spots or issues as a result.  The unit was powered off when this happened, and I attribute it to the housing being made very well.

Overall finish/construction.  This unit is very well made with a great case.  This case works well and is designed as a weapon sight.  It has been abused but not too much as I do most of my equipment.  I try and stay conscious that night vision is not a day scope and to treat it better than I would my guns or other gear.  I’m impressed with the overall quality of this unit and think that for the dollar amount, you will not find a better clip on unit.

I have had a very difficult time trying to get through the scope pictures with this unit that will do it justice.  It is simply crystal clear and is easy to use without IR.  In combination with the Steiner SPIR, I found that this optic is fantastic and making extended range shots a breeze.  If you are looking for a great Gen 3 clip on at a great price, look no further than Adams Industries.  This optic is fantastic and would be great for anyone looking to own the night.

Give Chris Adams a call and visit his websites for details here and here.








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