Sunday again and here is the 2nd installment of Silencer Sunday!  Today I will be taking a look at the Griffin Revolution 9.  The modularity and quiet nature of this can is something that I really enjoy.  Last week I was shooting full power 40 through a 45 can and this week I will be shooting 9mm in a 9mm can.  The difference is fantastic as this can performs very well.

First thing I did was break the can apart and pull all the pieces out.  The baffles are all keyed so they can only go together one way, which should promote better accuracy.  Also, this silencer has a cool feature of being able to take out 3 baffles and the end section making the silencers over length shorter.

img_3603 img_3604

In the above picture you can see the end section that the piston goes into.  This section is thoughtful as it acts like a sacrificial blast baffle taking away the initial blast from the forward section of the can.  The Revolution series cans use the same pistons as the Silencerco cans do allowing for multiple cans to use the same parts and also uses the Griffin 3-lug adapter to be used on MP5s, 9mm AR-15s or other similar rifles.  Interesting fact, the end cap of the Revolution 9 is the same pattern as a 2015 BMW M5 wheel.


In the above picture you can see the aluminum sleeve that inserts into the body of the can.  If you remove 3 baffles, the end section, and insert the aluminum piece you can make the silencer shorter by around 3″ of total length.  When setup like this it is called the “K” configuration.

img_3606 img_3607

Above you can see the K Configuration on the and the standard configuration below to give you an idea of the overall length difference.  This silencer is rated for up to 9 mm, subsonic 300blk and .22lr.  The baffles are made of 17-4PH and the body 6061 T6 aluminum.  The silencer has a diameter of 1.375″, length of 7.6″ in standard configuration, and weighs 11.2oz.  I did not measure or weigh the can in the K configuration but noted that it saved a noticeable amount of length and weight.

Using 147 grain FMJ ammunition on a Glock 17, I found this silencer to be a lot of fun.  Shots had little to no recoil, follow ups were easy, and the sound was very quiet.  The sound at the ear between the K configuration and the standard was surprising as I felt as though it was very even though the meter showed a the differences.  This was my favorite silencer that I have shot on a pistol to this point.  I really like the modularity and I like how quiet it is and the fact it is user serviceable makes it even better to me.

Here are the numbers from the meter.  Please note all numbers are dry.

Standard                        K Configuration

124.6                                   133.5

122.7                                   129.4

124.8                                   130.7

122.3                                    130.1

122.6                                    129.2

123.4 Average                130,58 Average

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