This time I want to discuss the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 auto. I purchased one about a year ago and have had plenty of trips to the range with it. So here we go.

Initial impressions: Right out of the box this Bodyguard is a sweetheart. You get the usual trigger lock, zip up case and some other odds and ends. The gun is solid, good looking, lite and small. The built in Crimson Trace laser has ambi-on/off buttons and has a constant on, pulsing mode and off settings. It just takes a bit of pressure with your trigger finger and it’s on. Easily done while drawing the pistol. The pistol has a safety in the regular place on the left side, I don’t use it as the trigger pull is long enough I don’t think you need it. It’s stiff which I like, no chance it’s going to be flipped on accidentally.

Shooting: I have had her out many times and never had a malfunction. This is a small gun that shoots like a full size pistol. Meaning you may be surprised how well it shoots for its size. I was knocking over those green little propane cylinders like you use in camp stoves in rapid succession at about 25 yards. Pretty good shooting for those little things rapid fire. It helps that the sights are actually large enough to be useful and they shoot point of aim. The mags drop free and the slide locks open on an empty mag. Which in alot of guns that size they do not. It has a good smooth double action only trigger.

As I have mentioned in other posts I have very big hands, this grip leaves plenty of room between my hand and the slide, so no bloody hand from the slide coming back and tearing off my skin. I love the gun. I think most licensed carry people and LEO’s would. It also will disappear in a front pocket.

Two things I didn’t like: The rubber buttons for the laser is one, there is a better button now. So maybe you will need a couple to replace yours, maybe not. Anyway, one of mine came up missing on the left side so my laser was only able to be turned on from the right. It’s not a big deal, the buttons are easily replaced and the new ones work better too. So that’s not that big a deal.

What did thoroughly irritate me though is the attitude of the guy on the phone from Smith & Wesson. I explained the missing button and the fact they were not working so well. I asked for 6 little rubber buttons. Keep in mind you need at least 2. So that’s 2 sets of spares for the rest of eternity, they are rubber and DO get lost and wear out. Well this dude at S&W acted like I just asked him if I could leave him in a tub packed with ice missing a kidney with a cellphone in his hand to dial 911. “SIX” he says “YOU CAN’T HAVE 6!!” like I just about bankrupt the company 🙁 Well screw that! I paid damn good money for this thing and they probably got 7 trillion of those tiny little rubber things from China for about 15 cents. I just can’t see those things being even 5 cents a piece. If they are maybe they ought to get another manufacturer so I don’t have any more problems with them. As you can tell he really rubbed me the wrong way. They sent 3, yeah, 3 🙁 WOW!! Thanks S&W I’ll remember that the next time I’m looking at one of your products. Sig Sauer just sent me new night sights for free, no questions asked, Springfield Armory sent me new sights when an XD was shooting high for free and Keltec sent me 5 extractor springs and 5 screws for FREE for a PF9 when I asked for only 1 AND offered to pay (cause I broke it) and this guy wants to throw a fit over 1 cent worth of little rubber buttons. Get it together over there in Smith customer service. 🙁 Well, I feel better now I got that off my chest.

Summary: It’s a really nice little gun. Accurate and dependable. I carried it many times. I have gotten away from it as the new wave of micro 9mm’s are showing up now. It’s a gun I think I’ll always have though. It’s that good. This little gem might just be your ticket if you find the micro 9mm’s are a bit too snappy for anybody more recoil sensitive. I love the thing and do recommend it.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting.

By: Cary Kieffer

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Cary Kieffer

USMC Infantry/Combat Veteran/MUESOC/Sniper School - Med Retired LEO w/ 8yrs on job before Iraq wounds caught up with me.

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