Tonite I’m going to go over the Millet LRS-1 tactical rifle scope. I bought one a month or so ago as a cheaper alternative to another Leupold. I don’t remember exactly what I spent but I bought the scope, low mount tactical rings and a 20 MOA Millet base and as I recall it was about $550 to my doorstep. I’ve had the scope on the range probably 10 times this month and have 220 rounds of 308 Federal Gold Medal downrange so far with it.

Specs: I call this thing the “Hubble Telescope” cause it’s HUGE! 22 inches long, 2.2 lbs and has a 35 mm tube, the extra 5 mm’s doesn’t sound like a lot but wait till you see one of these big fat things in person. Millet has several kinds of 35mm rings, the scope comes with high mount rings with it. They are WAY to high, I’ve never seen a cheek piece that would level your face with the scope on those rings. So I bought the low mount tactical rings, 6 screws in each ring. The thing comes with a sun shield and Millet scope cover flip-up caps. The objective is 56 mm’s so that’s pretty big. I used the Millet base and the base is tall too, good thing, not sure the objective would have cleared the barrel otherwise with the low mount rings. So the scope is a 6-25×56. It has a MIL dot reticle with 1/2 MIL bars. The MIL dots can be used for range estimation at both 12.5x and 25x power. The reticle is illuminated in the one I bought. I also got the one that has MIL windage and elevation adjustments, not MOA. More on that later. It’s a solid feeling good looking scope. Has overall 140 MOA of adjustment so that’s a lot too. Last it has a green illuminated reticle if you choose to turn it on.

Now if your rusty like I was or new to this entirely Millets website under “Resources” has every piece of info you would really need to get the most out of your scope, or ANY scope and most any cartridge. All the formula’s are there, all you need to figure out is your loads drop in inches at given yardages and you can figure out the correct number of clicks you will need to hit at that range. This bullet drop info is available all over the web and on the ammo makers websites for Hornady and Federal ammo. Of course this will vary a tad with indiviual rifles, ammo, wind, temp, humidity, blah blah but its the best place to start. Additionally they have formulas for wind adjustments, shooting up and down hills, you name it. A SF guy named Major Plaster wrote all the stuff. I thought it was all very well written and easy to understand. As far as 308’s go, he’s already pretty much handed you the world on that site. So regardless of your scope or caliber it’s a wealth of useful info, check it out.

OK back to the MIL adjustments, you can get one in MOA but I chose the MIL adjustments because the reticle is measuring in MILS. So it saves the step of converting MIL to MOA when making your elevation or windage adjustments. A MIL is simply 3.6 inches at 100 yards, so at say 500 yards it’s 18 inches, at 1000 yards it’s 36 inches, see?? It seems a bit confusing at first when your used to one thing but after studying the resources site for a few hours it was all crystal clear to me. It’s not hard so don’t be afraid of the MIL scale. The target knobs make a .1 MIL adjustment per click, so 10 clicks to the MIL. 1 click at 100 yards is .36 inches, 10 clicks is 3.6 inches or 1 MIL at 100 yards. Where a MOA scope makes usually 1/4 MOA adjustments, so .25 inches per click, 4 clicks per 1 inch or 1 MOA at 100 yards. The same 10 clicks on a MOA scope should be 2.5 inches at 100 yards. Just a different unit of measure, that’s all a MIL is.

Now let’s talk about using the scope and what I thought of it. I WANT to like it. The optics are clear and bright enough to use but not awesome. It focus’s well and easily with a side mounted focus knob on the left side where it’s easy to use. I didn’t apparently toque down the rings well enough the first time and it shifted. I have it all tightened up and locktited now and its seems good. I have shot some very good groups with it. I set it on 12.5x and left it though, it seems to move the POI too much for me to be happy when changing the power, so I used 12.5 as then its on a mil scale setting for ranging a target. I used it on 25 power to range some targets which ranged out at 1190 yards but when I turned it back down the POI was off over 4 inches at 100 yards 🙁 I also ran the elevation up far enough to get to 1190 yards, so it could be the thing just doesn’t re-zero properly. I am going to test this further and let you know after some more rounds at different ranges. If that’s the case I’ll send it in if it’s that far off, I’m leaning towards the knobs being the culprit as the clicks suck, some are hard, some soft, they all sound rickety, not smooth and precise like a Leupold. I am not impressed with the feel of the knobs. Then again there’s 2 new rifles in the mix and 2 lots of ammo, so to rule out things 1 at a time I moved the scope to a tried and true rifle I already had, left the magnification at 12.5 and made sure all the ammo was the same lot #, we will soon see. I’m going to re-zero tomorrow probably and go from there to see where this POI change came from when going back to my 100 yard dope.

Here’s another thought though, most people don’t shoot very far. Whether they don’t have the room or who cares the reason, they just don’t. I only know a handful of long range guys, most just site in at 50 and after the deer they go, not my thing. Anywho, the point being even if the thing doesn’t pan out well and return to your battle sight after an adjustment this may not be the end of the world. Using the MIL reticle you can hold off out to 600 yards, just use the dots and bars. 600 yards is still a good ways away, in fact it’s close to ideal military sniper range. Much closer and your going to get shot or caught, much farther and your chances of getting indirect fire for your efforts increase and it gets harder to see/hit someone. Hadji didn’t stand still, standing up strait with a black shirt on against a white wall, I wish they would have. Anyway, we will see how she does now she’s on a rifle I know and trust. The point being though to 600 yards there is really no need to turn a knob and I rarely use windage anyway, I hold off for that.

Wrapping up for now I have found some issues. I still haven’t given up on the scope though. I will get through these one at a time and report back as I am sure of what I’m going to tell you. For now I have hopes for the scope and “to be continued”.

As always thanks for reading and happy shooting.

By: Cary Kieffer

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