TGR Staff Review: Redfield Counterstrike AR15 Integrated red/green dot and laser sight.

Redfield, a division of Leupold has introduced a new sight for the AR15 platform the Redfield Counterstrike.  Featuring a mount designed to put the sight at the correct height on a picatinny rail on the upper receiver.

It features a 4 MOA dot that can switch between red and green as well as a red laser that can be co-witnessed with the dot if desired. Both are independantly controlled and can be run simultaneously. All for only $189.00 MSRP.

We got one sent a Redfield Counterstrike to test before they hit the streets and have ran it a few times.

Contest ends this Friday!



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8 Responses to TGR Staff Review: Redfield Counterstrike AR15 Integrated red/green dot and laser sight.

  1. Mark Meredith says:

    Upon finally saving up the necessary doubloons and bits of string necessary to purchase the Redfield Counterstrike I put on my moccasins and ran to the nearest retailer. I could have driven, but due to the penny pinching I couldn’t afford to buy gas. Unfortunately, they were out of stock when I got there, and the next shipment was due to arrive in 2 weeks. I would be forced to wait, and so I did. I camped outside the front door of the retailer for 14 days waiting in angst for my new toy. I sustained myself by eating bugs and other insects that came within my perimeter, and by catching rain water in my hands. When the day finally came, the owner kicked me away from the door (this had become habit now) and then told me I wouldn’t be allowed in his establishment until I showered. Instead of running the 16 miles back home, I chose to run to a nearby farm pond. It reeked of stagnant water and dead fish, but I hadn’t went this far to turn around now. I dove head first into the pond and scrubbed my hair and clothes the best I could, and ran back to what had been my home for the past 2 weeks. As I stepped inside the sound from the water squishing in my shoes caused the owner to swear and stare at me menacingly. He was also not happy about the rancid odor or the foul water covering his floor. I walked toward him and slammed my savings on the counter. He sighed, looked at me grabbed one off the shelf and told me to “GET OUT”! I cartwheeled all the way home, I was too excited to just run. My day had finally came, the day I finish my time machine!

    Most time machines are overly complicated. Unnecessary lights and circuit boards everywhere, wires out the wazoo, flux capacitors and nearly unobtainable power demands (1.21 Gigawatts? You’d have to steal Plutonium from some Libyan Terrorists to get that kind of output) have ruined every other attempt at time travel. My machine is exceedingly simple in design and functionality. A standard collapsible lawn chair wired to an Easy-Bake oven for power and brownie making on longer trips. A simple piece of string is then tied to the chair, and then into an empty can of Alpo dog food. It has to be an Alpo can. Don’t ask me why, because I can’t tell you. And that’s it, time machine construction complete. To operate the time machine, you turn on the East-bake oven, sit in the chair, hold the Alpo can with your teeth and use the Redfield Counterstrike to write, on the floor in front of the chair, the exact date, time and location you wish to travel to, this usually takes a few minutes. Then with the laser still on, you place the Redfield Counterstrike into the Alpo can. The laser then burns a hole in the ceiling and roof, and eventually through space and time. You are pulled through the void created and taken to the exact location, date and time you wrote only hours before.

    Since completing my time machine, I have been on several adventures, though I try to not alter history too much. Though, I did prevent Hitler’s assassination on July 20th, 1944. I did also convince Japanese Emperor Hirohito to attack the USA during WW2. There was a girl I really liked, but she was dating a sailor. My plan worked as he was deployed to the Pacific, but things with her didn’t go so well. In hindsight I should probably go back and stop myself from doing both of those things. I do plan on stopping some of the more recent attacks and wars, but procrastination is a real problem. Mainly, I spend all of my time-travel time going to Yankee baseball games, in an attempt to determine if any of my good luck charms affect the outcome in any way. To this point, none of the 345 good luck charms I own, have made a difference. Unfortunately, the Yankees keep winning.

