Watershed makes some of the toughest, best dry bags available. This is a review of the Watershed Highland Rifle Backpack. The original Watershed dry bags were created by river guides – outdoorsmen who live on the water every day. The company now offers a complete line of waterproof bags from the traditional boat bag to rifle backpacks.

These bags are manufactured for rough-and-tumble hard duty. The fabric itself is thick and sturdy, yet flexible. Welded seams. Compression straps to keep gear secure. What really sets Watershed apart is the closure mechanism that forms an airtight and waterproof seal.

Watershed Drybag
Watershed Drybag Seal

Watershed produces several different rifle bags. I chose the Highland Rifle Backpack because I wanted a dry bag specifically to carry two different AR-15s. One is the 5.56 pictured. This is my personal defense, don’t leave home without it, weapon. Living on the Texas coast, in the event of a hurricane I want the protection afforded by the Watershed. The second rifle that goes in the Highland Rifle Backpack is a custom 6.8 SPC with Thermal scope that I use for hog hunting. Thermal scopes are not cheap and I need protection from the elements whether dust or rain. It is a comfort knowing that I can slip either gun into the backpack and head off into the night with full confidence that my rifle is protected.

Watershed Highland Rifle Backpack
Watershed Highland Rifle Backpack Front

Note the compression straps and the backpack straps. The rifle is secure and doesn’t shift around.

Watershed Highland Rifle Backpack
Watershed Highland Rifle Backpack

The Highland Rifle backpack is available in several different colors including orange, black, coyote, and MultiCam. Specifications:

  • 40″ long x 15″ width x 8″ deep.
  • Fits firearms up to 40″ overall length.
  • Weight of empty bag is 2.25 pounds.

Watershed produces several different waterproof gun cases in addition to the Highland. These include bags specifically designed for shotguns and long guns. The Highland retails for $146.

Watershed Highland Rifle Backpack
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