When thinking about tactical gear, you might think about military equipment first used in tactical warfare. It’s things that help veterans in wartime efforts succeed in their mission, such as additional tools with specific purposes.

Firefighters and police officers also use tactical gear. Hunters use them, too, all for the sole purpose of being tactical. This is a list to define better what military tactical gear is and what its benefits are to help you understand those principles.

Storage for Gear

You might not have considered it, but most tactical gear offers you storage. The pockets sown into many uniforms have the sole advantage of carrying more equipment than a typical business suit could fathom.

All branches of the military widely use backpacks, but none use them like the Marine Corps. These are necessary while on deployment and have become an extensive part of the evolution of tactical gear in the military.

Uniform Accessories

Other items serve as tools for workers with demanding jobs. You could even consider a hard hat to be as tactical as a military uniform helmet.

Boots are also tactical, especially those clad with steel toes to help defend your feet from heavy objects. These boots could potentially save workers from a possible disability if something crushes their feet on the job.

You can say the same for sunglasses. Although this item might seem obvious and simple in design, sunglasses will save your eyes in combat scenarios from gun powder, dirt, dust, foreign objects, and sun exposure, of course.

Personal Defense

Of course, where would we be without weaponry? You better believe that guns and knives will save your life in a warfare scenario. There are more items, such as Kevlar and uniforms themselves. For example, camouflage is a tactical item as it keeps you unseen close up and long range.

Hopefully, we have covered some ground with what tactical gear is and its benefits. If you have questions moving forward, feel free to contact Kel-lac Uniforms, as we are a great resource on the topic due to our extensive experience in the field of tactical uniforms.

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Dianne Pajo

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