Yankee Hill Machine Co, Inc. (YHM) released their new Sidewinder pistol suppressors in 2015.  These suppressors are lightweight, feature a mono-core baffle and are user serviceable.  I had an AAC Illusion 9 in at the same time so I was able to compare and contrast the two.  They are similar in length and weight.  I prefer the Sidewinder’s mono-core to the Illusion’s baffle stack.  The Illusion is sexier due to its offset design and slimmer diameter.  Yankee Hill lists an MSRP of $699 for the Sidewinder 9 which is very reasonable.  Even better, the Silencer Shop currently has them on sale for $521 which is a great deal.  

YHM Sidewinder 9

YHM Sidewinder 9 and AAC Illusion 9

Yankee Hill Sidewinder 9 Specifications.

Length:     7.80 inches

Diameter:     1.375 inches

Weight:     10.0 ounces

Tube:     6061-T6 aluminum with Class 3 Anodized

Mono-Core baffle:     7075-T6 aluminum with Class 3 Anodized

Blast baffle, adapter, end cap:     17-4ph stainless steel

The suppressor is easily disassembled for cleaning by using the tool included.

As with most all pistol suppressors, the diameter of the can blocks factory sights.  My M&P Pro 9 has the tall tactical sights and even they were partially obscured.  The AAC Illusion 9 has an offset design and slim 1.25″ diameter that eliminates this annoying condition but in fairness the Illusion is an exception to the rule as most other 9mm suppressors are in the 1.375″ diameter range.

YHM Sidewinder 9

YHM Sidewinder 9 on M&P

YHM claims a “dry” sound reduction to 124db on a Glock G17.  I ran several magazines of bulk ammo through it and found the experience to be comparable to most of its competition.  There is a slight first round pop but it isn’t harsh at all.  Overall, I would say that the Sidewinder has a pleasant “tone.”  Unfortunately, I was testing at a public range and the video recording was close to worthless due to the barrage of weekend warriors.  The silencer mounted perfectly and I experienced no malfunctions.

YHM Sidewinder 9

YHM Sidewinder 9 Mono-Core

Yankee Hill Machine quality at a street price of $521.

YHM Sidewinder 9

Sidewinder left, Illusion right

The YHM Sidewinder has 12 index points that allow you to fine-tune point-of-impact for a particular host pistol.  I played with it a bit but not enough to tell how effective it really is.  I just had the suppressor in for a review session so it wasn’t as if it was going into my personal collection.

YHM Sidewinder 9

YHM Sidewinder 9

Silencer Shop Authority.

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