Belgian Harness Set

Keepshooting has a Belgian Harness Set they offer for $11.

Well-designed, inexpensive and works well with ALICE clips. Belt straps on the side could (as previous reviewer noted) be a weak point. However, if you’re thinner, you can simply tighten the straps down all the way and it works fine. 
However, this looks like a neon version of German Flecktarn. It does not match.

Finally, I bought a pair of pouches from QP Gear. QP Gear is the “tactical” side of the company WTFPB (Whiskey Two-Four PaintBall). Specifically, I ordered their flat front magazine shingle and MOLLE 9mm Pistol Mag Pouch. A word of caution here, though the QP Gear webiste shows Flecktarn as an option (and even gives a preview on the home page), it is not even close to German Flecktarn. The dark green in its pattern is much darker than the dark green in Flecktarn and the light green in the QP pattern is practically neon. It is similar to the Belgian Flecktarn, which, in the words of another firearms enthusiast,looks like “teenage mutant ninja turtle Flecktarn.”

The LBE is an awful Belgian version of Flecktarn, whereas the pants are German standard. The QP Gear clearly isn’t even near German spec.

The flat rifle magazine shingle is a straightforward affair. Elastic bungee cords loop over the top of the magazines to keep them secure. What I particularly like about this design is that it’s easy to fit AK-74 magazines into. The pouches are slightly loose for an AR-15 magazine though not so loose as to cause concern. This, coupled with the fact that you can adjust the tightness of the bungee retention cord, allows the user to place AK-74 magazines in the pouches. A note of caution; withdrawing the AK magazines can be tricky unless you grab the inside of the curve on the magazine.

When using AK-74 mags in the QP Gear shingle, draw them from the right to the left, or they’ll get hung up.

There are two versions of the pistol mag pouch. One is similar to most pistol magazine pouches, such as Tactical Tailor’s Triple Pistol Mag Pouch. The camo pattern flaps come down over the top of the magazine and secure via hook-and-loop fasteners. The other version is quite different, reminiscent of the Magna Mag type pouch (though with elastic to keep the magazines in place rather than a magnet). This version secures the pistol mags via heavy duty elastic, so that they stay put whether the flaps are open or closed. The downside to this design is that the camouflage becomes null and void, being covered by non-pattern green velcro.

These pouches are custom made. They’re costly and have a lead time of 4-6 weeks, which is stated on the website, in tiny little letters. If you are looking for Flecktarn pouches that will match your uniform, avoid QP Gear until they switch over to actual Flecktarn fabric.

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