Extended Magazines for Savage rifles by Darkeagle Customs

When getting into long distance shooting, I decided to pick up a Savage rifle to start with.  I started with a Savage 12LRP in 6.5 Creedmoor.  I chose the Savage for several reasons including the available calibers,  barrels that they come with, and that they come from the factory with a detachable box magazine.  My thinking was that I could use the factory stock for awhile and just buy some aftermarket magazines.  Darkeagle Customs makes 10 round magazines that fit the factory bottom metal in the Savage rifles.  This makes the rifle out of the box have detachable 10 round magazines with an HS Precision Stock and is chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.I gave Dan at Darkeagle Customs a call and after a short conversation, Dan sent out 3 of his magazines and an extended mag release.  The mags arrived in short order and they come with a decent set of directions.  The tops of the magazines are the same as factory mags, but have a machined extended base and different follower in them.  The instructions tell how to install the extended mag release which is very simple and while a picture would be nice, I found that it was not necessary.  The magazines seat in the factory position very easily, and function flawlessly.  I cycled all 3 magazines by hand with ammunition into the rifle and they all perform as they should.

This is how the extended release comes from Darkeagle Customs


The installation of the Extended mag release took a just a few minutes.  Once the bottom metal is removed, push out the pin of the factory mag release and remove it and the spring being careful not to lose the spring.  Then just install backwards.

img_3579 img_3580 img_3581 img_3582

Here is the extended magazine release and the factory one side by side.


And here is the finished product.

img_3587 img_3588



Here is the extended magazine release and the factory flush fit magazine.





Here is the extended magazine release and the extended 10 round magazine.

img_3591 img_3592 img_3593 img_3594

The extended magazine release was not really needed to use the magazines, but due to me wanting to use this rifle for Precision Rifle Matches, I waned to be able to get at the release quickly.  The extended release does make magazine changes quicker, and easier to get to.  The fit and finish of the magazines and extended magazine release are fantastic, the machining on the magazines are very high quality.  Look forward to seeing more from Darkeagle Customs in the coming months.  Dan is going to take this rifle and work his magic pretty soon.


Visit for details on their products and services and check them out on FaceBook.

7 Responses to Extended Magazines for Savage rifles by Darkeagle Customs

  1. Chuck Holder says:

    I have a Savage 110 FCP HS High Precision in 300 Winchester Magnum. Do you have a 10 round magazine for this rifle?

  2. Christopher poelker says:

    Just received my darkeaglecustom extended mags for the savage arms 30-06. All i can say is although they are not cheap, they rock.
    Very nice folks who exceeded my expectations in quality and professionalism. The quality of the 10 round mags are about 10x better than the factory mag. Highest recommendation.

  3. Michael wright says:

    Do you carry a 10 round clip for savage axis,6.5 creedmoor and if so how much do they cost

  4. Jason says:

    Does the extended realease comes with 10 rd mag for 6.5 Creedmoor for 95.00 or separate please email me back thanks

  5. Jason says:

    Does the extended realease for 10 rd mag come with for 95.00 or separate please email me back thanks

  6. Chris Hutchins says:

    Do they make extended mags for the savage 212 slug gun?

  7. Hello

    I would like to find a charger for my Savage FCP – SR rifle in 308 Winchester (9 or 10 balls).

    Is it possible?

    Best regards, jp beneito.

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