Trijicon AccuPoint 1-6X24 Circle-Cross

Trijicon, best known for the legendary ACOG, has released a new lineup of AccuPoint and AccuPower rifle scopes.  The most intriguing of the new products is the AccuPoint 1-6 model – something many More »

Precision Rifle Series – RO perspective

I recently was invited to work as an RO at the Shoot for the Green match hosted by Oklahoma Practical Precision Shooters (OPPS) that took place in Vici, Oklahoma. More »

Hardened Arms 300 Blackout Review

I got a new toy, in a new caliber. (for me) My first 300 Blackout. Not liking to get away from mainstream military cartridges this was a leap for me. I decided More »

Wilson Combat 308

I have been wanting an AR10 for sometime but nothing really grabbed me until I saw the Wilson Combat 308 announcement.  Having 2 of their rifles and a pistol I knew the quality More »

Copperhead Creek 3 gun match 3-8-2014

Built up a new rifle and got my Templar Tactical Nemesis30 in a few days ago… What better way to test gear than hit a 3 gun match. More »

US Optics SR8 with Horus and US#4 follow up.

I think the look on my face says it all!  After spending some quality time with the US Optics SR8, it’s clear to me that the scope is fantastic.  US Optics has More »


  If you enjoy shooting common calibers such as .223/5.56 you most likely own or enjoy shooting AR-15 rifles.  From competition to self defense there are countless reasons to love AR rifles.  More »

LaRue Tactical 7.62 PredatOBR

    I had the chance to do a quick review of the latest rifle from LaRue Tactical, the 7.62 PredatOBR.  The Larue PredatOBR is an interesting rifle that comes packed into More »

Aimpoint PRO

Red dots are an almost immediate upgrade for anyone who owns a firearm because they are extremely simple and highly effective. What the hunter, the sport shooter, our military, and law enforcement More »

Nightforce NXS 2.5-10×42 Review

The new Nightforce NSX 2.5-10×42 is an outstanding scope.  I spent considerable time evaluating it at the range and out in the field hunting.. want to know more? More »


Griffin Armament Sportsman – introduction for long term review


In my search for lighter products that perform, I was looking for a can that is as light as possible and still performs well on multiple rifles. I looked at Ti cans and while there was a great deal of weight savings, they tend to be more expensive.  I came across the Silencerco Harvester and liked all the specs and weight, but it was direct thread only.  I wanted something with a lightweight option that would be able to use a QD mounting system that works on a family of mounts with lots of variety. Then I met Evan, owner of Griffin Armament.  Evan introduced me to the Sportsman and it’s ability to use a variety of Taper Mounts and comes in at a whopping 12.5 oz.  The Sportsman is as light as the Harvester but with more volume.  I purchased one and this an introduction for my long term review.

Sexy Beast: LMT LM8MWS 308


The Lewis Machine & Tool LM8MWS 308 is a serious gun built for serious men.  While many AR-15s and AR-10s appear to be pieced together from a variety of sources the LM8MWS is a purpose-built design.  It just looks “right” with the slick Monolithic Rail Platform that integrates the receiver and handguard.  The receiver and rail system is machined from solid aluminum forging and is rock-solid.  The British military have adopted the platform as the L129A1.

The LM8MWS is a slimmed down version of the renowned LM308MWS.  This is a high-quality AR-10 308 featuring innovative design elements.  The Monolithic Rail Platform and Modular Weapon System set this rifle apart from the competition.  

NeoMag, the best option concealed mag carry


As a Police Officer, I’ve been carrying a gun on and off duty for the last 7+ years.  I carried with my CHL prior to my career in Law Enforcement for several years.  A universal issue I’ve had is, where do I carry my spare magazine when I carry in plain cloths or off duty? A new product called NeoMag is just the solution I’ve been looking for. It is so simple, I can’t believe it took this long to make. 

Condor Single Rifle Tactical Case

Condor Tactical Gun Case

Condor Outdoor Products
Condor Outdoor Products has been in the outdoors/camping accessory market for some 25 years and initially started out with backpacks and other camping gear. They were drawn into tactical gear as terrorism exploded and demand for tactical cases/packs increased dramatically. Their 3-day pack got so much attention that it became the heart of their tactical gear line. Condor Outdoor Products is now offering an “Elite” line of gear distinguished by its high quality materials and craftsmanship.

