MasterPiece Arms Mini Pistol in 9mm. MPA930SST MPA 9mm

I just finished a piece on the MPA 9mm Carbine for home defense. I really like that little rifle. Well this is the same gun in a pistol configuration. The MasterPiece Arms MPA930SST Mini Pistol in 9mm. Aside from obviously the barrel length and stock there are a few significant differences in this latest version of the MPA 9mm. Lets go over them.

Before we get into this I wanted to establish a use/uses for a pistol like this MPA 9mm. I called them “bullet wasters” in my previous article. That’s true and then it may not be true, depends on the user and the reasons they have one. I’ll explain.

Most people I know buy these for fun, they spray bullets from the hip or one handed “drive by shooting” style I’ll call it. That’s why I call them bullet wasters. Now if you actually aim the thing it shoots as well as any pistol I have. It just holds 35 rds and looks menacing. In the end though it is as viable a defensive weapon as any 9mm pistol is. It all depends on the operator whether this is a fun gun or serious defensive tool.

One last thing on this weapon as far as usage goes. It’s large in spite of being the “mini”. It has the “scary” to “lib-a-tards” and “dumbass-o-crats” look to it and would likely be frowned upon if you had to use it in a concealed carry scenario. I can hear the “Dem-wits” on Huffington Post crying now about how you ran around like a madman shooting everybody with the “full auto machine-gun” that should be banned when all you really did was defend your family from a violent criminal or two with a 9mm semi-auto pistol. Except maybe in a time of serious civil unrest, I would not carry this pistol as a carry gun. Simply put, you’ll look like a nut-job to all the idiots who live in this country and they may quite possibly be on your jury.

Ok, so that having been said let’s go over the differences I found compared to my Carbine version. I apparently have an older Carbine and a newer version of the pistol.

Difference #1: The safety is a two piece deal. It has an extended control button hex bolted to the shaft going inside the gun. I’ve only been playing with this button since yesterday when it came in. I am not sure about this thing yet. It almost seems to hang up my finger when flipping the safety off and moving my finger to the trigger. It’s a minor thing. I don’t want to blow it out of proportion. Probably I am just used to the smaller older style safety and I just need a bit more time getting used to it. If I had nothing to unlearn I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it. So bigger, extended safety is the first thing I noticed. I really have nothing for or against it, it’s just different.

Difference #2: The trigger guard has been redesigned. It now has beveling and shaping to the bottom of it that spares your middle finger a whole lot of abuse. This was a God send change. Having messed with Mac style weapons for years now the trigger guard would chew the holy hell out of your middle finger. They were squared off before and were tearing off skin one layer at a time for as long as you were shooting. Many Kudo’s to whom ever fixed that!! Good job!

Difference #3: The rear sight is an adjustable unit now. Previously it was just a hole in the rear of the receiver. The sights have white outlines and are easy to see and line up. The down side to this is there is no tang sticking up on the rear of the receiver that used to be the sight. So that means there are no secondary holes to attach a single point sling too. I don’t see many (or any) MPA 9mm holsters anywhere. So I kind of wanted that hole to attach a sling too. How else would you carry it? If you have an idea please let us know. I will be looking for a way to get a single point sling mounted to this. Once I figure that one out I will update you.

Difference #4: The magazine release is extended now as well. It looks to be made from some kind of plastic. I have reservations on this change too. First I think it seems like it is extended too far. I wonder if it would easily be bumped and drop your magazine?? I also wonder if it is going to take any kind of impact?? It sticks out quite a bit, seems to me it could easily be broken off. Perhaps this should have been made from metal. I don’t know yet on this, and I won’t know for awhile. This is one of those things that will take some time and use to see if I like it or not. I will say I trust that MasterPiece Arms turns out a great product. I have confidence in them and if they are doing this I have to believe some thought went into it and they decided it was for the better. Time will tell on the mag release. It does help speed up your mag change but if it is prone to breaking or releasing the mag accidentally then I’ll stick with the old style.

That’s it for the changes. Summing up the latest model of the MPA 9mm pistol exudes all the quality of any gun they ever made. I think the thing looks great. I have the reservations I mentioned but time will tell if they turn out to be anything real or not. It came NIB with two 35rd mags, a barrel extension and some paperwork. It also has a nasty looking muzzle brake on it. When I say nasty I mean it in a good way. It has several sharp teeth on the front as well as plenty of recoil reducing ports. I love a muzzle brake with nasty, pain inflicting teeth. 🙂 Enough conjecture, let’s get out there and bust some caps.

Shooting: I decided to test the MPA 9mm against my XD-Subcompact because of similar barrel lengths. I expected the XD to group better. It did NOT! I was pretty surprised by that. One of the XD groups was terrible in fact. It’s pictured here and was 3.5 inches wide and almost 4 inches tall at 25 yards. Kind of embarrassing. I really didn’t even want to post it but that’s what happened. “TGR your source for unbiased reviews” so there it is. You can review the groups, some at 35 feet and some are 25 yards. All have a description of which gun it was and range/ammo. The MPA 9mm fired better than the XD through the entire course of the afternoon. MasterPiece Arm’s doesn’t make junk that is for sure.

