Golf carts are becoming popular hunting tools for many outdoor sportsmen these days, as they can make for the ideal outdoor transportation option. But, a regular golf cart will need some modifications before it’s ready to tackle the great outdoors. Below, we explain the things a golf cart needs before you can take it hunting, from storage to new tires and more.

A Lift Kit

While golf carts are great for traversing the soft, rolling hills of golf courses, they will need some extra clearance if you want to take them into the wilderness with rougher terrain. A lift kit is essential because it gives the hunting cart the ground clearance to tackle challenging outdoor terrain. Without a proper lift kit, your hunting cart won’t be able to go far in the wilderness.

All-Terrain Tires

After the lift kit, another essential modification for a hunting cart is all-terrain tires. The small and smooth tires of a typical golf cart may be fine for the cart paths of the golf course, but they won’t last long in the great outdoors. All-terrain tires offer much greater grip and traction in even the most difficult terrains, from snow to mud to sand and whatever else you encounter in your expedition. With a lift kit and all-terrain tires, your simple golf cart will perform like an all-terrain vehicle!

Weapon Storage

Another thing a golf cart needs before you can take it hunting is secure and reliable weapon storage. Whether you prefer hunting with firearms or bows, you need somewhere to store your weapons securely while they’re not in use. Weapon security is a crucial golf cart safety tip to know while hunting; it’s not like you can just strap them into the back like they’re golf clubs!

Brush Guards

While traversing the challenging outdoor terrain in search of game, your cart will likely encounter plenty of obstacles, including bushes, rocks, and other debris. Protect your cart’s bumpers with a pair of brush guards on the front and back. These will protect your cart’s exterior and enhance its overall appearance so that it looks ready for a hunt instead of a round of nine holes.

A Cargo Box

You’ll need somewhere to put your quarry after you’ve captured it and when you’re ready to take it back to your base camp. After all, it’s not like you can strap it to the cart’s roof or lay it on your lap while driving! Installing a sizable cargo box is wise for hunters who take down big game. You can also use it to transport other things, including camping supplies, coolers, and more.

Equipping your golf cart with these practical modifications will make it much better for your next hunting expedition. Once you see the utility of a hunting cart, you’ll wonder how you ever hunted without it!

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Dianne Pajo

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