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Zastava CZ999 Compact 9mm pistol

Unless you’re a connoisseur of Eastern-European weapons, you’ve probably never heard of the Zastava CZ999 Compact pistol. So out of all the pistols in the world, why did I choose this to replace my HK USP 9mm?

I’ve had excellent experiences with a wide range of firearms made by the Serbian company Zastava. As stated in a previous article, I’m a fan of Serbia. They produce good rifles, good soldiers (though my experience with this is limited to the contractors I knew in Iraq)  and good liquor.


The Polymer Beast: Glock 23

Review of the Glock 23 Generation 3

“A Glock?  Hell no.  Get that hunk of plastic away from me!”  These words always seemed to roll from my mouth whenever anyone mentioned a Glock around me.  That is, until I was introduced to the Glock Model 23.  

Grand Power Duo – the K100 Mk7 and P1 Mk7

After they sent me the Stingray-C pistol, I got an email from Century International Arms, listing their new products. At first, I thought the email was simply an advertisement. Then I noticed they were asking which of their new products I wanted to review. I had to quell the urge to respond, “Everything.”

My eye settled on a pair of Slovakian handguns. The K100 Mk7 an P1 Mk7, both made by the company Grand Power. Before long, Dina Sanders of Century (who is quite helpful, by the way) had arranged for the Slovak Twins to be sent to me. Before long, my dealer called me up and said, “More pistols here for you. Damn, how do you do this?”
“What can I say? The CIA sends me guns.” Yeah, I know it’s a bad joke. Thankfully, there’s nothing bad about the Grand Power pistols.


Stingray-C Pistol

My friends know that I’m a pretty judgmental person. I’m also known to link two completely unrelated topics together in my mind. So it should come as no surprise that I often judge foreign countries on their firearms and their beer.


Defensive Target Selection

Historical Context

Bullseye targets are fine for competition use, but I find them wholly unsatisfactory for defense-based training. Put simply, you are never going to be mugged by a bullseye or have one break into your house.


Raven Concealment Phantom review

My wife has never been thrilled that I carry a gun everywhere I go. Most of her concern is that someone will be able to see a bump under my shirt or jacket and figure out that I am carrying. After a few holsters that did little to help with concealment, I tried out Raven Concealment Systems Phantom. Since I only carry concealed I wanted a holster that had a low profile, good retention without a thumb brake or similar device, non-leather (for less maintence), and some flexibility in cant.

The narrow profile of RCS Phantom really does help with concealment. It is barely wider than the firearm itself which means that the whole rig is very close to me.  One of my initial concerns was that the holster would loosen up and retention would fade. After a year of daily use there has been sign of this. I jog every other day with this holster with no fear that my handgun will bounce out. When I first received this holster I took a few weeks experimenting with different arrangements of of the mounting hardware to get the cant that I was most comfortable with. That flexibility has been great.

I purchased the Phantom Holster with the Pancake Wings because they are supposed to pull the holster in closer. So far they have worked as advertised and I have never gone back to the standard belt loops.

My one and only concern is that the gun is pulled in so tight that I don’t always get a good grip because it is actually difficult to get my thumb between my body and the gun.

 RCS Phantom Holster:

Pancake Wings:

 By: Ammon Perry