FailZero EXO Bolt Carrier Group

FailZero EXO

Anyone who runs a suppressed semi-automatic gun like an AR-15 knows just how dirty the chamber gets.  Filthy, in fact.  A suppressor works by slowing down the gas through a series of internal baffles.  The slower the gas is released the quieter the perceived sound.  However, this tends to raise the pressure levels and force more of the dirty gas – containing unburned powder, dirt, oil, and carbon – back into the chamber.  An adjustable gas block certainly helps but there is no way getting around it – a suppressed gun is a dirty gun.  And few us like to clean guns especially if you have to clean or lube during a range session or match.

Faxon Firearms 16″ SS Pencil Barrel – Initial Impressions

Faxon pencil barrel

What first caught my eye about the Faxon Firearms 5.56mm stainless steel pencil barrel was its ridiculously light weight. I blinked, looking at Faxon’s website’s at the stated barrel weight of 1.19lbs – just over 19 ounces. That couldn’t be right; my pencil-profile 14.5” middy weighs 21 ounces. So I called up the folks at Faxon and asked if their website was accurate or just a typo. They assured me the data was correct, and as soon as the barrels were back in stock, I ended up with one on my doorstep.

Trijicon launches the new MRO

Trijicon MRO

Wixom, Mich. – Trijicon® takes the science of the red dot sight to the next level with the Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optic or MRO™, a red-dot sight tough enough for combat, the mean streets of law enforcement, competition shooting or hunting in the harshest of environments. Light and rugged, the Trijicon MRO mounts easily, zeros quickly and adapts to almost any shooting scenario.

With its large objective lens and shortened optical length, the MRO virtually eliminates the “tunnel vision” or tube-effect common to so many red dot sights. The 2 MOA dot is bright and crisp, and is perfectly sized for fast target acquisition at CQB distance out to extended ranges.

South Texas Arms STA-LR in .243 Win


Some time back I had a conversation with Brandon Sneed, owner of South Texas Arms, about a lightweight full frame AR purpose built for hunting. We both understand that there is only so light you can go, and we want premium components which sometimes bring some heft with them. In addition, we considered what calibers are available and decided against the standard .308 that is found in most full frame AR rifles. We both agree that .308 is great on medium game like deer and pigs but a bit much for a coyote gun.  We considered 6.5 Creedmoor, but a lack of variety and overall availability of factory ammunition had me looking for a new option.  I can’t remember who suggested .243 Winchester, but it was a clear choice with its huge popularity and variety of available factory ammunition.  .243 Winchester has been around since 1955 according to Wikipedia and was even designed around the idea of a dual purpose varmint and medium game cartridge.

Freedom Munitions Remanufactured 40 S&W Ammo Review


Freedom Munitions 40 S&W Ammo Review

Freedom Munitions is an American ammunition manufacturer with locations in Texas and Idaho. They manufacture both new and remanufactured ammunition. The only difference being the cartridge case. Remanufactured ammo uses once fired cases that have been inspected, tested, cleaned and full length resized. New ammunition features new cases.

So why buy remanufactured ammo?

ODIN Works AR15 parts

Odin Works 12.5" Keymod Handguard, handstop, Gas block and mag release

We just got some cool stuff in from ODIN Works for an upcoming build we are doing.  I was looking for a very lightweight 12.5″ Keymod handguard and came across the ODIN Works unit.  It was certainly very lightweight at 10.3 OZ with the barrel nut/handguard mount and well, it looked cool.   I contacted ODIN Works and they were on board with our project for a lightweight 6.8 SPC hunting build.

Bushnell ELITE TACTICAL ERS 3.5-21x 50mm Review

bushnell ers on 6.5

I was needing to add another scope to the tool box. I only use Mil reticle, Mil turrets, and first focal plane. I used to be opposed to reticles that had Horus type windage and elevation hold points, but thought I would at least try the Bushnell ERS, and give it an honest run. Using Bushnell’s online photo was evidence enough to lead me to believe that the reticle was not too “busy” as some reticles can become. I practice, hunt, and compete with almost every scope I keep in the tool box. I received the rifle scope in late March, with intentions of using it on my 6.5 Creedmoor. I didn’t perform any laboratory, scientific experiments with the scope. That has already been done. I simply put the scope to work asking it to do what I need it to do.

Leupold Mark 6 3-18 Review

Horizon Firearms ZEROlight on a Leupold Mark 6

This review is on the Leupold Mark 6 3-18. My test unit has the illuminated TMR reticle and the new C2 turrets. I dig this optic, why do I like it so much?