The Keltec PMR-30 22 mag pistol has had quite a buzz online since it showed up. I got on the bandwagon and have a little over 500 rds through mine so here’s my thoughts thus far.

Fun factor: The thing is a blast, it really is a good time. The thing spits fire like a flame thrower! 🙂 The trigger is incredibly short and crisp, you can make this Keltec PMR-30 fires almost like it had a selector switch, so it is good for that. On that note alone it’s worth the 329$ I paid.

Defensive use?? Well, I have mixed feelings on that. Mostly mixed against it, 30 rounds is probably not necessary for defensive use. So if capacity is why your thinking it, when’s the last time you had even 10 people break in your house?? I have fired 6-7 kinds of 22 mag ammo, only the CCI 40 grain work 100%. ONLY that kind! 30 grainers will fail to cycle the gun 1-2 times every 50 or so rounds, no matter how fast they are. She seems to only really like 40 grain CCI. Flat point or hollow point does not matter though, just 40 grain. I still want to see it spit out 500 more rounds in a row of 40 grain ammo before I am going to trust it anyway. For 329$ and tax there are much better choices for defensive use, so I say no way for me.

Troubles: I had some out of the box, it would not work for crap, jam, jam, jam. Keltec has EXCELLENT customer service though, 1 call, no arguing and 9 days later I had the gun back with a new barrel and whatever else they scribbled on the work ticket I couldn’t read. It’s been a champ ever since with the CCI ammo. I have no complaints with it now or how they handled it. Kudos to Keltec.

The gun and accuracy: The grip is VERY slippery on the front and back straps. Go to the hardware and get some black skateboard tape and cut a strip to stick on the grip on the front and back, this will exponentially give you a more solid hold on the thing. Otherwise it’s sliding all over, you’ll watch your groups shrink after that too. The fiber optic sights it came with are very nice. Green in front and orange in the rear on mine, they are bright and easy to see. I found the accuracy to be adequate for a plinker or for self defense use. While not a match pistol I don’t think they meant it to be. Its more of a camp/hiker fun gun sorta thing. Its SO light you won’t believe it. Even fully loaded it’s deceiving to look at it and everyone is surprised when they lift it the first time. Oh yeah and  I have to slide in a new front site green insert, mine disappeared while firing. Keltec sent it for free, kudo’s again. 

Summary: You read what I had to say, its fun, it really is. All that useful of a gun?? Probably not but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I have a large handgun collection, it will never be the one gun I’d settle with or even in my top 5 but if you want to have fun with one and you have your bases covered for self defense or hunting, whatever your thing is, then yes, add Keltec PMR-30 to your pile of guns. I don’t regret it.

Thanks for reading.

By: Cary Kieffer


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