Trijicon HD 8×42 Binoculars

When I saw that Trijicon had come out with some new HD binoculars I knew I had to check them out.  I have never had a single issue whatsoever with any Trijicon More »

Hunting with the LMT LM8MWS 308

Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT) is recognized for producing high quality rifles in demand by law enforcement and military.  The British Army and New Zealand Army have selected LMT weapon systems. More »

Testing silencers on a 17 HMR, does it really matter?

Let’s take 4 popular rimfire suppressors and test them on a 17 HMR. Who will will come out on top? More »

Ruger Precision Rifle vs Savage 12LRP head to head which is better and why

With the Precision Rifle Series gaining wild popularity, people are looking at getting into the sport but are unsure if they want to drop $4,000 on a rifle and $2,000 on an More »

Silencerco Salvo – Is it worth it?

With movies making silencers out to be tools of an assassin like the move ‘No Country for Old Men’, our not so friendly liberal left has ammunition to keep the legislation of More »

Trijicon AccuPoint 1-6X24 Circle-Cross

Trijicon, best known for the legendary ACOG, has released a new lineup of AccuPoint and AccuPower rifle scopes.  The most intriguing of the new products is the AccuPoint 1-6 model – something many More »

Wilson Combat 308

I have been wanting an AR10 for sometime but nothing really grabbed me until I saw the Wilson Combat 308 announcement.  Having 2 of their rifles and a pistol I knew the quality More »

TRIJICON VCOG (variable powered 1-6 ACOG)

We told you last May about the new Trijicon VCOG.  They are now shipping to dealers and we have one in for testing. Trijicon has combined the legendary toughness and function of More »


Silencer Testing

silencershop ad

JP Rifles LMOS BCG and Silent Captured Spring review


For those into competitive shooting, JP Rifles needs no introduction.  For those not familiar with JP Rifles they have been around for a long time making state of the art race gun rifles parts and for AR15s and AR10s.   Today we cover the LMOS BCG and Silent Captured Spring.

EOTech Refund Update

EOTech 512

The ugly situation at EOTech is now well-documented. EOTech and their parent company L3 Communications are in a tough spot of their own making. The company settled a fraud suit brought by the feds for $25.6 million. The primary complaint was thermal drift whereby the zero position may shift during changes in ambient temperatures. Imagine your life on the line and wondering if your zero is true….

I have an EOTech 512 that I bought in 2009. I had stopped using it primarily because I just prefer Aimpoint (and the new Trijicon MRO) but also because the unit was experiencing some deterioration in the battery compartment and a fading of the reticle (not getting as bright as it did when new). I assumed the two were related and intended to send it for repair.

Peterson Cartridge Co.


This is the start of a multi part review. So this will be the initial impression on the Peterson Cartridge Co. so to speak.

Griffin Armament Recce 7 Silencer Review

Griffin Armament Recce 7 Silencer

The Griffin Armament Recce 7 is a nice option for someone wanting a great 30 caliber can that strikes a good balance between length and sound suppression.  At 7.5″ long it is a good intermediate length that works well for hunting, competition or tactical environments.

IDPA Why it’s a good idea


I’m sure if you’ve been around the shooting community for five minutes you’ve heard of IDPA. It stands for International Defensive Pistol Association. It’s designed for an individual to take the pistol they carry and compete in a match. 

Rifle training class with KR Training and Sheepdog Solutions.

On  Sunday, January 31 I will be attended the Beyond the Basics rifle training class at KR Training with Karl Rhen and Aaron Marco,  lead instructor with Sheepdog Solutions.

ATF 41P: Analysis from the Silencer Shop

I would trust this source more than any other out there for dealing with the ATF.  There is probably no one that has a tighter relationship with them.

ATF Eforms Update


As a registered user of the ATF eForm system, I received the letter below from the ATF this morning.  According to this, the eForms portal is being renamed FEAM – Firearms and Explosives Application Module.  It appears that the new FEAM system was a complete Fail and they are once again starting over.  Stay tuned….

ATF eForms Update

The new eForms has been named the “Firearms and Explosives Application Module (FEAM)”.  This name was selected to emphasis that FEAM is more than a “fillable form”.  It is a business process module which will include at a minimum the functionality listed below:

Griffin Armament SNATCH


There are a plethora of AR15 charging handles on the market.
Which one is favored by TGR staffers?

The truth about background checks

How about a cold dose of truth?

GemTech Bolt Carrier


If you’ve ever suppressed an AR-15 your familiar with the over gassing and function issues with it. There’s a plethora of buffers, springs, gas blocks and other home remedies out there. Spend a little time on the internet and your sure to find a myriad of solutions. But let’s say you already have a carbine or a SBR you want to suppress and you don’t want to experiment, you just need it to work.