Doing some testing with this combo and initial indicators are quite positive indeed.

Running the Nosler 140g Accubond factory ammo I am literally getting one hole groups at 100 yards off the bench.

At 500 yards I was getting 2.5″ with a 3-9 scope that had a course reticle.

Now that I have this Ziess scope on there with the Zplex reticle and higher magnification I expect to do better than that.

The scope is the latest from Zeiss with their FL glass which is supposed to increase resolution, contrast and clarity in low light.

I have tested directly against my USO SN3 3-17×44 and a S&B 3-12c50 PMII at varying distances out to 400 yards in extremely low light.

And the Zeiss does indeed provide that extra bit of detail image that would enable you to pick out a set of antlers and make the call if it’s a shooter or not at 350 yards nestled up in the brush.

And it does do it better than the other scopes.

The difference is not shocking but it is there with in order of glass going Zeiss, S&B, USO.

I chose the Zplex reticle with the ASV turret system which provides  100 yard zero stop and .1 mil adjustments.  They sent it to me with a turret marked (I believe by Kenton Industries) for a 7 mag with a 150g at 3100fps.  According to my calculations it is extremely close to the 140 at 3150 from the 280AI and shouldn’t make any real world difference more than an inch at 400 yards.  Close enough for this guy to go hunt this weekend with it dialed in with a 250 yard zero.  That gets me point blank range not to exceed a 3″ deviation in elevation out to 300 yards.  With the markings on the turret going out to 750.   .3 mil, or, 3 clicks up gets me 50 yard increments out to 500 yards.


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