Springfield XDS Part 2:

Hello, welcome to Pt. 2 of the Springfield XDS 45acp review. This will be short and sweet. Pretty much this pistol is the greatest invention since the stuffed crust frozen pizza. I thought technology had reached it’s pinnacle with the delicious cheesy crust frozen pizza and we may as well abolish the patent office. Nothing else was needed in my world I thought. Until this pistol came along.


Springfield XDS 45

Springfield XDS 45

Springfield XDS

Springfield XDS

I already reviewed the Springfield XDS, I decided it deserved a 2nd mention though as it really is the best damn pistol I have EVER shot. It continues to make me look good. I can connect pretty well with most anything usually except for Glocks but for some reason I really can’t seem to miss much with this pistol even in rapid fire drills, speed draw drills, hostage targets, it just doesn’t matter. When I snap that pistol up and squeeze 230 grains of lead goes where I wanted it too. It is like the thing was designed for me and me only, it’s that perfect for me and I hope for everyone else as well. I can’t give it enough kudo’s, again best damn pistol I have ever owned or fired.

My complaint with it was that it runs out of shells fast. 5 plus 1 capacity. Well Glory Be Springfield just released the 7 round mag for this baby with the grip extensions. It comes with 2 extensions, one for whichever back-strap you chose to use. I chose the smaller one. Not because I have small hands I don’t. Actually they are very large, it’s just I like a grip that is more up and down and not angled. So the smaller, flatter back-strap felt better to me. Now with a seven plus one capacity this lightweight, accurate, user-friendly, totally rockin’ concealed carry pistol that shoots like a full size gun actually holds 8 shells. More like a full size gun and right in there with most full size 45’s.

Springfield XDS

Springfield XDS

So this magazine with the back-strap of your choice affords you a full size grip. It’s quite comfortable and the serrations are very good. With 2 more rounds in the gun I just feel all around better about that. Statistically are you going to need 8 rounds? Probably not but then again I didn’t probably “need” an Umbrella Insurance policy either but I have one just to be safe. I think the old phrase was “better to have and not need than need and not have”. Good enough for me, 8 rounds it is.

I replaced my sights with TruGlo fiber optic/tritium sights. The standard XD ones will fit the XDS with just a hair of fitting. (using a file to remove a touch of metal) It was not a big deal. The sights totally blow away any Trijicon or Meprolight I have used in the past. WAY WAY brighter a sight, both in the daytime as well as night. For the money spent at Botach I can’t see myself buying any other pistol sight from here on till somebody invents something better. As far as I’m concerned after using these my last 3 sets of other night-sights were wasted money. I do love the TruGlo’s.

Springfield XDS

Springfield XDS

Springfield XDS

Springfield XDS

So that’s about it I suppose. New awesome sights, new higher capacity magazines and the best pistol for me in the world that I know of.   In the past my best shooting was done with well tuned and set up 1911’s and a Browning Hi-Power, not anymore.  It just keeps getting better with the XDS. The trigger is good, the reliability after roughly 900 rounds now is perfect. It’s consistently accurate with anything I have fired but I do prefer the Hornady Critical Defense round as it does tend to shoot a tad bit tighter. Nothing shoots badly though and POI does not change for me with different loads much at all if any on most of them. I think we can probably close the patent office for real this time. This pistol for me is the peak of pistol perfection. I can’t really even imagine anything better for concealed carry. All this and the knockdown power of the venerable 45acp. PERFECT! Did I mention I LOVE the Springfield XDS ?

By: Cary Kieffer

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8 Responses to Springfield XDS Part 2:

  1. LeRoy L Bernard Jr says:

    I own the Springfield. 40 Cal . don’t leave home without it is a great little beast very well behaved and shoot straight and the recoil well I wish some of my other high end Pistols held and recoiled as this one I think Springfield Armory does the XD Series really well and I am a gigantic fan Although I do have a Glock in 10mm and I love it I am in love with both of them but I still take my Springfield everywhere and I will continue to do so.

  2. chuck says:

    The recoil is good(you know you fired but not too much lift). Yes,the xdm comes with 1 9rd mag and 1 13rd mag. They are available if you need more of either!

  3. chuck says:

    I just bought an XDM 3.8″ 45 ACP. I looked at the xds and I liked it! I went XDM because with the included 9+1 Mag it is a more compact gun and it also comes with a13+1 mag if you choose to have more capacity.

    I like the 3.8″ XDM because it felt good to my grip and the bigger capacity mag made it into a weapon that felt great to me.

    One mag each comes with the gun at a reasonable price”bang for the buck”

    I need to “walk” this dog a bit and I will let you know how we do!

    • Cary Kieffer says:

      Awesome. I don’t think you can go wrong with any XD platform out there. They have one for every niche. Congrats on your purchase. I’ll be picking up another XDS here next week. The two tone stainless for the little womans B-day. She shoots well with it too. I do like the magazine choices in the model you have. I have the same thing in 9mm with the subcompact but when wearing shorts and a tank the flat 1 inch thick single stack XDS model hides well. When your done walking the dog please do let us know how it went! Maybe write a review?? Thanks and have fun.

      • chuck says:

        Hey Cary!

        Thanks!. I think we could be friends. Happy Birthday to your “better” half!

        I liked the whole lineup as well but with a few other choices to meet the concealable parameter I chose mine!

        I own an EMP 9mm which is a hell of a gun. You seem to have the same bug that I do and there are so many from which to choose.

        Oh well,if you can find the dough and you can make it happen I say “go for it”. I may trade in a couple if something better catches my eye but I think got it covered for now!

        Stay Safe!

        • Cary Kieffer says:

          Chuck, that EMP is a nice pistol. Nobody has wrote that one up yet here on TGR. You should!! I passed along the bday wishes. She says thanks. Serious though write up that EMP. If you decide to sell it let me know. My FFL will receive it no prob!

  4. Cary Kieffer says:

    Yes they do, middle of the article you see the mag picture? Theres a paragraph about the extended mags. They are still pretty concealable though. Recoil is surprisingly mild. I expected it to buck much more than it does. That recoil spring must really do a good job. It’s very pleasant to shoot. I don’t have a pistol I like more.

  5. Time Drake says:

    What’s the recoil like on that thing when it’s chambered in .45acp? And do they have any clips that are perhaps not so good for being concealed but hold more rounds, the way the full sized XD does?

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