Tactical Gun Review Pro Staff has selected Atlanta Arms and Ammo as our preferred supplier of 9mm and 5.56 ammunition. Atlanta Arms and Ammo has an impeccable record of producing high quality match-grade ammunition for the competitive shooter. In business since 1976, the company is committed to first-rate customer service.

We will be utilizing the following ammo in upcoming tests:

  • 9mm 147GR JHP – Glock Factory Team load
  • 5.56 mm 77GR HPBT – Army Marksmanship Unit specifications
As of December 2011 we have burned through many hundreds of rounds of both the 9mm and 5.56mm loads and are very pleased with the results. Clean burning, consistent groups, and zero failure rate.

I am very happy with both of these loads

I run the 9mm load through a Wilson Combat Spec Ops 9, for both carry and competition.
It is very accurate and the gun tracks fast with it. I shoot better with it than 124g or 115, something about the recoil pulse. It definitely hits steel plates with more authority, even more so than 124g +P loads.

The 5.56 load uses the Lapua 77g OTM bullet, the only commercial round that does to my knowledge.

It has a BC of .386 vs the Sierra 77g OTM of .362, not much higher but every little bit does help.

Shooting a number of different ARs I get an inch or better group at 100 yards and bang steel consistently at 500 yards. As expected, much better than lighter bullets in the wind.

Chronoed the loads at 2725 out of a 16″ barrel and 2775 out of an 18″ (average of a few different uppers)

Very, very good ammo and definitely recommended. So, if you are looking for this type of ammunition for your needs, you can visit your local gun store, or visit a site similar to BulkMunitions.

by Mike Coker

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