I’ll be the new staff photog for the foreseeable future and while my writing isn’t the best, I hope to provide great photos to accompany the excellent reviews here.  I hope I can give you the views necessary for you to make a well-informed decision on your next firearm, optic, or accessory purchase and that after seeing my pictures you’ll feel as if you’ve actually had the products you read about in hand.  That said, I’d like to post up a few pictures from the recent LaRue Range Day in Liberty Hill, TX.

The range was packed with a few thousand in attendance.

Competition on the "Top Shot" stage was fierce.

Chris Costa (Magpul) was on hand, giving free tips/instruction to shooters.

The 3 gun "shoot off" stage seemed to be a favorite of the day, allowing shooters to go head-to-head with each other.

Optics ranged from open sights..

to thermal scopes....

and everywhere in between.

An example of the day's abuse.

The above photo more accurately depicts the operating environment in which the LaRue guns were subjected to during the day.  We unloaded and staged over 75 rifles for the event and during the day of shooting I didn’t hear of a single malfunction.  There was zero downtime for guns to be cleaned so they were forced to work non-stop for almost 7 hours in “sandstorm” like conditions.  I know that this is a fraction of what a similar rifle is forced to go through in the hands of our soldiers but if this is any indicator of their reliability/toughness, then they would fit right in with their fighting counterparts.

The long range bay was tough shooting with high winds and targets at 500, 750, and 1000 yards.

Shooters had the chance to shoot both suppressed and unsuppressed LaRue rifles.

Shooters ranged from grandmothers....

to grandchildren.

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