Wilson Combat AR9 Review

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Precision Rimfire: A Primer

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Leica Geovid 10×42 HD Range Finding Binoculars

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Knights Armament Company (KAC) QDC 5.56 Silencer

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Southern Precision Rifles 6.5 Creedmoor

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Trijicon HD 8×42 Binoculars

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458 SOCOM Oops! SB Tactical Pistol Brace

By: Cary Kieffer

Ok, I put a couple more hundred rounds through the 12 inch Tromix barreled 458 SOCOM I built. The thing shoots great but we did have a small problem I fixed up today.

Crux Suppressors Now At Silencer Shop!

Crux Logo

Crux Suppressors are finally available through the Silencer Shop!  The business agreement has been years in the making but the complete line of Crux suppressors can now be purchased through the Silencer Shop.  The Crux Nemesis 30 is one awesome silencer.

Full disclosure.  I have spent time with both Dave and Curtis.  I own several Crux suppressors and I have purchased suppressors from the Silencer Shop. 

Crux was formerly known as Templar Tactical.  In fact, my first suppressors are rolled with Templar Tactical.  The initial Templar Tactical product line-up included the Nemesis (6″), Ark (7.5″), and Archangel (9.25″).  These are all 1.5″ diameter, full titanium cans.  For marketing reasons, the name was changed to Crux several years ago.  The two newest models are the Axe and Saxon both of which are slim 1.375″ cans.

Crux Nemesis

458 SOCOM Build List w/ Tromix Barrel


By: Cary Kieffer

This is a brief look at a 458 SOCOM I built for myself. I love the thing, took me 2 years to complete because it kept getting backburner’d by other projects. Anyway, it’s done, runs like a Swiss watch, hits like a tank and is very accurate.

Silencer Shop Authority: Griffin Armament RECCE 5 5.56 Review

Today, we take a look at the Griffin Armament RECCE 5 5.56 silencer. This is a great can that is built to take the abuse. Featuring stainless steel construction in a compact and lightweight design, with the supplied Minimalist brake it only weighs 16.3 oz. Sound suppression is very good it is full auto rated.  With it’s taper mount it proved to provide very consistent accuracy.

5 Best Gun Cleaning Mats to look for 2018

Tipton glun cleaning mat

Quite a number of people overlook the importance of having a gun cleaning mat. It doesn’t matter how careful you are when cleaning your gun, there are high chances of spills and splashes. This is why it is necessary to have a gun cleaning mat that will protect your table or work surface from harsh chemicals and other solvents. On top of that, they also protect your gun from scratches especially if you are moving your weapon around a hard surface.

Gun cleaning mats are specifically designed for gun cleaning and hence feature a leakproof material such that no oil can leak through the mat. The mats are available in different sizes and thicknesses so you can select the one that you like and meets your need. I have researched and hereby provide you with 5 best gun cleaning mats to look for in 2018. They are great mats with soft padded surfaces and nonslip backing that keeps the gun in place.

#1: Yes4All Gun Cleaning Mat Pad

If you are looking for a gun cleaning mat for rifles and shotguns, this is the best pick today. The pad is designed with a high-quality material that doesn’t allow lubricants and solvents to reach your work surface.  It provides you with a safe placement on flat surfaces which also protects your weapon.  This lightweight and two-sided gun cleaning mat is made to last longer. It has a thick and soft polyester material that doesn’t scratch your gun. There is also a neoprene rubber backing that ensures everything is in place and doesn’t slide while working. When you need to store it, it rolls up easily into a compact shape making it easy to store after cleaning. With this protective gun cleaning mat, you can maintain the condition of your table, bench or desk when cleaning your weapon.

Silencer Shop Authority: Sig SRD 5.56 Silencer Review

In this video, we take a look at the Sig SRD 5.56 QD

224 Valkyrie: JP RIFLES

Came across this.. cool info

When I first heard about the .224 Valkyrie I was a bit “meh, another cartridge”… but the more I checked into the more intrigued I became.  Being a long time 6.8 SPC fan for hunting the thought of it being necked down to 22 and new heavy and high BC bullets got me pretty excited.  Also, the thought of some light varmint bullets screaming out of an AR15 platform got my blood pumping.  I came across this video from JP Rifles and thought I would share:

New Timney trigger for Tikkas!

The aftermarket support for Tikka continues to grow!

Timney just announced their new two stage trigger for the T3s and we have one coming in for review!

Hayes Custom Guns 1911 9mm Build

Starting the Project –

In 2015, I approached Aaron and Ben Hayes of Hayes Custom Guns ( about building a fully custom 9mm 1911. I planned to use the pistol to compete in Steel Challenge and USPSA Action Pistol matches. By the end of 2016 I had collected the majority of the parts needed and was ready to get a custom build started. I met with Aaron and Ben of Hayes Custom Guns to drop off the parts and discuss the gun specifications in detail.


We spoke at length about the build. I explained that I was planning on shooting 9mm, which would make my power factor in USPSA “minor.” This would cost me points for any paper targets I didn’t score alpha hits on in comparison to competitors shooting “major” power factor, however it was a sacrifice I was willing to make for the advantage of having 10 round mags in my gun versus the 8-9 round mags of 40 and 45 caliber pistols. In addition, with a 9mm and my competition reloads, I could potentially shoot faster and speed up my transitions between targets.







