Wilson Combat AR9 Review

This is a long term, 1 year review of the Wilson Combat AR9. It has an 8″ barrel and takes Glock mags. It is built from the ground up as a 9mm AR. I have ran all sorts of ammo through it and it has ran 100% flawlessly. It features a billet receiver set, their single stage 4lb trigger and I ordered mine in Burnt Bronze.

Wilson Combat AR9

Wilson Combat AR9

I run a Trijicon MRO on it and it is stupid fun to shoot. It is VERY accurate shooting groups with rounds touching at 25 yards and it is easy to hit 10″ steel plates at 100 yards offhand. I have killed a few pigs with it with the Hornady Critical Duty +P 135g ammo. This is a barrier blind ammo intended for duty use and after seeing the terminal performance I trust it 100%.

Hornady Critical Duty 9mm

Hornady Critical Duty 9mm

Wilson Combat AR9 hog down!

Wilson Combat AR9 hog down!


Wilson Combat AR9 with Trijicon MRO

Wilson Combat AR9 with Trijicon MRO


Wilson Combat AR9 - Trijicon MRO

Wilson Combat AR9 – Trijicon MRO

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3 Responses to Wilson Combat AR9 Review

  1. Charles Coker says:

    Hey Cary, hope you are well!

    Haven’t looked at it frankly
    I trust they know what they are doing!

    I just put on the new Gear Head Works Tail Hook Mod 2
    This is a game changer for pistol builds!

  2. Cary Kieffer says:

    Hey Charles, glad ya like your new toy. I looked at that baby myself then decided to build one. That turned into 3 more, lol. How’s the case support in the barrel they use? The BA barrels I used have full case support all the way around. So I used a Kaw Valley 7.5 ounce buffer, a 308 spring, some brand new Starline +P brass and 125 gr Sierra’s and invented my “957 Magnum”. 125 gr at 1553 fps average. They are lots of fun, one of the others I suppressed, throwing heavy bullets at 1025 fps it’s super quiet. Nice rig ya got there

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