The Aviator 2 is one of two rimfire suppressors manufactured by Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC).  The Aviator 2 is an upgraded version of the Pilot 2 and features two extra baffles for improved performance.  The Aviator 2 tube is manufactured from 7075-T6 aluminum.  The nine baffles are also aluminum with the exception of a stainless blast baffle.  MSRP is $300 with a street price a bit lower (the Silencer Shop currently has it on sale for $245).  By comparison, the titanium Element 2 is $479.

AAC Aviator 2

AAC Aviator 2

Disassembly will be familiar to anyone with an AAC suppressor and the spanner tool is included.  The end cap includes a rubber O-ring and sits flush with the tube.  As with most all rimfire suppressors the tube is 1″ diameter so there is no concern with sight picture like you face with centerfire pistol suppressors.

AAC claims that the nine baffle design of the Aviator 2 reduces first-round pop.  It may be confirmation of expectation but the Aviator 2 is very pleasant to shoot and has a mellow sound signature.  This is purely subjective of course.  AAC specs 41db in sound reduction and this seems logical given its 6.44 inch length and nine K-baffles.

AAC Aviator 2

AAC Aviator 2

Nine baffles is somewhat of a pain during cleaning but in reality that isn’t very often unless you really burn through bricks of .22 ammo.  Each baffle has a tab and groove for alignment.  It really is personal opinion as to whether you prefer a baffle stack or a monocore design.

Although the Aviator 2 is longer than many of its competitors, it still only weighs 4 ounces due to the aluminum materials.  It is full-auto rated.

Please note that the Aviator 2 is rated for 22 long rifle only!  If you intend to shoot .17 HMR or .22 MAG you need to step up to a different silencer like the Element 2, Liberty Regulator, or Griffin Checkmate.


With a street price of under $300, the AAC Aviator 2 is a excellent choice for someone who wants an inexpensive .22LR suppressor.

Silencer Shop Authority.

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