Trijicon HD 8×42 Binoculars

When I saw that Trijicon had come out with some new HD binoculars I knew I had to check them out.  I have never had a single issue whatsoever with any Trijicon More »

Hunting with the LMT LM8MWS 308

Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT) is recognized for producing high quality rifles in demand by law enforcement and military.  The British Army and New Zealand Army have selected LMT weapon systems. More »

Testing silencers on a 17 HMR, does it really matter?

Let’s take 4 popular rimfire suppressors and test them on a 17 HMR. Who will will come out on top? More »

Ruger Precision Rifle vs Savage 12LRP head to head which is better and why

With the Precision Rifle Series gaining wild popularity, people are looking at getting into the sport but are unsure if they want to drop $4,000 on a rifle and $2,000 on an More »

Silencerco Salvo – Is it worth it?

With movies making silencers out to be tools of an assassin like the move ‘No Country for Old Men’, our not so friendly liberal left has ammunition to keep the legislation of More »

Trijicon AccuPoint 1-6X24 Circle-Cross

Trijicon, best known for the legendary ACOG, has released a new lineup of AccuPoint and AccuPower rifle scopes.  The most intriguing of the new products is the AccuPoint 1-6 model – something many More »

Wilson Combat 308

I have been wanting an AR10 for sometime but nothing really grabbed me until I saw the Wilson Combat 308 announcement.  Having 2 of their rifles and a pistol I knew the quality More »

TRIJICON VCOG (variable powered 1-6 ACOG)

We told you last May about the new Trijicon VCOG.  They are now shipping to dealers and we have one in for testing. Trijicon has combined the legendary toughness and function of More »


AAC Ti-RANT 45 Suppressor on a M&P 9

AAC TiRant

Purchasing your first suppressor can be intimidating.  Not only is a high quality suppressor expensive but the entire buying experience is confusing to first-timers.  In addition to the purchase price itself, you also have the added expense of a $200 tax stamp along with a months-long wait.  That wait is a killer – kind of like Christmas morning being postponed four months.  Two pieces of advice, 1) purchase your silencer (yes, “silencer” is an acceptable term, don’t let the NFA snobs tell you otherwise) from a reputable shop that sells a high volume of silencers, and 2) make your first purchase a 7.62 for rifles or a .45 ACP for pistols.

Sig Sauer SRD762Ti

Sig Sauer 762Ti

Sig Sauer has been making quality firearms for many years.  When they decided to start making suppressors, I had mixed feelings.  Initially I felt that maybe they should stick to what they do so well and keep making those firearms, but after getting to shoot one of their cans, I have to say, Sig definitely knows what they are doing.

Springfield XD Tactical turned 460 Rowland Review



By: Cary Kieffer

My favorite pistol the XD Tactical, meets my favorite cartridge, the 460 Rowland. This is it for me, I don’t have, nor can I think of anything I like more than this combination. Until somebody invents me a normal sized, striker fired semi-auto in at least 454 Casull…This is it.


Some great news coming out of the Silencer Shop.


EXCLUSIVE: Silencer Shop Outlines New ’41F’ System

Gemtech Dagger Silencer Review

Gemtech Dagger Silencer End Cap

If you have been following my reviews one thing you might notice is that I have a penchant for lightweight silencers. I just prefer them to heavier ones. I like to get out and move. Yes, you can do it with the heavier cans but lighter is better in my opinion. This really helps shooting offhand as well.  Titanium is used instead of steel in a number of silencers to keep the weight down.  I also believe that lighter silencers introduce less downward point of impact shift.

Today I review the Gemtech Dagger from our good friends at the SilencerShop

North American Arms NAA Pug 22 WMR Review


By: Cary Kieffer

I finally got my NAA Pug, a few years ago I did short reviews on my 2 NAA mini revolvers, I ended up giving them both away as gifts. I always wanted to pick up another one, the model known as NAA Pug in 22 WMR was the one I had my eye on. A couple of months back I picked up an NAA Pug at my local dealer Johnsons Guns in Adrian, MI. Let’s take a look.

NRA Annual Meeting

10.5 Bergara 300 Blackout Barrel Review


By: Cary Kieffer

At Christmas time I bought a 10.5 Bergara 300 Blackout barrel from Jestice Arms. I had seen some nice groups from a Bergara 5.56 rifle barrel so when I wanted to do a 300 Blackout pistol as economically as possible I decided to try the Bergara barrel. I bought it on sale and to my door it was $90, that is pretty “economical”. Now that the weather has broken I’ve finally been getting outside to try it out.

Maxpedition Hard Use double rifle case

Long term video review on my Maxpedition Hard Use double rifle case..

This has just been a great, TOUGH case I have had for years..

Glock 17 w/ Endo Tactical Adapter, Shockwave Pistol Blade Review



By: Cary Kieffer

I have built several AR pistols up with the Shockwave Pistol Blade kits, I feel they look nicer than the Sig Brace, they are cheaper and are more easily adjustable with dimples in the buffer tube it comes with for a set screw. So, when I saw this kit for a Glock full size pistol I had to give it a try. I have been thrilled, so if something like this interests you read on.

NcStar VISM Enhanced Combat Optic Review


By: Cary Kieffer


I recently rolled the dice on a cheapo NC Star scope called the Enhanced Combat Optic. It was loaded with neat features and cheap, additionally I really liked the way it looked. Many people would not consider putting cheap Chinese glass on a weapon they own but I thought “what the hell” let’s try it. Every Weaver I’ve bought in the last 7 or 8 years and a lot of other “American” named scopes we are peeling off the “Made in China” sticker anyways and quite a few of those have served me quite well. So let’s take a look.

AAC Illusion 9 Suppressor Review

AAC Illusion 9

Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) has always been one of the innovators in suppressor design.  The AAC Illusion 9 continues that tradition.  The Illusion 9 uses an eccentric design whereby the hole the bullet travels is offset from center.  “Timed” correctly, this effectively lowers the majority of the suppressor volume which allows the suppressor to run on many 9mm pistols while using factory sights.  The typical round suppressor is “taller” and blocks out the factory sight picture – which can be solved by installing new tactical sights but that incurs additional expense (and frankly, no one likes tall tactical sights).