This is our first Silencer Sunday so an introduction is in order. TGR is going to bring you reviews of silencers every week and give our opinions and some simple meter numbers on the cans we test.  TGR does not own these cans but since we are local to the Silencer Shop, they have graciously allowed us access to some of the industry’s best products. First up, the Silencerco Octane 45 HD.

The Octane 45HD has been on the market for awhile but I am relatively new to pistol cans so I wanted to give it a try.  One of the things users often do is buy a larger diameter silencer such as a .45 silencer for use on multiple platforms.  As such, I used a Glock 22 as my host for this review to get a feel for how a .45 can will work on a .40 with some real world db numbers from a sound meter.

Here is the can all taken apart.  It is easy to break down and takes no time to figure out.  The baffles are in no particular order minus the end baffle which has to be in that position.  The baffles “face the bullet” if you will, or in other words the small end are lined up towards the gun. (tip: when placing the baffles back into the suppressor, line up the notches of all the baffles.  This will promote better accuracy.)

silencerco octane 45 hd img_3600

As you can see, the piston above inserts into the spring, and is what mounts onto the threaded barrel of the pistol.  This allows the silencer to push forward under recoil making the silencer “free float”  while the gun recoils allowing the barrel to tilt properly and the gun to cycle.  The face of the piston is the same pattern as the end cap of the suppressor and is used as a tool to take the cap off the end of the can.

silencerco octane 45 hd img_3599

The Octane 45 HD has a weight of 12.1oz, is 8.7″ in length and has a diameter of 1.375″.  The body of the silencer is made of 6061 aluminum and the baffles are made of 17-4PH Stainless.  This silencer is rated for 9mm-45ACP, subsonic .300blk and .22lr.  The MSRP is $859 with a piston.

I enjoyed shooting with this silencer, it takes the edge off the 165 grain fmj full power .40S&W with ease.  The felt recoil on full power .40 can be significant but with the Octane .45HD the gun recoiled like I was shooting .40 minor loads.  The followups were faster and I felt like the gun was easier to make hits.  I liked how the baffles snapped together, but would have preferred them to be keyed so as to have the baffle stack lined up the same way each time, but this was my only criticism.  With the ease of take down, use and significant reduction in recoil, I would definitely recommend the Silencerco Octane 45 as a multipurpose silencer.

img_3602 img_3598

This Silencer had the following sound meter results:






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