On this edition of Silencer Sunday I take a look at the Griffin Armament Checkmate QD silencer.  This little can is a lot of fun, and it’s attachment method is unlike anything else on the market for rim fire cans.  The 3 lug Checkmate mount is compression based and works very well.  The can has a 6061 T6 Aluminum body and the baffles are constructed of 17-4 Stainless.  The silencer has a length of 5.75″, a weight of 5.3oz and a diameter of 1″ which puts this in line with other silencers in this category.  The silencer is rated for .22lr, .17HMR, .22WMR, and even .17 Mach2 making this silencer very versatile.

The Checkmate QD attaches via 2 ways, a thread on mount, or the 3 lug QD mount that is basically spring captured.  It breaks down easy and the baffles do not go in any particular order, and they also do not lock in place.


In the picture above, you can see the stainless ring that goes at the bottom of the stack.  The spring goes above it, and then the baffles are placed on top of the spring in no particular order.  When the end cap is on, the baffle stack pushes on the spring holding the ring against the base, or back end, of the silencer.  The 3 lugs enter the can and all you have to do is push the can down and rotate it locking it on the mount.

img_3610 img_3611



In the above pictures you can see the steel ring in the base where the lugs go, there are no stops on the inside of the can preventing the can from being over turned and coming back off.  However, there is sufficient pressure to hold the silencer on the mount and prevent it from walking off.  The design is great for a rim fire can that will be mounted on multiple hosts as it would be quick and easy to swap this from a rifle to a pistol.  The mount simply threads on the rifle or pistol just like QD mounts for rifles.

I thoroughly enjoyed using this silencer.  The mounting system is very unique and the concept is fun.  The price of this silencer is around $399.00 which is similar to other models in this class of silencer and it can be had for less money.  The sound reduction of this silencer was pleasant to the ear and made the 10/22 I was using very quiet.   A .22lr silencer is a popular option for most shooters as they are usually inexpensive and well received by all.  The QD addition on this silencer is an innovative addition to an already fun product and can assist with quickly swapping from one host to another making the experience more fun.  I recommend this silencer to those wanting the most versatile silencer they can get that has a lot of convenience for the dollar.  I metered the silencer on the Ruger 10/22 and the results were pretty good, check out the results below and the video.







Stay tuned, we have some great reviews coming.  A more detailed review of several silencers is coming that you do not want to miss.


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