    In the end, I am beyond pleased with my purchase. After reading this review, I’m now even more happy as unbeknownst to me at the time, it can also be mounted to a firearm. I’ll have to see if I can figure out how to do that one day. But in the meantime, it’s back to the Yankees!

  2. Rick Topping says:

    So no shit, there James Yeager and I were taking fire as we executed a HALO jump from the space shuttle. Using the Redfield Counterstrike we were able to accurately engage the enemy that had set up a base on the moon’s surface during our descent. After we suppressed the ground fire we linked up with Travis Haley and Chris Costa and proceeded to clear the entire lunar surface of bad guys, each one getting a Redfield Red Dot on the forehead followed closely by 77grains of hate terminating the threat. After our return to earth we all admired Costa’s beard, and then met with the President and Democrat “leadership” to celebrate our success. All of the previously anti gun politicians were so impressed with our performance and that of the Counterstrike that they had a blinding flash of the obvious and suddenly understood the definition of what “shall not be infringed” means. We finished our day by drinking beer, helping the newly enlightened politicians unanimously pass a Constitutional Carry law, and ordering a Counterstrike for every Solider, Sailor, Airman, and Marine. (I heard the Sailors and Airmen use them to exercise their dogs!)

  3. Rich Bishop says:

    I was for gun control before I was against it. Now, I’m for it again, but now, just now I’m against it.

    That’s all because of my recent hunting trip to the south where my trusty scary-looking fully semi-automatic machine gun assault death-rifle sub machine gun with a pistol grip, helped score me some dinner.

    The ammo shortage notwithstanding, I silently flipped on my Redfield Counterstrike AR-15 red/green dot laser sight and not only tenderized my hog, but also convestion cooked, irradiated and spiral sliced it, all in record time. Kinda makes being a Democrat Senator who is for, I mean against gun control, hard to hide.

    Well, time to get back to the real business, similar to making sausage, the business of making laws is messy and you don’t want to see what goes into it.

    Cheers, and good shootin’

    Senator Doofus

  4. Jon Lambert says:

    You know, I had one of these Redfield Counterstrikes mounted on my AR77700A12, when the security company I was working for assigned me to deep surveillance in the heart of Mexican Cartel country. I can’t say for certain (can’t be too safe with sensitive intel) but it was somewhere in Mexico.

    I just want everyone to know that the hardest thing about fighting the cartels was the damn Mexican food. I have never had gas for 2 weeks straight until that assignment. Sure, we only ate at Taco Bell the entire time we were in Mexico (our task force wanted the authentic taste of Mexico) but nonetheless, stomach issues all around.

    Well, I’ve probably already said too much; the cartels employ specially-trained robots to track online transmissions. If I say too much more, yours and my safety may be compromised. OUT!

    ~~ (Name withheld for “security.”)

  5. shawn mace says:

    Some would say it was fate that brought me to those lost souls that day. I called it a soldiers misfortune . It had just been me, the boots on my feet, and the m4 in my hands for so long that I had departed from wanting some kind of interaction between another warm body, but now that there were four others that weren’t trying to chew my face off every time i looked over my shoulder was comforting to some degree. It looked like they had been in that bunker since north korea started this mess. I told them they were lucky that they were down there for so long because it wasnt a normal nuke that north korea they sent our way, it turned most of u.s. population into flesh eating undead. Naturally the rest of the world followed with becoming infected. These werent your normal run of the mill, slow moving corpses. they were much faster and a lot harder to terminate . Lucky for me I was well equipped before all this happened. My friends and relatives called me crazy, a nutjob, psycho even. I guess hiding a weapons cache under the shed after all firearms were seized by the goverment two months before the outbreak will earn you that title. people didnt believe that a universal backround check would lead to confiscation, I tried to tell them but nobody listened. So look were it got them. My supply consited of my m4,a pistol,a reasonable amount of ammo and a counterstrike red/green dot laser combo. I woukdnt have survived without it. The same people that previously cast me out were begging for my help as the chaos spilled into the neighborhood. I didnt hesitate to turn them away for even a second I just threw on my gear and hit the high road. It didnt take long before trouble found me. You wouldnt think a walking corpse would be any match for a well equipped survivor and his rifle but something just wasnt killing them the way I had expected it would . It turnes out that bullets just made them even more ferocious. After two rounds to ones head and nothing happening I began to lose my will to go on. It started to get a little darker so I decided to adjust my redfield counterstrike to the green dot while still targeting the undead from 50 yards and out. After nervousley hitting the button located on the left side of the sight I accidently activated the laser. Before turning it off I noticed that wherever it pointed on the waliking corpse the rotting body parts started to seperate from its body. I had to do a double take to confirm what i was seeing wasnt just my eyes playing tricks on me. I pointed the laser on the undeads head and it fell to the ground, it wasnt gonna get back up this time. I couldnt explain what caused this to happen, but automatically I knew that I actually stood a chance against all these things. which brings me here to where I am now and thats educating these poor saps how to use a counterstrike red/green dot laser combo. As if its complicated. I think with me and these four the human race actually has another chance. thanks redfield for the ispiration.

