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Fenix PD35 TAC Flashlight Review

Fenix PD35 TAC

The first thing I noticed about the Fenix PD35 Tactical flashlight was the overall impression of a quality product. The packaging graphics, detailed specifications, instruction manual, accessories, and tactile feedback of the flashlight controls are all excellent. The Fenix PD35 TAC produces a phenomenal 1,000 Lumens. According to Cree, “the new XP-L LED redefines system performance, cost, and size of LED lighting.”

The PD35 TAC is an upgrade over the popular Fenix PD35 by adding a Tactical mode. Tactical mode turns the side switch off and all control is on the tail switch. Outdoor mode works off of the side switch and engages all of the lighting levels. It is a simple operation to switch modes. 


South Texas Arms STA-LR in .243 Win

Some time back I had a conversation with Brandon Sneed, owner of South Texas Arms, about a lightweight full frame AR purpose built for hunting. We both understand that there is only so light you can go, and we want premium components which sometimes bring some heft with them. In addition, we considered what calibers are available and decided against the standard .308 that is found in most full frame AR rifles. We both agree that .308 is great on medium game like deer and pigs but a bit much for a coyote gun.  We considered 6.5 Creedmoor, but a lack of variety and overall availability of factory ammunition had me looking for a new option.  I can’t remember who suggested .243 Winchester, but it was a clear choice with its huge popularity and variety of available factory ammunition.  .243 Winchester has been around since 1955 according to Wikipedia and was even designed around the idea of a dual purpose varmint and medium game cartridge.


LaserLyte Center Mass CM-K15B

LaserLyte Center Mass

The LaserLyte Center Mass weapon sight allows the shooter to choose between a traditional single dot or the very cool Center Mass pattern.  The Center Mass option projects a green center dot plus a ring of eight green dots for fast target acquisition.  The dot pattern grows in size at approximately one inch per yard of distance.  Like many men, I see a green laser way better than red especially in daylight conditions.  The pattern is changed by removing (or replacing) an attached cap.


2A Holster: Custom Holsters for Your Gun and Your Light

Who here would carry a light on their pistol if you could find the right holster? I would and I know a lot of people who would too. Thing is getting the right holster and light combo for your carry needs is very difficult if not impossible for most guns. Why holster companies have not produced more options for carrying with a light I don’t know. Is it because there are way to many models, styles and lights to tackle them all? Maybe, but all that has changed. Mr. Tom Wise who owns and operates  can make whatever combination your heart desires with or without a light. That in itself is awesome, thing is he does it fast and on a budget anyone can afford.


OxyLed MD50 500 lumen Cree Flashlight vs Streamlight Protac

So a lady named Kelly Zhu from on  kindly sent this to me and asked for a review, no problem. So today we look at the OxyLed MD50 high performance light and will put it up against my favorite light the Streamlight 600 lumen ProTac.


Armytek Predator Pro Flashlight

Armytek Predator Pro

The Armytek Predator Pro is perhaps the “brightest” flashlight I have ever tested.  Sporting 640 LED lumens and a reflector tuned for focused long distance illumination it is flat-out amazing.  The Predator Pro features a Neutral White Cree XP-G2 “warm” LED.  The flat-black finish is unique and presents a tacky non-slip feel.  


Inforce WMLX weapon light

Just got some lights in from Inforce including the new WMLX which is their new 500 Lumen unit.


Terralux Tactical Light Review

Terralux TT5

Looking for a new tactical flashlight? How about one with some innovative engineering ?

Check out the new Terralux TT1 and Terralux TT5


Staff Review: Nightstick Flashlights


At SHOT Show in Las Vegas, we visited the good guys at Bayco Products – manufacturer of the NightStick brand of flashlights.  If you haven’t been to SHOT you can’t comprehend just how many “tactical flashlight” booths there are.  And they all claim to be the best value for the money.  My first request was an explanation of how to read the ANSI panel on the box.  You can read that article here.  Marty Robbins followed up our visit by sending us two of their flashlights to evaluate:


Fenix TK15

A flashlight of solid construction, high output, and impressive value; the Fenix TK15 does not disappoint, working  when you depend on it most.  The brand may not be very well known, but they have great potential from what I have seen so far.


Guide to Flashlight Selection

Tactical Gun Review asked Marty Robbins, Director – Marketing at BAYCO Products, how to evaluate and choose the right flashlight for a specific task.  Marty was kind enough to provide the following information.

First, we really need to know how different types of users see flashlights and how they “categorize” each as either all the same or the different levels of quality. Here’s a quick synopsis on what makes one manufacturer different than the others.


Everyday Carry Lights

Good morning, Let’s talk more about my sick flashlight fetish. If you’ve followed my reviews you know second only to a quality, clean weapon with which I am very familiar the flashlight is my second most important tool. Today I want to go over a half dozen quality “every day carry” (EDC) lights.