Anyone who knows me understands that I will ALWAYS have a hat on.  I have worn all manner of hats, from free trucker style hats to expensive Resistol cowboy style hats.  Headgear is important to me and I never leave home without one, even if it gets left in the car at church.  The last several years I have worn free hats I picked up at prize tables or in shooters bags at matches, but grew tired of them as they all have a brand on them.  While surfing the web one day I came across and immediately found a hat that I couldn’t live without.  By now I’m sure you’re wondering why I reviewed a hat, but as someone with a great deal of patriotism and state pride I found the choices from Texas Tactical Hats perfect.  They offer hats in Black, OD Green, Khaki, and Multicam with subdued US Flags or Texas Flags on the front.  The hats are made with a 50/50 NYCO rip-stop material and a rear velcro closure.  The hat is constructed with a low profile design with vents sewn into the 6 different panels that make up the hat.


I’ve worn the hat for roughly a year now and it has lasted through hunting in some of the toughest conditions Texas has to offer, multiple all day matches in the summer heat, and various other activities that I have done.  This past 3 day weekend I wore the hat while Dove hunting in West Texas after a big rain storm.  The hat kept the sun out of my eyes, and is still not showing any signs of wear despite how dirty the conditions were.  I know that the multicam pattern does not show dirt as badly as the Khaki would, but the material is not fading or losing its durability.  The material when I first received the hat was a little stiff, but after some time it has become soft and comfortable.  The hat does not have the knot at the top of the hat making it comfortable to wear with ear protection.

Texas Tactical Hats is a veteran owned Texas business founded in 2010 with the goal of making unique hats that last under the worst of conditions.  Look for some new products from Texas Tactical Hats soon, and visit them on their FaceBook page and their website.  At only $25 the hats are a great deal that last a long time.  This hat has been fantastic, and I couldn’t recommend a better hat like this!



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Jason's love of shooting sports started at an early age hunting with his father in the pastures of West Texas. Jason is now Full Time Law Enforcement and shoots competitively when he can.

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