We have several rifles setup with the Talley lightweight scope mounts as well as their 2 piece base/ring setup.

They are very clean in design, look and execution.

Lightweight One-Piece Alloy mount

Machined of aluminum and coming in different heights and scope tube diamaters,   Talley makes them to fit a variety of guns.  We have them on Remington 700 actions, Tikkas, Browning Xbolts and a Nosler Trophy Grade (which uses Remington 700 style).

We like them because they mount directly to the receiver of the rifle and the top ring bolts down to the bottom ring / base assembly.  Very simple, clean, elegant and strong.  Less parts involved means less to go wrong.

Here is a set on a Nosler Trophy Grade in 280 Ackley

Nosler Trophy Grade Zeiss

 Steel Fixed Ring and base for Sako dual dovetails

It uses a base which fits to the tapered dovetail mount of the Sako receiver.  Recoil alone will drive a base or ring forward and lock it into place.  I have used Sakos for years with varying rings and this principle works.   Talley takes it a step further and has two set set screws which push down against the top of the base and further lock it into place (after you tap the base forward about an 1/8″ of an inch to seat it on the dovetail mount)

The steel ring bolts to this base and locks into place very securely.

The Talley Sako base/ring mount is widely regarded as THE mount for a Sako.

Sako AV 25/06

In short, when TGR wants a set of hunting rings that are both tough and lightweight we look to Talley first!

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