Shaving Weight –

What I wanted in the pistol was to make the slide light to reduce reciprocating mass, with very aggressive front and rear serrations, topped with Dawson Precision competition sights. Tri-topping the slide cut significant mass, while also providing a very clean and modern look. The deep, long and aggressive design of the front and rear serrations also served to cut weight from the slide. The front serrations are what I use the most to work the slide on my pistols; therefore, I wanted them super aggressive to avoid any slipping or missing. Typically the weakest part of 9mm 1911 pistols are their mags, and if one caused a malfunction in the middle of a stage I wanted to be able to work the slide hard and fast to keep the gun running. The serrations Aaron and Ben milled into the slide for me accomplishes that beautifully.

USPSA rules for competing in Single Stack Division state that pistols must weigh no more than 43 ounces with an empty mag inserted into the pistol. Tri-topping and lightening of the slide helped me meet my overall weight goal. At 42.7 ounces, the pistol is just enough under weight. If I change magazine manufacturers, base pads or other small parts, it will still be under the required weight.


Precision –

The barrel and bushing for the pistol are from Clark Customs. Their bushing is of superior design and the lock-up between the barrel, bushing and slide is amazingly tight, and was extremely tight when I received the gun. I thoroughly oiled the pistol and worked the action continuously to help break it in. The pistol started with a frame and the slide that were bare and unfit from Caspian Arms. I had Hayes Custom Guns undercut the trigger guard and checker the front strap very aggressively so that I could get a high grip on the pistol. The front strap checkering also matches the aggressive checking of the grips I used for this build.


Solid Grip –

The grips and magwell are from Techwell and integrate together. The grips are slotted at the bottom and the magwell fits tightly into the slots. This allows the shooter to use whatever mainspring housing they prefer. I chose silver aluminum grips with aggressive checkering. The magwell, Techwell’s IPSC TGO version, was seamlessly blended to the frame by Hayes Custom Guns. It was then cerakoted black to match the rest of the pistol. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of it prior to taking my new pistol straight to a local match, where I promptly began wearing the magwell in. Hayes finished the gun with Black Nitride and the finish looks just as smooth and dark as when I first received the pistol. The Black Nitride appears to be very resistant to scratches and wear.




Breaking Glass –

Internally, I had Hayes Custom Guns fit and tune Extreme Engineering trigger components matched to a long flat SV trigger. The trigger is sub 2 pounds with almost no take up and a crisp break and is incredible. Reset on the trigger is short and clean. This, coupled with the minimal recoil and fast-cycling slide make shooting this gun quickly very easy. The safeties are ambi wide Ed Browns and the grip safety is also an Ed Brown memory groove. The mag release is an extended and enlarged Wilson Combat.


Overall Satisfaction with Hayes Custom Guns –

As of this writing I’ve put approximately 2,500 rounds through the pistol. It is amazingly accurate and just a pleasure to shoot. A competitive shooting friend even said it was the finest pistol he’s ever shot. He is no stranger to high-end guns such as those crafted by Hayes Custom Guns. Even after 2,500 rounds the lock up is still incredibly tight and the slide-to-frame fit is perfect. Freestyle I was able to get a sub 3″ group at 25 yards with factory Speer ammo.

The gun is incredible and it won’t be my last custom build by the Hayes brothers. After I crest 5,000 rounds, I will publish a range report that will cover the gun’s accuracy, wear and overall performance. Currently, the gun shoots so flat and light that as fast as I can work the trigger the front sight is already back inside the “A-zone” of a USPSA target. It’s frankly amazing.

Just for fun, here’s a video from a local club’s Hosefest. Take note of how flat the pistol runs with minimal recoil while blazing through the close and open targets.

Hosefest 2017

Special thanks to Aaron and Ben for their fine work and help, my buddies at the Ben Stoeger Pro Shop for the pictures, and Tish and Abby for help editing.

Silencer Shop Authority: Daniel Defense WAVE 30 cal silencer review

Today we take a look at the new Daniel Defense WAVE 30 calibler silencer.  This is a new design using 3d printing for a one piece baffle/tube made out of Inconel.  No welds!  Very cutting edge design and manufacturing, I would love to see it being made.  It also features a patent pending brake quick detach that is guaranteed not to get carbon build up.  The silencer and brake are made up of a mix of a nickel based “super alloy”, stainless steel and titanium that is all cerakoted.  It has a reinforced blast chamber and is full auto rated.  We tested this silencer on two different rifles and got video of a guy at our hunting property shooting suppressed for the first time.  His reaction was awesome!

Savage Will Launch 28 New Products at the 2018 SHOT Show

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – January, 12, 2018 – Savage will launch more than two dozen new products within several product lines at the 2018 SHOT Show, January 23-26 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The legions of Savage fans who rely on our brand’s quality firearms – and the proven accuracy the rifles deliver – will love our long list of new firearm options,” said Beth Shimanski, Senior Marketing Manager for Savage. “Our new AccuFit System is designed to allow shooters to quickly adjust comb height and length-of-pull for a customized fit. This results in more consistent, more comfortable shooting. The 10 new Model 110s, which have been upgraded with AccuFit, are sure to impress our customers. However, we didn’t stop there. We have several new configurations and caliber additions to our award-winning MSR lineup and rimfire rifles.”

Product Launch Highlights Include:

Model 110 Storm with AccuFit: Conquer hunting’s most punishing weather and conditions. Sixteen caliber and left-hand options.

Dallas Safari Convention