• TJ

    One complaint. I can’t get the replaceable grips off nor can anyone who I asked to help. Got any advice?

    • http://www.facebook.com/pages/53GR-Images/492715307416951 53gr

      Use a screwdriver and lots of muscle.

    • Spencer

      Take a flathead screw driver and just pop em off.

  • TJ

    Got the P1 for my wife specifically for the easy DA first trigger pull. She was having trouble with this on her S&W 6906. The light recoil helps her too. I am guessing a part of the recoil is soaked up turning the barrel.

  • duane

    i shoot and own several brands from springfield to tanfoglio including k1 and p1. i find the grand powers to be the most accurate and triggers to be one of the best. although i don’t care for the takedown.i still rate them the best of all in quality and accuracy. if you are seeking something new you can’t go wrong with a grand power

  • Kent Kumpula

    Do you know they have a “sport safety lever”?
    I´m sure it will be an awesome upgrade if you need to manipulate the safety fast, like IPSC style competition. Also, the X-calibur model has a even better and more smooth trigger and even less recoil.


    • http://www.facebook.com/pages/53GR-Images/492715307416951 53gr

      Thank you for the information, Kent. I did not know that about the Grand Power.
      Honestly, if they made a version that replaced the safety with a de-cocker and moved the slide release to the rear, I could see a P1 Mk 7 (or I guess maybe they’d call it a Mk 8 ) replacing my SIG P226 (my absolute favorite handgun).

  • The Father

    Myself and my two sons have purchased the Grand Power K100 M7 and P1 M7. They are awesome guns. Don’t miss out because they are not named Glock.

  • Trey

    I noticed that you said that the P1 and the full sized K100 function the same, but was there a difference in recoil?

    • 53gr

      Honestly, the difference was negligible.

  • Travis

    I’m relatively new to the handgun scene, and I stumbled across this gun on a website that I frequently visit. I’m often attracted to guns rhat are not “main steam” but find the MSRP of this gun to bit a bit higher then most that are new to the U.S. market. A person could grab a new Sig SP2022 for roughly the same price if not a touch less. I have not shot either, but wonder if given a choice which would be the better buy and why?

    • 53gr

      I love SIG pistols, though I have to say I’m not fond of their SIG Pro. I prefer a P226. But I really like the Grand Power pistols, especially the nitride treatment. I’d suggest that (if possible), you handle them both. Whichever feels better in your hand, buy.

  • http://TacticalGunReview Al Buchmann

    The disassembly is not unique as it was designed by Walther for their PP model in 1929.

    • 53gr

      Al, I used the word “unique” when describing the line of pistols, not the disassembly feature. Yes, Walther had a hinged trigger guard dissasembly. This is a new twist on that idea, using a flexing polymer frame. All in all, it’s a neat design, even if it takes a little getting used to.

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