Tonite I have the Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical to discuss. Per the usual there is a real slug fest in the forums over this weapon. I’m glad we don’t have that problem here. The main thing I’m seeing is comparisons to the Benelli M4 shotgun, currently in use by the USMC. Well that’s sorta like comparing Dodge Chargers to Z06 Corvettes. Comparing K-Mart sales flier swimsuit models to Victoria Secret girls, you get the idea, apples and oranges. The price range difference is huge. Going back to the car comparison, both will reliably get you where you want to go, both are nice. Is the extra 10’s of thousands of dollars extra worth it to be behind the wheel of the Z06 Vette?? That you would have to decide, it was for me. I drive a Z06 but with the shotguns?? No, I felt the Mossberg would do anything I needed it to and so far she’s been a gem.


So many haters out here on the web though, I have to wonder what the problem is?? OK, so in the beginning they had a batch of barrels with the front site not centered on top, big freakin’ deal. Mossberg made them right with new barrels. They look good, feel good, load easily, point well and 300 rounds later of OLD corroded low brass CRAP I had in a couple cans loose for 10 years it has yet to jam up. It has fed perfectly with low powered, cruddy, cheap 7 1/2 shot. That speaks volumes for an auto gauge right there. I guess it wasn’t the NRA 2009 Shotgun of the Year for no reason at all huh?? I mean a Nobel peace prize was given to you know who for nothing, I think this 930 at least earned it. I have had zero malfunctions of any kind. I expected them but nope! The finish is nice and action smooth. It comes with a nice set of usable fully adjustable sites on a rail so if you want optics/red dots it’s ready for them.

Ok now what would I change?? Where could they improve? Well,  1st is the safety. When you have the pistol grip version I bought, the thing is on top of the rear of the receiver. I would really like to see it down by the trigger guard like an 870 Remmy, that’s where it belongs. With your regular stock that’s not an issue so much. Then the stock itself, I would like to see a shorter or collapsible stock. Wearing armor I feel it’s a bit too long.

Some people complain the forward grip, which is polymer, feels flimsy and loose. I don’t have an issue with the grip quality but I do think they could have bolted on a couple aluminum rails up front. I mean this is supposed to be a tactical shotgun, with today’s weapon trends, the usual is to bolt 500 pounds of extra crap to your gun. I LOVE to do it 🙂 Well I’ll be making my own forward rails I guess. I’ve made solid rails for other guns so it’s not a problem so to speak, it just should have come with a rail or 2 up front.

Last, I get this bad feeling that the barrel and tube should have a support bracket up front on the gun near the muzzle. I think there should be a block in there locking the 2 together and strengthening the gun up front in the event of a hard drop or fall. I wonder if the tube will bend without some support there. That is easily fixed with a cheap barrel support thing I’ve seen before and it bolts right on. I haven’t ordered it yet but when it’s on I will add a pic so you are clear on what I meant. So as you can see nothing is SO wrong I can’t stand it, minor stuff and I will fix the rail and barrel/tube support issues myself. The safety I can live with.

The only other issue I have is on a fundamental level. Read my Mossberg 590 review here on TGR and I get into tactical uses of a shotgun on a deeper level, long story short, auto’s will not feed door busters, non lethal/crowd control specialty ammo worth a damn. So a couple of the use’s were stripped away when you use an auto gauge, it’s different with a pump, you can feed whatever. Well you can — USE that specialty stuff but then you will be clearing the jam instead of racking in the next round. So for that reason a semi auto is a poorer choice.

The other thing I have against a semi-auto shotgun is I have seen plenty of people get trigger happy. SO many dudes will freak out and be empty in about 2 seconds, at least with a pump you have to manually do something. With this you just pull the trigger and in no time your out of shells. Last, I just don’t want to go to combat with a gauge. I just don’t, it’s not my thing. I accept in a civilian or LE situation they scare the bejeezus out of people and I can see that value but for a military weapon I want an m4. I don’t want to reiterate so check out the 590 review where I ramble on about use’s and tactics with a gauge.

So wrapping up: I like mine. It’s perfectly reliable and feels good, price was right and I think it looks kinda cool too. I’m never overjoyed by shotguns ever and I’m not here either but I would recommend the thing to a buddy if they wanted a semi auto shotgun.

As always thanks for reading and happy shooting.

By: Cary Kieffer

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Cary Kieffer

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