Summary: I bought this just because it makes a nice pair with the MPA 9mm Carbine. It clearly needs a sight adjustment but that is fine the sights are fully adjustable. It shoots strait and with total reliability. I didn’t expect anything less from MPA.

The safety was better for me out on the range as I got used to the different button in no time. With further research I found a metal mag release button here  I intend to buy this and then I won’t worry about that anymore.

The sling issue can be addressed with this part here:

Spare magazines can (maybe) be had cheaply at either of these 2 links depending if you want 32 rd mags or 35 rounders. Both are out of stock at the time of writing but have low prices for when they get another shipment.

All in all for a fun gun or a HD weapon I think this works out just fine. It is user friendly and I like it. I said before I wouldn’t carry it but I am happy to have it at home to go with my rifle. For $404 I think I did just fine here.

As always thanks for reading and train often.

By: Cary Kieffer

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Cary Kieffer

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10 Responses to MasterPiece Arms Mini Pistol in 9mm. MPA930SST MPA 9mm

  1. Andrew says:

    I just shot my MPA 930SST at the range for the first time & had trouble with it jamming 3 times with only 2 magazines. Is there a specific ammo I need to avoid this problem? Hopefully that’s all it is, it is a beautiful gun & was very accurate when working well, thank you.

    • Cary Kieffer says:

      Hard to say without being there to see it…stove pipe? FTE, FTF?? The guns are very well made…factory mags?? Is it lubed? Could be a lot of things…BUT the guns are not finicky on ammo. It’s likely something simple. If you can’t track down the problem Masterpiece has great customer service. A lady named Darrah will answer phone, she’s a sweetheart. Tell her Cary said hello. Good luck, don’t give up on it. It’ll run fine.

      • Andrew says:

        Thanks for your timely response Cary. I have the full size version BTW & original MPA mags made for it. I cleaned & oiled it very well prior to shooting. The mags seemed a bit tight as I could only seem to squeeze in about 25 bullets as I think they are supposed to fit 30-35. Don’t know what I may be doing wrong. Usually I talk to Lisa or Brandon as I had them mount a short hand guard assembly for me since I had trouble stripping the small threaded screws out each time I tried myself. They are very friendly people for sure & I really appreciate that as its been my experience that there are many rude people in the gun business, or I’ve just generally met the wrong people to talk to! I will call Monday morning when they open & see what Brandon has to say, hopefully he’ll lead me in the right direction! Once again, thanks Cary.

        • Cary Kieffer says:

          Ok, so the polymer mags then? That’s probably it. Often times you’ll see something similar with EAA mags. Take a wood dowl or plastic…just something softer then the plastic follower and work the follower top to bottom until it moves freely and you can get at least 32 rds in it. Before that I would quick and pop it apart and look for any plastic “leftovers” on the pieces and trim them away. I suspect the gun is fine, very tight brand new polymer mag. Keep me updated. Cary

          • Andrew says:

            Cary,thanks for the tip. I took the mags apart & made sure there was no flash or anything in the way & made sure the spring was well attached to the bottom plastic piece which two of them seemed a bit wobbly. For the first time I was able to get 32 bullets in all three of them. I’ll be going to the range to test out my 30SST some time next week & I will let you know how it goes. Hopefully that was my problem with it jamming up on me yesterday & the problem is now solved! Talk to you next week, thanks, Andrew.

          • Andrew says:

            I took apart the mags as you said & basically just reassembled them & took my 30SST to range yesterday to be pleasantly surprised as I had no more problems with it jamming at all! Thanks for helping me fix the problem as I now have no problem loading all 32 bullets into the mags as well, Andrew.

          • Cary Kieffer says:

            Awesome Brother, that’s good news. It’s a pretty fun gun, enjoy. Glad I could help. Cary

  2. Edward Tafoya says:

    What is the big difference between a top or side cocker, slide ?
    besides, rail top mount.
    What about multi caliber. or convertible weapons.
    Thanks for your time.

    • Cary Kieffer says:

      The side cock (left side) usually comes with a top rail making it much easier to put a red dot on it. With the top cocker, the charging handle is in the way of a rail. Also the top cocker handle tends to be small so you can see the iron sights and a bit more difficult to work, where the side sticks out plenty and seems more natural. I don’t know of any caliber conversions, different magazines would never fit in the well for one and for example 45 guns are fatter than 9mm, so even the upper/lowers wouldn’t swap out. But a Mac can be had in 380acp, 9mm, 45acp, 5.7×28 and at least a batch or two of 460 Rowlands, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

  3. Benjamint_Tanklin says:

    What a nifty little gun.
    An imposing thirty round brick of a personal defence weapon.

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