I love surprises.  I especially love surprises when it comes to being proven wrong, in a good way.  The first weekend of February I went on a great predator hunt in Ozona Texas and I decided to take a few items with me to review a long the way.  Look here for the story on www.texasoutdoorsnetwork.com.  I had intended on checking out several other silencers but had specifically wanted to use a direct thread 5.56 silencer of a different make.  However, the only one available at the moment was the Gemtech Trek.  I had my heart set on another can, and when I was handed the Gemtech I was disappointed.  I had not heard anything about this little can before, and frankly thought it was heavy and unappealing.  However, I found out after attaching the little can to my sons lightweight rifle that the can added a balance I was not expecting.  The can is kinda heavy, but it’s also pretty short and full auto rated.  I got the impression that this can was built like a tank and would handle anything I threw at it, so I decided to not be kind to it.  The rifle this can was on is a parts gun, but the parts work well.  It has a FN M4 profile barrel that has been re-contoured to a pencil weight but retains the .750 gas block.  It has an SLR Rifleworks 12.5″ Solo handguard and adjustable gas block.  Standard BCG, a Mission First Tactical Minimalist stock and a CMC 1.5/3.5 2 stage trigger.  For an optic, I decided to try something else, and this combo turned out to be really fun.  I pulled the Leupold VX-6 3-18×44 off the .243 AR and tossed it on this rifle.  The gun balanced very well and was a real pleasure to shoot in this configuration.  The lightweight gun with the gas turned down in conjunction with the can provided a super stable platform to shoot with and was a lot of fun to use.


This can rolled around in a Polaris Ranger all weekend and really took the brunt of some abuse.  We shot this rifle the most when messing around and plinking, to the tune of several hundred rounds.  I found the can to be hearing safe, built like a tank, and had a minimal POI shift on this particular rifle.  It is a little on the heavy side, however on a light rifle that really did not matter until I put the night vision clip on and IR on it.  It’s the top rifle in the below picture.


It should be noted, I did scratch the finish on the can a slight amount which is normal when I use one.  However, the finish on this can seems to be pretty tough and it came out looking better than most cans that I have checked out.

This little can is not expensive and is great for a dedicated 5.56 rig.  If you were looking to buy a can to leave on a gun, this would be my recommendation.  It’s relatively inexpensive as it’s listed in the $520 range on the website at Silencer Shop here (on sale as of this writing).  On a Recce type build, I think this can is perfect as it does not add much length.  The weight is not as much of a factor on this can as I had imagined, and I think anyone would be satisfied with the performance.  This is the second can that I had made my mind up before using it that I would not like it, but it completely changed my mind.  Without hesitation, this is a great option for a dedicated direct thread can, buy with confidence.

Rifle in the rest below has the Trek



Thank to Silencer Shop for making these reviews possible.  Check out the Gemtech website here.

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