Today we will cover what went into this beauty, cost and what I know so far. There will be no range report just yet. I just got loading supplies today and determined my C.O.A.L. so let’s get into the parts list.

First off a CMC 2.5 lb flat trigger. The trigger is great, no grit, no creep, no slop in the lower, all good, no bad. Great trigger, first 2.5 but have several 3.5’s I’ve been running awhile. Also in there you see a 6.8 FailZero BCG. Their bolt carrier groups are my idea of best quality. They are slick/smoothing cycling and very well made. Easy clean too.

Next up we have a Spec Arms billet receiver set and M-lok handguard. These are made down the road from me in Sparta, MI. Very nice looking set, very distinctive looking and tight perfect fit. I like the little flag on it, once I cerakote I will try to find something to compliment that. I am frankly ready to see the big white SA logo go. Also generally when I’ve bought billet sets they have had a threaded bolt catch and take down pin spring hole. This set did not, I couldn’t care less about the spring but I do like the threaded bolt catch pin. All in all a very nice set. The M-Lok handguard has what they call a “premium” cut in it. Basically it looks like a mouth…it is good looking compared to flat in my opinion. SPEC Arms offers the rail in 9, 12 and 15 inches. This is a 15 and the 9 you cannot get the premium cut, just flat. I’ve bought all 3 sizes and the rails are sweet. Install could not be simpler and they look great. Solid as a rock.

Below you see I used the F93 Ergo stock and Ergo palm swell grip. The stock is very solid, with no wobble. The buffer tube is proprietary and fat, so it keeps your face up where you need it. I considered a Magpul but this baby put my face where I wanted it with no extra moving parts. Just the LOP is adjustable. Good stock, used several in past. The grip I came to love after my BA-110 came with one from the factory. I find I can use my own forearm underneath of it for a pretty good “sandbag” like rest.

For glass I have quite a few Sig Tango 4’s. To date no trouble with any of the 6 or 7 I have. They track, have 10 mils of hold over in reticle and are clear enough for what you pay. This 6-24×50 has mil turrets, mil reticle and is sitting in a set of Warne rings that perfectly set the thing as low as possible without being too close. Warne rings are worth every penny.

I went with PRI magazines. I have zero experience with 6.8 mags so I just went by reviews. These seemed to be the best. After having seen these I like them, look great. Do they work? No clue…we will know soon in part 2 of this article. Part 2 will be starting loads, groups and overall weapon function. I loaded up a few dummies today, I can get them with a COAL of 2.299 to feed 10 rds out of the 10 rd mags but it was tight. I’m going to start with a COAL of 2.295. That had plenty of room and I don’t know if any other brand of mag will allow you to load that long. That could be a crucial thing. We’ll see when we get her on the firing line. Incidentally I bought 2 10’s to work off the bench or rest and a 25 rd mag because I wanted at least one standard capacity magazine. Likely another dozen 25’s to follow.

Moving on I used this new Magpul bipod. I would not normally be too excited about a bipod but this thing kicks butt. The tensioner adjusts easily, it tilts, it turns left/right, it has easily adjustable yet solid locking legs and rubber feet. It comes ready for M-Lok so no piece to piece it together…the less pieces the better. Anyway its fully movable at whatever tension you set it too or you can lock it down and it’s not going anywhere. I really love this thing right outta the box. Let’s hope it holds up as well as it looks. If so, no more Harris bipods for me.

Tucked away in there you see a Sapurlative Arms adjustable gas block (.875) Only adjustable block I like. No set screws and it adjusts from the front without removing your handguard. Positive clicks for adjustments, no guessing. Great block!

Last and certainly not least the heart of the rifle. A Wilson Combat Super Sniper 20 inch heavy barrel with 1/6.5 twist. I wanted the fast twist. This cartridge is fairly new and I didn’t come across much useful info so I’m going to provide some when I get her shooting. I want heavy bullets to fly a long way with a high degree of accuracy….so 1/6.5 should be better for that than 1/7. Let’s hope so and we’ll know soon. I know speed is our friend here but I just didn’t like the way a 24 inch barrel looked…my buddies looks like a piece of old plumbing that needs to be removed. 20 inches looks good IMHO. As soon as I dial in and complete break in, heading strait for the 600 yard line to start load testing. After that I’ll really back her up.

Wrapping up this photo op with some facts. It wasn’t cheap, $3000 into rifle and it’s not even cerakoted yet. That’s not counting dies, bullets, brass, primers and powder…still a long way to go to see if it was worth it. I’ve never spent more on a build and I have over 20 really nice AR’s and the only ones that won’t shoot sub MOA are the Socoms and pistol caliber AR’s. So I have high hopes this will be a nail driver out to 1200’ish yards. I think we’ll do just that as everything in this gun is really good stuff but I’ll get back to you when I have proof on the paper. Thanks for reading and train often.

Just some more gun porn (don’t confuse gun porn with porn on they are completely different as you can see), about 1/2 of my AR pile. Feel free to ask me any questions. I usually watch the comments regularly.






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