Hurricane Sandy is being described as “intense,” “dangerous” and “life-threatening.” The hybrid Frankenstorm had everyone (including myself) making preparations, battening down the hatches, and expecting the worst. Thousands evacuated, others huddled together in fear of what was coming.

I heard on the radio, “If you don’t absolutely need to be out, stay home.”

So naturally, my first thought was, “I wonder how the products I’m testing would fare in a hurricane?”

Yes, I resolved to risk life and limb to take the opportunity to see how my rifles, pistols and optics would perform in gale-force winds and driving rain.

Normally, shooting an AR-15 in the rain is not such a big deal, but I shoot corrosive Russian Surplus 5.45x39mm out of my AR-15. Any moisture in that thing will mix with the carbon and corrosive salts from the ammo and cause the bolt to stick shut. Since I got my AR soaking wet and forgot to clean it (this happens often), I fully expected that I would have to stick a flat-head screwdriver into the upper to pry the bolt back.

Tactical Heat Application Device - my wife's pink hair dryer

What I hadn’t counted on was Froglube. This lubrication product, developed by former Navy SEAL Captain Larry Lasky. Personally, I don’t mind if it was invented by a flower-child, as long as it works. That said, SEALs tend to have a bit more weapons experience than hippies.

Froglube is rather unique in that it is both bio-degradable and non-toxic. While that’s never meant much to me before, it does have certain advantages. Now that I have an infant daughter, I find myself looking at everything in my abode and asking, “Can she kill herself with this if she eats or plays with it?”

Since I’m a firearms tester and have an ungodly amount of weapons, ammunition and cleaning solvents lying around, the answer is often a resounding YES. Not so with Froglube. I doubt she’d find it did much for her digestion, but it wouldn’t be fatal if she got into a jar of the paste or drank some of the liquid lube.

FrogLube works best when the metal it is being applied to is both clean and hot so that the chemicals can work down into the pores. With this in mind, I had heated the upper with my Tactical Heat Application Device (wife’s pink hair dryer) and applied a small amount of Froglube paste to the bolt, carrier and bolt cam pin of my AR-15. I put a dab on the charging handle as well.

FrogLube Paste, one of your best friends

At the range, I fired several magazines in the pouring rain. My carbine was soaked, as was I. Upon returning home, I wiped the outside dry with a ratty towel and put it aside. Two days later, I remembered the carbine and started mentally kicking myself. Having left it wet and dirty, I was sure that the bolt would be stuck. But… there was a possibility that it might be operational, what with that new-fangled wonder-lube I’d put on it. Honestly, I didn’t expect anything, figuring that the extreme lubricity was probably more hype than fact. Imagine my surprise when I was able to simply pull the charging handle back.

No sticking, no jamming, no cussing and no frustration. I was stunned. Since then, I’ve fired the rifle often and haven’t cleaned the BCG at all. I have run a Hoppes bore-snake through it several times. That’s all.

After this initial encounter with Froglube, I’ve distributed small amounts of the paste to friends and family. They’ve used it on pistols, AR-15s, and an Arsenal AK in 5.45x39mm. I heated a project barrel I’m working on (a Ballistic Advantage 14.5″ in 5.45) and applied Froglube to the bore and outside of the barrel while it was unassembled. Later, I assembled it on a SBR lower and ran it suppressed. The combination of dirty 5.45 ammo and suppressed fire should have made the bore filthy, even after just a few magazines. Instead, it was spotless.

I am really trying not to turn into an over-excited, inarticulate gun-nut shouting, “Dude, this is AWESOME!”

Sadly, it’s not working. Simply put, Froglube is the most effective weapons lubricant I have encountered so far. Its ability to shrug off water is phenomenal and its utility in protecting your weapon from both the elements and your own negligence is unparalleled.

Special thanks to AIM surplus for providing 5.45x39mm ammunition for testing.

By Allen Cosby

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