Copperhead Creek 3 gun match 3-8-2014

Built up a new rifle and got my Templar Tactical Nemesis30 in a few days ago… What better way to test gear than hit a 3 gun match. More »

US Optics SR8 with Horus and US#4 follow up.

I think the look on my face says it all!  After spending some quality time with the US Optics SR8, it’s clear to me that the scope is fantastic.  US Optics has More »


If you enjoy shooting common calibers such as .223/5.56 you most likely own or enjoy shooting AR-15 rifles.  From competition to self defense there are countless reasons to love AR rifles.  They More »

LaRue Tactical 7.62 PredatOBR

    I had the chance to do a quick review of the latest rifle from LaRue Tactical, the 7.62 PredatOBR.  The Larue PredatOBR is an interesting rifle that comes packed into More »

Aimpoint PRO

Red dots are an almost immediate upgrade for anyone who owns a firearm because they are extremely simple and highly effective. What the hunter, the sport shooter, our military, and law enforcement More »

Nightforce NXS 2.5-10×42 Review

The new Nightforce NSX 2.5-10×42 is an outstanding scope.  I spent considerable time evaluating it at the range and out in the field hunting.. want to know more? More »

Templar Tactical Archangel and Ark30 Blackout Suppressors

Spent some time at Best of the West shooting range testing the Templar Tactical Suppressors.  The Templar Tactical Archangel is very impressive in terms of  sound suppression and repeatable accuracy as well. More »

TRIJICON VCOG (variable powered 1-6 ACOG)

We told you last May about the new Trijicon VCOG.  They are now shipping to dealers and we have one in for testing. Trijicon has combined the legendary toughness and function of More »

Staff Review: FLIR Thermal PS32 Scout Review

Thermal imaging.. it just sounds cool..  It is!  We have all seen the police helicopter footage from a thermal imaging camera watching a suspect try to hide… between the thermal and the More »

Comp-Tac: World’s Best Sig Sauer 1911 Holster

Sig Sauer 1911s are fantastic pistols.  The only downside is that good holsters are difficult to find due to the signature Sig square slide profile.  Well, my search is over thanks to More »


TRIJICON VCOG (variable powered 1-6 ACOG)


We told you last May about the new Trijicon VCOG.  They are now shipping to dealers and we have one in for testing. Trijicon has combined the legendary toughness and function of its combat-proven ACOG and associated ballistic reticles with a new variable optic. The new Trijicon VCOG (Variable Combat Optical Gunsight) 1-6×24 mm meets the rigorous demands of duty or competition while giving shooters the flexibility to engage CQB targets and out to the maximum effective range of most service rifles.  Tactical Gun Review just got one of the very first VCOGs, check it out!!!


TGR hired for firearms advisor for video

Check this cool high def slow motion video of a 308 blowing up watermelons


Osprey MK4 Armor Carrier

Osprey MK4 armor carrier

If you’re in the market for a plate carrier, you have a lot of choices in today’s market. For those who want a great package on a shoestring budget, I heartily recommend the Osprey Mk4 plate carrier.

I first saw the Osprey line of body armor in Basrah, Iraq. At the time I was sent down to that base, it was still run by the British as COB Basra. Of course, at that time, the British were wearing the Osprey MKII carrier, which is in their desert camo pattern. It was far from ideal, and Her Majesty’s Armed Forces have made several improvements. The current model, the Mk4, is available for you to purchase from


Inaugural Texas International Firearms Festival


LIBERTY HILL, TX (July 2014) - Texas Governor, Rick Perry is the latest public figure and celebrity to welcome the Texas International Firearms Festival (TIFF) to Austin, Texas, on November 8-9, 2014. The two-day event to be held at Best of the West Shooting Sports outside of Austin, Texas- features America’s top firearms and firearms accessory manufacturers. Attendees will be able to test-fire handguns, rifles and shotguns from ArmaLite, Advanced Armament, Barrett, Beretta, FNH, GLOCK, Henry Repeating Rifles, McMillan, PWS, SIG SAUER, SilencerCo, the Silencer Shop, SlideFire, Springfield Armory, Tracking Point, Underground Tactical, Winchester and others.


