The AR-15 market has no lack of options regarding stocks, grips, rails etc.  It’s a true testament of the platform as the end user can ultimately change EVERYTHING on the rifle to suit his/her needs.  Usually the very first thing to get changed is the “furniture” on the rifle, or the stock and grip.  Magpul has a large number of options for stocks and historically, I have used them for most of my rifles.  When building my latest rifle, I was looking for one of the lightest and best looking options I could find.  Recently, I discovered Mission First Tactical and the Minimalist Battlelink stock.  When designing my latest rifle to be used as a general purpose carbine for product testing, I wanted it as light as possible without sacrificing reliability.  The rifle has a 16″ FN mid-gas barrel turned down to pencil weight, SLR Rifleworks Sentry Gas Block and 13″ Solo rail, SureFire brake, and awesome new CMC 2-stage trigger.  To keep with the light weight theme, I contacted Mission First Tactical and ordered a Minimalist Battlelink stock in FDE.

What is striking is that the stock is exactly as described, very minimalist.  I was concerned that the stock would be flimsy based on how it looks but when it was put on the rifle, locks up solid.  The shoulder portion of the stock is made very solid, and I would not hesitate to strike something with this stock.

img_3559 img_3563

The controls are under the stock and can be easily manipulated with gloves.  There is a QD Sling cup under the stock and plenty of real estate on the shoulder for traditional slings.  On the top of the stock there is a hole that will line up with buffer tubes that are numbered for positions, though mine is not.  The rubber butt pad is more than sufficient and functional.

img_3562 img_3561 img_3560

The best part about this stock is the price.  At $59.99 it is a steal!  This stock is available in multiple places and I have even seen them at Academy Sports and Outdoors.  The stock is available in black, FDE, foliage green, grey, and scorched dark earth.  With such a low price and high quality, this is the perfect budget stock for any general purpose carbine.

Visit Mission First Tactical HERE.

by: Jason

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Jason's love of shooting sports started at an early age hunting with his father in the pastures of West Texas. Jason is now Full Time Law Enforcement and shoots competitively when he can.

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