Golf carts have significantly grown in the hunting scene and quickly become the preferred travel method for many hunters. Hunting golf carts provide many advantages, including price, quietness, and room for modifications. If you’re thinking of buying a golf cart for hunting, we will explain what to consider before purchasing so you can get the ideal golf cart for your next hunting trip.

The Terrain

First, you should consider the type of terrain you’ll traverse and what the cart needs to tackle it. Will you rough it through muddy forest trails, grassy prairies, or swampy wetlands? Knowing the terrain type will help you determine any power modifications for your hunting cart to operate. Most hunting golf carts need off-road tires with enhanced traction, a brush guard, and a winch.

Gas vs. Electric

One of the most important decisions is choosing a gasoline-powered or electric golf cart for hunting. While both have unique advantages, you’re likely better off with an electric cart.

When comparing electric and gas hunting carts, keep in mind that electric models are much quieter, which is a big advantage for hunters who want to travel without spooking wildlife. Electric carts are also easier to maintain and operate since they have fewer parts than gas-powered carts.

Seating Requirements

Another thing to consider when buying a golf cart for hunting is its seating and storage. You’ll need plenty of storage for your hunting equipment (and hunting trophies), but don’t forget the seating.

Hunting carts come with a bench to seat two people, but if you hunt in a group, you’ll want a cart with a rear bench. Purchase a golf cart with a rear bench seat instead of trying to modify it later, which can be challenging.

New vs. Used

Lastly, you’ll have to decide if you want a used or a new golf cart for hunting. While a used hunting cart is more affordable, you’ll have more options for modifications and accessories with a new model. New golf carts last longer than used models, so you’ll get more value out of the purchase than with a cheaper used cart that may only last a few years.

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