Sig Sauer 1911 Carry Nightmare

Sig Sauer 1911 Carry Nightmare

The Sig Sauer 1911 Carry Nightmare is my new favorite pistol.  It is a very well thought out design and build for a production gun.  I first saw the 1911 Carry Nightmare at SHOT Show and had to wait a bit until production caught up with demand.  Now that I have had some range time it appears that my first impressions were correct – this is a very cool gun for the price.

The first thing you notice is the “Sig” design elements – most notably the square slide.  This gives the gun a more modern look than the traditional round slide.  Specifications:

  • Stainless steel “Fastback” rounded frame.
  • Rounded grip and mainspring housing.
  • 4.2″ match grade barrel.
  • External extractor.
  • Hogue G-10 double-diamond grips.
  • Nitron finish with stainless controls.
  • Front and backstrap checkering.
  • Low profile SigLite night sights.
  • 38.8 ounces weight with magazine.
  • .45 ACP or .357 Sig.
  • MSRP $1,242.

“Carry” refers to the Commander size.

“Fastback” is the rounded mainspring housing and grip.

“Nightmare” is the black/stainless appearance.

It is definitely an attractive gun that immediately jumps out at you from a sea of lookalikes.  The standard Sig mag holds 8 rounds.  To further streamline the “carry” element I am running the Wilson Combat 7 round mag.  The Wilson Combat 7 round magazine really fits flush, enhances the appearance, and improves the concealed carry presentation (less to snag on clothing).

Fine checkering is a nice touch on a 1911 at this price point.  It is well done.  The slanted serrations on the slide are wide and easily gripped.

The safety and mag release are on the left side only – not ambidextrous (which is fine with me).

Trigger has a slight take-up and then breaks cleanly registering just under 5lb on my RCBS trigger pull scale.

If you are a hardcore 1911 purists – this isn’t for you.  Square slide, external extractor, firing pin block probably turn you off.

The square slide does have one big drawback – the lack of quality holsters that fit it.  Luckily our good buddies at CompTac started producing a Sig 1911 kydex holster recently.

I have only run 100 rounds or so through it and need to shoot a lot more to make any accuracy claims but it grouped at least average or better.  Certainly tighter than my HK45C shoots.  I had zero malfunctions using either the Sig or Wilson Combat magazines with American Eagle and Freedom Munitions.

Altogether, Sig Sauer has a winner on their hands with the 1911 Carry Nightmare.  It is certainly a great chassis from which to fully customize it to your specifications.

by Mike Coker

Sig Sauer 1911

Sig Sauer 1911

Sig Sauer 1911 Carry Nightmare

Sig Sauer 1911

Sig Sauer 1911

Sig Sauer 1911

Sig Sauer 1911 Carry Nightmare

Sig Sauer 1911

Sig Sauer 1911 Carry Nightmare

Sig Sauer 1911 Comp-Tac

Sig Sauer 1911

Sig Sauer 1911

Sig Sauer 1911 Carry Nightmare

Sig Sauer 1911 Carry Nightmare



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14 Responses to Sig Sauer 1911 Carry Nightmare

  1. Ed Reed says:

    I bought my 5 inch the first day I saw it at Sportsmens warehouse. I just thought it looked bad ass. It was an impulse buy for sure as I did not need another handgun but it is now my favorite 1911. Accurate reliable and heavy duty, built like a tank. I would recommend this to anyone without a moments hesitation.

  2. Jerry says:

    I’m guessing that in my 53 years of hand gunning, I’ve owned at least two dozen different 1911 pistols. In the past nine years except for a Ruger LW CMD, my choice has been consistently Sig, mostly in .45acp. I currently own an STX, my second C3, and today I found the Nightmare “Carry” at the local Cabella’s.

    Sig has always provided XLNT customer services which I’ve been using Since the P220 was the Browning BDA. On duty, I carried a P220 for about half of my career experience and the 229 served me well. I own other brands and models, but Sigs retired with me and have been a constant companion during the last nine years. I’m planning on continuing that relationship.

  3. Chris says:

    Hi. I am a woman and I am looking to buy this gun. Any pros and cons for a woman? Thank You.
    I love the look and the weight ( very light ) But everyone is telling me I should get a 9mm.

  4. Roy says:

    Can you buy this gun in 9 mm

  5. […] he doesn't state the Wilson Combat model number. Here's the link to the article with pictures: Sig Sauer 1911 Carry Nightmare | Gun Reviews ? Tactical Gun Review Here's a Gunbroker listing for some Wilson Combat stainless 1911 45 mags that look correct, but […]

  6. John M. says:

    I have a full-size nightmare coming, 5 inch barrel, and have some concerns based on a number of the reviews I’ve seen in several locations. Most of the failures seem to be Failure to fully engage in battery. This makes me think that perhaps a heavier recoil spring might solve the problem, as well as make it a little friendlier to shoot with +p Ammo. Has anyone tried this in an effort to solve the cycling problem? Any results to report?

  7. Joe says:

    What Comp-Tac holster model is that? It looks very nice. IWB or OWB?

    Thank you in advance.


  8. Jon Cvjetićanin says:

    I’m a 1911, as long as it’s NOT American made. Give it to the Swiss/Germans at Sig, taking a classic American handgun, and made it perfect. Thanx SigArms!

  9. GlenNelson says:

    Thanks for the heads up Andrew.

  10. Andrew says:

    I have a Sig 1911 Nightmare full size. The gun fits very nice in my hand, feels and looks good, and is accurate as hell. However, I’ve been to the range 4 times, have put about 600 rounds through it…. The first time out of the box was terrible. I was shooting american eagle 230gr FMJ and WWB 230gr FMJ. Out of the first 100rds, had about 10-12 jams. Mostly FTF (actually failure to return to battery). I’ve heard about break-in periods for 1911’s, but this was ridiculous. Second time out had probably 6-8 of the same issues. 3rd and fourth time out, got through about 150rds before it started having issues (failure to return to battery). One thing I noticed, it gets very dirty. Not sure if its the ammo (mainly using WWB and AE, and various JHP – Hornady, Gold Dot, Hydra Shock, etc). I think the WWB runs very dirty. Hoping the next time out I have no issues. The gun feels great, very accurate, but reliability is an issue, and lastly, I’m actually not a big fan of the sights.

  11. Sauron says:

    This is a sweet 1911. I’ve owned mine for over 6 months now and have about 800+ rounds through it.
    Don’t hesitate to purchase one of these! I’d buy mine all over again without any hesitation whatsoever.
    I’ve put 185 grain through it, 230 grain through it. Lead, copper jacketed and hollow points without a single failure.
    Purchased 8 round hybrid magazines from TopGunSupply for $19 each and they don’t have the rubber at the bottom of the mag… which combined with the bob-tail means it doesn’t print under your clothing.
    You can’t go wrong with this pistol. It’s accurate as hell and extremely fun to shoot.
    Having the 4.2″ barrel makes it a great concealed carry as well. I have 3 different holsters (depends on what I’m wearing) and it’s weight is not a problem for daily carry.
    I highly recommend this pistol – you simply cannot go wrong buying it.

  12. Mike Coker says:

    tomrkba: Sounds like a story there! What quality control issues have you seen with Sig lately?

  13. tomrkba says:

    I thought “Nightmare” referred to SIG’s QC 😉

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