Copperhead Creek 3 gun match 3-8-2014

Built up a new rifle and got my Templar Tactical Nemesis30 in a few days ago… What better way to test gear than hit a 3 gun match. More »

US Optics SR8 with Horus and US#4 follow up.

I think the look on my face says it all!  After spending some quality time with the US Optics SR8, it’s clear to me that the scope is fantastic.  US Optics has More »


  If you enjoy shooting common calibers such as .223/5.56 you most likely own or enjoy shooting AR-15 rifles.  From competition to self defense there are countless reasons to love AR rifles.  More »

LaRue Tactical 7.62 PredatOBR

    I had the chance to do a quick review of the latest rifle from LaRue Tactical, the 7.62 PredatOBR.  The Larue PredatOBR is an interesting rifle that comes packed into More »

Aimpoint PRO

Red dots are an almost immediate upgrade for anyone who owns a firearm because they are extremely simple and highly effective. What the hunter, the sport shooter, our military, and law enforcement More »

Nightforce NXS 2.5-10×42 Review

The new Nightforce NSX 2.5-10×42 is an outstanding scope.  I spent considerable time evaluating it at the range and out in the field hunting.. want to know more? More »

Templar Tactical Archangel and Ark30 Blackout Suppressors

Spent some time at Best of the West shooting range testing the Templar Tactical Suppressors.  The Templar Tactical Archangel is very impressive in terms of  sound suppression and repeatable accuracy as well. More »

TRIJICON VCOG (variable powered 1-6 ACOG)

We told you last May about the new Trijicon VCOG.  They are now shipping to dealers and we have one in for testing. Trijicon has combined the legendary toughness and function of More »

Staff Review: FLIR Thermal PS32 Scout Review

Thermal imaging.. it just sounds cool..  It is!  We have all seen the police helicopter footage from a thermal imaging camera watching a suspect try to hide… between the thermal and the More »

Comp-Tac: World’s Best Sig Sauer 1911 Holster

Sig Sauer 1911s are fantastic pistols.  The only downside is that good holsters are difficult to find due to the signature Sig square slide profile.  Well, my search is over thanks to More »


Silencer Sunday: Griffen Armament M4SDII vs Gemtech Halo


On this installment of Silencer Sunday we will do a comparison of the Griffin Armament M4SD II vs the Gemtech Halo.  Both silencers are full auto rated 5.56 cans that attach to mil-spec flash hiders.  They attach in slightly different ways but both seem simple and a great idea for those who do not intend on replacing muzzle devices or want to use a thread on can.

Exotic Hunt with the Silencer Shop and Action Outdoor Adventures


What a great weekend in south Texas..  hunting exotics.  The guys the Silencer Shop had a film crew with them for some cool upcoming action and I got my hunt on camera.

EZ2C Targets Giveaway!

EZ2C targets

Tactical Gun Review and EZ2C Targets are teaming up to giveaway a ten pack of EZ2C Targets! That is 250 targets.  These are awesome targets with a variety of challenging designs.  The lucky winner will receive five (5) packs of custom TGR-EZ2C Targets along with a variety pack of five (5) EZ2C targets. Each pack contains 25 targets.  Simply follow the instructions below to enter.
Gain an extra point by writing a comment describing your favorite gun!
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CC Intl Proudly Introduces the VOERE M2 and X3 Precision Rifles


Houston, Texas, October 14, 2014 – CC INTNL has announced its proud association with Voere, bringing with it an envious entry into the US arms market. The collaboration is aimed at providing the technically advanced range of precision rifles to the US customers, and the Voere X3 and M2 are sure to be ranked one the best precision rifles on the market.

PRS rifle tripod


I have been using this PRS rifle tripod for several seasons and love it.  It is very lightweight and I don’t notice it in my backpack.  I can get setup and just let the rifle sit in it.  It is a great piece of kit and I highly recommend it.

Glock 19 ATEI RMR Project

Suppressed RMR Glock 19 with Silencerco Osprey 40

The Glock 19 could easily be argued as a “Do All” pistol.  Whether it’s for home defense, concealed carried, pistol matches or even LE/MIL use, the Glock 19 brings a lot to the table.  These pistols are accurate, boringly reliable, there is a huge aftermarket available for them due to their immense popularity, and they are easily affordable.  I personally have been shooting Glocks in USPSA competitions since 2000 in both Limited and Production divisions.  In addition, I carried a Glock 22 for the better part of 4 years for my duty gun and a Glock 27 as a back up and off-duty pistol; but until recently, I had never owned a Glock 19.  After over a decade of shooting Glocks, I couldn’t resist any longer and wanted to start a new project to push the boundaries of what shooters considered to be the effective limitations of a pistol.

British Tactical 3-Row Hippo Belt and MOLLE Yoke – Initial Impressions

British Tactical Hippo Belt

After my review of the Multi-Purpose MOLLE Panel, I’ve been coveting a Hippo belt. The fine folks at British Tactical sent me one of their Three-Row Hippo MOLLE Belts and a matching yoke. The Hippo belt is the similar to the battle belt concept, but there are significant differences. This product combination is what put British Tactical on the map with soldiers of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. As covered in the previous article, the Brits have long carried their kit about their waists, usually in their PLCE webbing. The PALS-covered Hippo belt is the latest evolution of this concept.

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Out testing the Bushnell LRHS
One down..
Tree line is 500 yards
No wind
178 AMAX

Load Carrying Equipment – Theories and Practice

Blue Force Gear BELTminus

As part of a continuing series, we’re going to be looking at  Load-Carrying Equipment (LCE) and different philosophies and methods of use. Modern American forces tend to use their armor carriers, such as the IBA, IOTV and Scalable Plate Carriers as platforms to mount their gear. We’ll look at the pros and cons of this when compared to a more traditional belt-centric system.

Browning 1911-22 Black Label

Browning 1911-22 black label with Spectre II

This just in from the Silencer Shop!

Brand new Browning 1911-22 Black Label.  Featuring a threaded barrel, ambidextrous safety and a Picatinny rail.

Dead Air Armament® Launches 7.62 Sandman® Suppressor Line

DA Smoking image

Lawrenceville, Ga. (November 2014) –  Dead Air Armament®, producers of game-changing, 100 percent USA-made suppressors, launches the 7.62 Sandman® product line, which includes the Sandman-S®, Sandman-L® and Sandman Ti® models. What sets Dead Air suppressors apart from the competition is attention to detail in engineering and materials. Sandman® baffles are constructed from 100 percent Stellite®, more costly than traditional stainless steel, but offering better performance under extreme conditions and usage than Inconel®. Tubes are made from high performance precipitation hardened stainless steel, making the Sandman® series lightweight with no sacrifice on strength.

Long Back British PLCE Bergen – A Military Classic


I’ve been lusting after a British Short Back PLCE military bergen for about 9 months now.  Just a clarification of terms, “bergen” means the same as backpack. PLCE stands for Personal Load Carrying Equipment. Think of it as the British equivalent of our old ALICE system. I’ve tried everything to replicate on, from a medium alice to a ILBE Marine pack.  Nothing has worked quite like I wanted to. The ILBE is just too damn long, meant to be carried like an alpine rucksack and transfer the weight of your load to your hips via its padded hip belt.

The ALICE is decent, but the frame is a bit too long to sit on top of webbing. When I try to The MOLLE II rucksack came close when I shortened it up, but I didn’t care for the external plastic frame. As for the ALICE? Well, I’ve tried a mixture of MOLLE and ALICE parts, including chopping up an ALICE frame. No success just yet. I needed a Short Back PLCE bergen.