  6. KY1911 says:

    I bought the Redfield Counterstrike on a whim…you know, those late-night binge surfing sessions with credit card in hand. How bad could it be? Granted, the price doesn’t always tell the tale, but a $600 Aimpoint it probably isn’t.

    Anyway, bought the Counterstrike and it quickly arrived from Expensive as Hell. Nice packaging, scope appears to be well protected. Upon unboxing I’m starting to be impressed – this might work out after all.
    Gave it the once over: red dot bright – check. Laser bright – check. Mounted it to my 16″ flat-top AR – nice weight, good controls.

    The next day I took it to the range for a little plinking. After sighting in both the dot and laser I took it off and threw it on the ground – I mean hard onto concrete ground. Remounted and checked zeroes – good to go.

    Huhm? What else could we do to this thing? Saw my range buddy was driving his vintage M48 tank that day and asked if he’d mind running over my new Counterstrike. Sure thing!!! Fired it up and drove over the dot/laser combo on pea gravel. Remounted, dot and laser still zeroed. Wow!!! Now I’m beginning to be impressed.

    What else might you ask? Well, my range buddy (being the collector of fine military surplus vehicles) suggested we strap the Counterstrike to his circa 1944 Soviet Katyusha rocket launcher. Okay – now we’re talking! I duct-taped a small GPS transmitter to the Counterstrike and it to the rocket and holy hell…that thing went a long way; 3.1 miles to be exact. Took us a day or two to find the Counterstrike, but it was still ticking.

    Geez…this is one helluva product from Redfield! So now that we’ve driven over it with a 45 ton behemoth, we’ve shot it 3 miles with a rocket, what else is in store? Break out the Barret M82A1.

    Placed the Countersrike on the 100 yard line and proceeded to pound it with .50 caliber rounds for 15-20 minutes. Granted, we scuffed it up a bit and the rear lense did show a small crack, but the darn thing is still working.

    I’m pleased as punch with the Counterstrike…its durable as hell, stays zeroed, gives you a dot and a laser and runs forever. Do you think Redfield will warranty my cracked lense?

