Today I want to review the Vortex VMX3 magnifier. It’s a 3X optic that will mount behind most any red dot holosight and give you 3 power of magnification for longer or more precise shots. This magnifier definitely deserves some recognition. I’m sure there are plenty of people in the world who will call it a “cheap EoTech clone.” There are a lot of cheap clones out there but in this case what you have is a high quality, lower priced alternative to an EoTech and nothing less. This is a good piece of gear.

So when it comes to labels on a product, a lot of times you are safer paying more and only buying once rather than trying to get off cheaper, ending up unsatisfied, and paying for the label somewhere down the road. This time I think you can feel good about the lower priced competitor from Vortex. Vortex is putting out some very nice gear at great prices and they stand behind their products. That is half of it right there, backing your product up with good service. If you are hung up on labels then get the EoTech. I use it and love it. If you are not and want to save a couple hundred bucks then this Vortex VMX3 will do the job just as well. I got this thing to my door for $195 off of eBay.


Let’s get down to the details. The finish is nice; the glass is clear and bright enough to make me happy. It also is focus adjustable by turning the eye piece. It has two adjustment screws in it to center your sights. It does NOT need to be centered to be accurate but that’s where I want it, in the center. It has some rubber armor around it to help withstand being banged around. It came with a bikini cover for dirt and they are clear so that’s nice. No need to remove them to use it. It has a 50mm eye relief, weighs 8 ounces and a diameter of 30mm.

The mount is called a “swing mount.” I like it. I prefer it to the standard style most of us are used to seeing which is the “flip to side” mount. Both styles do the same thing which is get the optic off to either side you choose and out of your way. I just prefer Vortex’s swing mount because there’s no button to push. You just swing it-hence the name. It is on a spring system. The mount was made right here in the USA which I like as well. The mount is solid and well machined. It really looks good and locks in solid. It attaches to your rail with a lockable lever and not a bolt which I like too; if necessary it can be removed quickly with no tools. Most importantly it locks in the same place every time you swing it back and forth so the dot stays centered. The Vortex VMX3 co-witnessed the Vortex Strikefire and the EoTech 550 models perfectly. I tried it behind the Strikefire as well as three models of EoTechs (models 557,552 and 551). Works great! Incidentally if you prefer a more permanent mount they are available but I really think the swing thing is a better option. The swing mount can be had separately as well if you already had a 30mm magnifier for about $100.

Let’s cover the warranty real quick. It is a well worded and confidence inspiring warranty:

Vortex Service and Repair Policy
VIP Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
Vortex Optics wants you to use the VMX 3 under any conditions with complete confidence—that’s why our warranty is straightforward and simple.
Fully Transferable
No warranty card needed
No receipt needed
Rest assured, if this magnifier should ever require repair, all you need to do is contact Vortex for absolutely free service.

That is a pretty darn good warranty! Clearly they are pretty sure they got a good thing going here. I think they do too!!



So let’s wrap this up. Is there anything wrong with it? Not really, it could use a tad bit more eye relief. That would be nice but there’s really nothing wrong with it. I’d take it to real world duty any day with no reservations and I have real world experience to base this on. I see no reason this won’t endure the rigors of combat or law enforcement duty as well as any avid sportsman/competitive shooters. ANYTHING made by ANYBODY can get broken but this is built well enough to make it a viable choice for combat or LE work. It costs a couple hundred dollars less than its main competition and to me seems just as solid. I really like it and definitely recommend it to anybody who doesn’t want to break the bank on a magnifier. Go ahead and get one, I think you’ll like it.

As always thanks for reading and train often.

By: Cary Kieffer



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