I had my first “WOW” experience with good binos a few years ago with a buddies Swarovkskis… I wanted some badly.

Up until then I really didn’t use Binos, hunting in Texas on private land we didn’t do a lot of “glassing”

Fast forward a few years and I was on a hunt with numerous good  binoculars present.

There was a pair of  Swarovskis, a few highend Bushnells,  top Leuopld or two and a set of the Monarch 8.5-56

I got test all of them back to back, at night hog hunting.

The real test of glass is in VERY low light or at night.

Outstanding brightness, clarity and resolution.

Very easy on the eyes for extended glassing and not at all finnicky.

I tried some Bushnell Fusion 1600s and while I really liked the range finder in them I found them hard to use and not nearly as good of glass.

I have ran these binos hard through 2 hunting seasons and still recommend them.


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