Best optic for a gas gun? Bushnell LRHS first impressions

I have a sweet spot for the large frame AR platform. Having built a couple of them I have grown to really appreciate an AR in .308. In chasing the best AR-10 variant I have realized that optic selection is paramount and easy to get wrong.  Finding an optic that is light, has good tracking, good reticle, good glass and is reasonably priced is tough. Bushnell just sent me an Elite Tactical LRHS 3-12×44 and it checks all the boxes.
This optic is reasonably light weight but slightly heavier than the Leupold MK6 3-18×44. It has a exposed elevation turret with a zero stop.  The elevation knob has a nice large arrow on top to see if you’re not on zero.  The windage knob is capped, which I prefer.  The reticle is the GAP reticle that is in mils and has 8 mils of hash marks.

The main tube is 30mm, and the objective is 44mm. At first glance the optic has excellent glass that is clear and bright edge to edge. The controls move freely and are not overly loose or tight.  The elevation knob has tactile clicks spaced sufficiently apart where even gloves could be used without issue.

My first impression of this optic is very good. I will spend several months evaluating this optic, and will follow up with the results.






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  1. Jason Hallmark says:

    Hoping to get a Bushnell Elite Tactical LRS 3-12×44 to do a direct comparison with. This optic has really impressed me, bravo Bushnell for listening to your customers.

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