Ruger LC-9 vs Keltec pf9

I want to post some thoughts on the Ruger LC9. Well, I am not impressed. I am disappointed actually in a couple of critical area’s with the Ruger. I am comparing it to a Keltec PF-9 (a pair of them) I have had for quite awhile.

Size, weight and mag capacity are the same or close enough. Sights are equally useful and the recoil is the same too. Both lock open on an empty mag and both mags drop free. Accuracy is roughly the same and neither trigger is ideal but with a bit of practice you will be in the black in no time with either one. Fit and finish is nicer on the Ruger but the Keltec grip is more comfortable. The Keltec has a light rail, to me that’s important! I use a Streamlight TLR-3 on my Keltec.

Now why I think the Keltec wins. They are both perfectly reliable, so that’s good. The Ruger has a magazine safety 🙁  Talk about a downer, this is supposed to be a defensive carry gun and you can’t fire a chambered round in the middle of a mag change?? That’s a deal breaker for me. Additionally the Ruger has an unneeded and unwanted safety on the standard left side, this thing has a mile long trigger pull, you don’t need it. I wouldn’t complain though if the thing didn’t turn itself to safe somehow in my holster- BUT IT DOES!! So one of these day I could be going for the speed draw and shot and end up pulling a trigger that won’t pull. 🙁 Because of those 2 critical areas this Ruger has been a bad choice for me. Those 2 safety’s are not needed, at least I don’t need them. Now take into consideration the Keltec cost me $100 less, has a light rail and it is a better gun. $100 can buy me quite a bit of ball ammo to practice with. Go with the Keltec, my Ruger is back in the box in the safe and I don’t see it coming out again until I sell it.

As always thanks for reading.

By: Cary Kieffer

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  1. Jeff says:

    I have been comparing review of these two guns and am leaning towards the LC9 (your Ruger P95 review helped me last year – love the P95) because of the Ruger quality and reputation. I’ve had someone tell me that Kel Tec’s are not the fit and finish of the Ruger and that he saw a new Kel Tec pistol with light rust on it out of the box. Should I be concerned about the PF9 quality over the Ruger – I have not handled either yet. I agree $100 cheaper is an attractive. Which ever I end up with will be my first CCW pistol so I could get used to having a safety or not.

    • Cary Kieffer says:

      Jeff, Of the two I prefered the Keltec. Yes the Ruger finish is better but I hated that unwanted safety on the Ruger. Either one fires reliably and with similiar accuracy. It’s the Keltec for me for sure if I had to go back to one or the other. Either companies customer service is awesome too…so it’s a personal choice. Personally, save the 100 bucks and buy ammo and a spare mag.

      The Springfield Armory XDS in 45acp blows them both away though…that hands down is the best CCW pistol I have ever owned…If you have more to spend get the XDS, you won’t regret it. You won’t believe how soft that 45 shoots too. It’s smooth a silk. Not at all snappy like you would expect..PERFECT carry gun IMHO.

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