  7. Patrick J says:

    Its 1987. Im in a central american jungle hangin out with a few special forces types; big guy named Dutch, Apollo Creed, Governor “The Body”, and a hispanic fellow. The jungle is hot, but so is central american poon, so we are trying to find this presidential cabinet member ASAP so we can get back to entertaining the spicy mamacitas. While walking around we come upon a downed helicopter. Hanging in trees is a team of Army Special Forces sans skin. Pussies(Navy SEALs RULE). Later, we run up on a guerrilla camp and blow it to high hell and take the sole hottie of the camp prisoner. She later tries to escape and gets one of my homies killed. While trying to find who killed my bro, “The Body” gets whacked. We catch a glimpse of the thing thats killing my bros and it looks like Lil Wayne, but all grown up and wearing classier clothing. Somehow he can turn virtually invisible. Holy crap, he has lasers. We need lasers. Dutch tells me he has just what I need. Its a Redfield Counterstrike AR15 red dot/laser sight(AWESOME!!!). I attach it to my weapon and am unstoppable from then on. Apollo gets whacked, and so does everyone else but me and Dutch. Dutch has this wild plan to catch alien Lil Wayne by setting traps and covering himself in mud. Im not into getting dirty like that so I take a step back and let him do his thing. I observe from a distance. Dutch and the dreadlocked alien duke it out. Dutch is going to have a time getting all of the mud and dirt cleaned off of him. He might as well just throw his clothes away after this. Anyway, as the alien gets closer to Dutch, I am readying for a shot. I peer through the Redfield and put the laser on the aliens neck(a vulnerable part). I shoot and connect. My Redfield laser>aliens BS laser. Just as I shoot, Dutch activates some booby trap. The alien is done. Then that asshole blows the jungle up. Of course me and Dutch make it out alive. I let him think he got the alien, but I know it was the Redfield equipped rifle that got the job done. Now we can go back into town and harass the latin ladies. Dutch is famous for copping feels. I end up becoming president of the world. All because of the Redfield Counterstrike AR15 red dot/laser sight.

  8. Mark Graziani says:

    I am a scientist who works for the Government on top secret projects. For obvious reasons, I cannot give my name. I have worked on time teleportation for a number of years and we, as a team, have developed a successful prototype. It went into use a few years ago, although the testing and calibration stages are not yet 100% complete. I am sure you’ve never heard of this, and likely never will again.

    Nevertheless, I am part of a diversified team of experts from around the country, and being in the top echelons of human intelligence, we are required to take numerous sabbaticals throughout the year to keep our mental processes at their peak. Many of us hunt and, after completing A LOT of paperwork, were allowed to use the time teleporter to go back into history to hunt. Choosing different times to hunt is both scintillating and invigorating, and gives us pause to reflect. We’re not allowed to change history, though. Rules are rules.

    I, personally, have hunted in the Jurassic many times. At first, it was a little unnerving knowing that there wasn’t any hope of rescue if something went wrong. Yet, after a couple bad experiences I won’t reflect upon, we became very proficient on these vacations. Bob (not his real name) is surely missed by the team.

    At our annual cookout here, Brontosaurus steaks are a favorite and, with the proper marinade, can be quite tender. “Bront” (as we call it) is low in fat and high in vitamins, and has a flavor somewhat similar to Mammoth, although less stringy.

    Because of the heat and humidity, standard optics do not work so well on our rifles. It is often foggy and moisture condenses on the lenses. Early on, we switched to laser sights, because they cut through the thickness so much better. Unfortunately, many of the larger predators seem to see in the wavelength of the ‘usual’ lasers, and the light attracts them. This has produced some unexpected results, much to our dismay (see Bob, above). We just had to be extra careful attracting a predator, that’s all. Don’t want a repeat of Bob.

    Things were okay in the Wayoutback, until one of us broke his old laser and bought a new Redfield Counterstrike. Immediately, we could see the difference in the thick fog of flooded prehistoric timber. The beam was crisp and clear, and not ‘fuzzy’ like the old lasers. Also, the predators did not seem to notice this new and far better beam. Steve (not his real name) was very successful on that hunt with his new Redfield laser, and possibly even set a new lab record with the Triceratops he got that day. The mount should be stunning when it’s done.

    When we got back, we replaced all of our old lasers with Counterstrikes, and our hunts have gotten much more successful. We use the old lasers for cat toys – because Steve (stupidly) brought back a friendly saber-toothed kitten one time, and now we all have to take care of it. The litter box takes up the whole corner of the lunch room at the lab.

    We are currently working on teleportation to other planets, but haven’t had any successes yet. Whenever we do, we’ll start hunting even stranger species, so we’ll let you know how the Redfield Counterstrike performs throughout the galaxy. Until then, I need to get back to my marinade. Down kitty!

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