This morning up for review is the Smith & Wesson M&P series 9mm subcompact. I’m not really an M&P fan but I will give it a non biased rundown. There’s really nothing wrong with it and it is just a matter of the way it fits in my hand and the grip angle isn’t good for me. I bet people who are accustomed to Glocks or Beretta’s would probably like it. I suspect people who are 1911 shooters like I was would prefer something from the XD line. Its been so long since it was fired I had to go shoot it again to review it. It just sits forgotten in a drawer in my office.

It comes in a hard case with the usual junk with it. Trigger Lock, interchangeable grips, manual and so on. I put Crimson Trace laser grips on it. So that’s the grip panel I’m using and the button is in the rear where a lot of Crimson Trace’s activate in the front.The frame is polymer and well textured and the slide looks nice. It’s blackened stainless steel and has a good looking profile to it. I do like the slide’s appearance. It has a 12 shot magazine and 3 white dot fixed sights. A light rail is also molded into the frame. It’s short though, I recommend the Streamlight TLR-3 for a gun like this.

Range time: I took it out to put a quick magazine through it. I have seen it fired a lot but it was by a friend, I never cared for it. Reason being is the grip angle, same issue I have with Glocks. When I snap the weapon up quickly and fire instinctively I shoot most times almost 2 feet high at 25 yards. That’s pretty far off, I just don’t do the angle. Like I said though, if your accustomed to some other brands, Glocks, Beretta’s, other Smiths and maybe even the Sig 220 you may like it. I am a Springfield XD man and 1911 die-hard, so the angle isn’t doing it for me. This isn’t meant to be a black mark on the gun, when I slow down and purposely adjust my hold the gun shoots POA and groups fine. I shot an off hand at about 4 1/2 inches at maybe 17 yards real quick to see if it shot where the sights are and it does, so it’s a decent pistol. I have never seen the thing fail and it had a considerable number of rounds downrange in the past.

Wrapping up there’s nothing wrong with this thing. It’s well made, accurate and reliable, I just prefer something else. From time to time Smith has a free magazine offer going on, if your at your dealer and like the way this feels then see if you can get that deal with it too. Don’t be afraid to buy it if it feels good to you it’s not a bad pistol.

As always thanks for reading and happy shooting.

By: Cary Kieffer

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Cary Kieffer

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