Yesterday I had one of those days, the kind where you couldn’t hit the ground in front of your own feet with anything you fired. So last night I sat around glum and skipped Saturday night beers to make sure I would be fresh and ready to redeem myself today. It went alright, not awesome but at least I feel good enough to enjoy a Guinness here in a bit and post target pictures. The rifle and optic are two of my favorites and the Weaver Kaspa 1.5-6×32 Tactical zombie scope is our topic today.

20130901_155318Look at some of the enormous price tags on say Kahles, Meopta, Leupold, Steiner, Vortex Razor and Trijicon in similar power ranges. Are they great scopes? I’m sure they are but am I going to pay 2-3 times more for one than I paid for the AR I put it on? No way, I just won’t. Nobody is going to justify to me a price of several thousand dollars for a 4-6 power scope. It’s ridiculous, that thing better hover in the air at night by itself and guard me while I sleep for that kind of money. So that leads me here to this perfectly serviceable Weaver scope that has just as much magnification for $185 street price without a mount. This is a good alternative for those who can’t or won’t afford a $2000 on up price tag.20130901_154522

So we can be pretty sure the before mentioned expensive names are the crème of the crop. What do you get for $141.99 plus $10 shipping I paid from Ebay?? (I got lucky on the auction) Then add $74 for the Burris PEPR 30mm mount to put it in. Well, you get a scope and mount that will do anything most any of us are capable of doing and you’re doing it for 10% of the cost. Don’t snub your nose at this thing. It works.

ZCIRT_ReticleThe Glass: It’s more than usable. That’s all I have to say about it, I can see and focus just fine. I have used a Weaver 3-12x Kaspa for about 3 years now on a 308 and it’s just fine too. The green illuminated reticle is nice, I really like the way the reticle is set up. I love the single little dot dead center and I like the circle around it. The illumination is a nice feature for lower light. The eye relief could be slightly more generous but what do you expect for the cost? The glass works.

20130901_154558The turrets: They can be zeroed out and track just fine. They have positive clicks and lock by pushing them down after adjusting. So lift, adjust and then push them down to lock them. That’s all they have to do…3 years on one of the Kaspa’s I have and never an issue. She has held the same zero since I dialed it in a long time ago on one of my Rem. 700 308’s. The turrets work.

The Mount: A $74 Burris mount, what do I say about it? Well, it holds the scope where it is supposed to be and looks good to. It does the same job as mounts 3 times and more its price. It has extra rails if you want to mount something up top. I used them but haven’t mounted anything. I just figured I’d use them so the option was there. Again, for the budget guy/gal this does anything you need it too for a fraction of the cost. Just for giggles I removed it and put it right back on and it returned within a 1/2 inch of the zero.  The mount works.20130901_154512

Summary: So it tracks, holds a zero, is clear and bright enough and will, with your good shooting, reach out just as far as any scope, at any price, in the same power range. What else? You get flip-up scope cover caps in the box, some stupid zombie stickers and a lifetime warranty. There we go again, cheap AND a lifetime warranty. They must think this is a pretty decent scope, and so do I. For the money spent on a low to mid power AR scope you just cannot complain about this 1.5-6×32 Weaver Kaspa. I happen to love the thing, definitely a great, inexpensive scope. For $225.99 total package to my door you will have a hard time finding a better scope/mount combination for your rifle than this, I’d venture to say,  even at double that price.20130901_114700

As always thanks for reading and train often.

By: Cary Kieffer