Tritium light sources built into the handle and locking mechanism of your favorite knife! What a cool concept! trigalight has patented the use of their self-illuminating, self-powered tritium capillaries into folding knives. This is the same illumination technology found in the fantastic Traser and Luminox watches. Imagine being able to instantly locate your knife in total darkness and being able to tell if the blade is locked open or closed. This is a game-changer.

Press Release July 2023

Patented use of trigalight in folding knives

A sharp-minded safety solution

Light means safety – this is the motto of the unique self-illuminating technology trigalight by the Swiss microtechnology specialist mb-microtec ag. Whether in aviation, tactical watches and compasses, or sights and targeting devices: For over half a century, the tritium gas light sources with their unparalleled characteristics have reliably provided safety and orientation – especially in fields of operation where there is no room for error. Now, the Bern-based company has further developed its key technology for a new application: The integration of trigalight as a safety feature in knives.

1,190 knife-related accidents daily – that is the result of a long-term study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine1. This means that in the United States, more injuries are attributed to improper knife handling than to any other hand tool. Approximately every second injury is caused by pocket and utility knives. “Knives are a significant cause of injury and death for people of all ages,” summarizes Gary A. Smith, author of the study. And he demands: “Manufacturers should make knives safer, for example, by improving opening and closing mechanisms in pocket knives to prevent injuries.”

Users with demanding requirements, such as anglers, hunters, divers, and professional emergency personnel, are likely to be affected by knife accidents. On the one hand, a high-quality cutting tool is an indispensable part of their basic equipment, and on the other hand, they often operate in challenging visibility conditions, such as twilight, underwater, or even at night.

Luminous safety solution for folding knives

mb-microtec ag meets Gary A. Smith’s demand in a particularly innovative way and presents a patented safety system for folding knives: The integration of their exclusive trigalight self-powered capillary into the locking mechanism of folding knives. The concept is simple yet effective: By incorporating maintenance-free, energy-independent, and durable tritium gas light sources into the back or liner lock, as well as the handle of the knife, it is possible to instantly see whether the blade is securely locked in challenging visibility conditions. Additionally, thanks to the “always-on” technology, the knife is reliably located in the dark, preventing loss and potential injuries from accidental contact or stepping on the open blade.

“With every trigalight solution we develop, our goal is to increase user safety,” explains Oliver Baumgartner, Sales Manager at trigalight and specialist in the knife application field. “Almost everyone has suffered a cut or stab wound at some point, which demonstrates how widespread knife accidents are. By integrating our trigalight technology into the safety-critical components of folding knives, we want to help manufacturers and prevent avoidable consumer injuries.”

Versatile add-on and comprehensive expertise for knife manufacturers

Swiss-made trigalight capillaries provide constant luminescence over the course of several years without the need for an external power source or activation. They are temperature-resistant and can be customized according to specific applications and customer requirements. In addition to the preferred green color, which is perceived as the brightest by the human eye, the light sources are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Knife manufacturers can find a luminous and versatile add-on in trigalight, making the use of their products safer, more intuitive, and versatile, relying on over half a

century of expertise in the safety industry. If desired, the installation of trigalight capillaries into the end product can be partially or fully carried out within the state-of-the-art infrastructure at the company’s headquarters in Bern.

Safely ready for use

Although mb-microtec ag does not manufacture knives itself, the development team produced numerous prototypes in order to ensure the flawless functionality of the new application in various usage scenarios. The models were also used for extensive product testing, which was necessary for successful patent application and marketing approval.

Knife-related injuries are a daily occurrence. However, the associated risks to life and limb should never be underestimated, especially when used in challenging visibility conditions. By integrating trigalight into the locking mechanism and handle of folding knives, the Swiss microtechnology pioneer brings “light into the darkness” and offers manufacturers and end customers a sharp-minded safety solution.

trigalight tritium knife

About trigalight self-powered illumination

trigalight is a brand of mb-microtec, a microtechnology company founded in 1969 in Niederwangen near Bern. The brand represents a unique self-powered illumination technology with the world’s smallest gaseous tritium light sources (GTLS) that deliver luminescence for decades without any external energy source.

mb-microtec ag is the inventor and global market leader in the development and production of this unique self-powered illumination technology, that is primarily used in the tactical, watch, security, automotive, aerospace, and aeronautical industry. Around one hundred qualified employees work at the Swiss headquarters of the family-owned company, which has comprehensive knowledge in the fields of microtechnology, chemistry and physics as well as a state-of-the-art infrastructure where the entire development and production processes take place. Up to 90 percent of the Swiss made goods are exported.

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