The TekMat Ultra-Mats are a premium quality, ultra-soft, extra-thick gun cleaning mat that will dress up any workbench. The AR-15 cutaway mat serves as a handy parts diagram to use as a reference when performing maintenance or upgrades. The mat is over-sized and the stitched edging is a nice touch.

The ink is impregnated into the mat fibers and won’t easily rub off like many inferior mats that screenprint the image onto the surface. All TekMat gun cleaning mats are water and oil resistant. The Ultra product line is twice the thickness of the Original line. It is very nice to work with and cushions even heavy scoped rifles. Guns won’t slide around and they are protected from scratches. While some of my field guns have earned their dents and scratches honestly, I do have finer pieces that I want to baby and that is when I appreciate a soft, cushioned mat.

TekMat Ultra AR-15
TekMat Ultra AR-15 Cutaway Premium Gun Cleaning Mat

Both the Original Mats and the Ultra Mats are available in a wide variety of handgun and rifle models. For example, there are eight models of Sig Sauer pistols produced in the Original Mat. The 1911 Ultra Mat would make a great birthday present for someone!

TekMat AR-15

The mat can be rolled up when not in use. Frankly, I like the way it dresses up the bench and will probably leave it out all the time. I previously used a simple black rubber mat and the TekMat is way cooler.

TekMat AR-15 Cutaway Ultra Premium Gun Cleaning Mat. MSRP $29.99

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