SilencerCo Announces First Commercial Shotgun Suppressor


WEST VALLEY CITY, UTAH – July 21, 2014 | Confirming its place as a trailblazer in the firearms industry, suppressor manufacturer SilencerCo has unveiled the first commercially-viable shotgun silencer ever produced. The company made the announcement today at an exclusive event near its Utah headquarters.


Silencer Shop Suppressor Test

Tactical Gun Review and the Silencer Shop teamed up to to test three .30 caliber suppressors – Thunderbeast PSS, Thunderbeast PS, and Silencerco Harvester.  Note that these decibel readings are off of the first round pop.


Hiperfire 24 3G trigger review

I recently purchased a “parts gun” AR as a spare and as a loaner to use in classes. The trigger on the gun (built from Palmetto State Armory parts) was more than 8 pounds. I had been looking at the many different AR triggers on the market, mainly interested in finding a trigger useful for local 3 gun and multi gun matches. The Hiperfire 24 3G was recommended by a few reliable sources, so I purchased one and decided to put it in my loaner AR to evaluate.


TGR videos

Some of our most popular videos on youtube


Dallas Reloads 300 Blackout Subsonic Ammo Review

Dallas Reloads 300 blackout subsonic

I did a recent project building up a 300 Blackout pistol.  I ran a 11″ Wilson Combat 1/8 twist barrel and needed some good ammo to test the platform with.  I was familiar with the work done by Chad at DallasReloads and gave him a ring..


Bushnell Elite Tactical 1-6.5×24


As a 3-gunner I am always looking at low power variable scopes with interest.  There are not many that impress me as I tend to be picky about what features I like and what I do not like.  I have learned that companies are listening to the customer base and are constantly evolving the optics offered with more and more features.  Bushnell Elite Tactical is a company that makes some outstanding optics for great prices and I recently had the opportunity to take a look at the 1-6.5×24 with the BTR-1 reticle. 


Underground Tactical Bacon Maker


The AR-15 market today is flooded with lots of manufacturers.  With the big names cranking out boring cookie cutter rifles in large quantities I find myself looking for a smaller company that stands out from the crowd.  Because I’m in the Austin TX area, I found a local gun maker named Underground Tactical.  Located just outside Dripping Springs TX, this small shop builds some great rifles producing a large portion of the rifle parts in house.  Underground Tactical uses premium parts for what they do not make in house from makers such as Black Hole Weaponry, Seekins Precision, Troy Industries, Magpul, Geissele Automatics,  and CMC triggers.  Underground Tactical built me a .300 Blackout rifle based on a 16″ Spiral Fluted 416 Stainless barrel, a Geissele trigger and 13″ Seekins Precision hand guard.


Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist Stock


The AR-15 market has no lack of options regarding stocks, grips, rails etc.  It’s a true testament of the platform as the end user can ultimately change EVERYTHING on the rifle to suit his/her needs.  Usually the very first thing to get changed is the “furniture” on the rifle, or the stock and grip.  Magpul has a large number of options for stocks and historically, I have used them for most of my rifles.  When building my latest rifle, I was looking for one of the lightest and best looking options I could find.  Recently, I discovered Mission First Tactical and the Minimalist Battlelink stock.  When designing my latest rifle to be used as a general purpose carbine for product testing, I wanted it as light as possible without sacrificing reliability.  The rifle has a 16″ FN mid-gas barrel turned down to pencil weight, SLR Rifleworks Sentry Gas Block and 13″ Solo rail, SureFire brake, and awesome new CMC 2-stage trigger.  To keep with the light weight theme, I contacted Mission First Tactical and ordered a Minimalist Battlelink stock in FDE.


Diamondhead USA Polymer AR-15 sights


When building a general purpose carbine, I always like having some form of back up iron sights.  This allows me to have a red dot sight co-witness with irons in case of a failure, or a back up in case my primary optic fails.  Also, I spend some time teaching youth how to shoot, and I prefer to start them with irons to allow better fundamentals to be formed.  Recently, I built a general purpose rifle to test parts here at TGR.  I selected parts that were light weight and rugged.  The rifle is equipped with a 16″ FN mid-gas barrel that’s been re-profiled to pencil weight, an SLR Rifleworks Sentry Gas Block, a 13″ SLR Rifleworks SOLO rail, a 2-stage CMC Trigger, and a Mission First Tactical stock.  When choosing sights, I found that Diamondhead USA makes the perfect set of sights.