Everybody has been the new kid on the block at one point or another. I remember not so long ago when nobody knew who Rock River Arms was and I was hesitant to buy one of their rifles. In those days if you didn’t have a Colt then the common opinion was you should have bought one. I did end up buying the Rock back then and then never bought another Colt again. Now we have a plethora of choices but not as much in the blow back, pistol caliber AR’s. So when I was looking for a ramped 9mm BCG I came across Kaw Valley Precision. Who?? Never heard of them. Ran the name past a couple of gun nuts I talk to regularly and same answer. Never heard of them…The one guy said I wouldn’t buy one…Why?? “Cause I never heard of em”…Well, now you have. Going back to the very first sentence everybody was new once. I bought it and it is good to go.

Kaw Valley Precision 9mm blowback BCG

I have a RRA factory 9mm and the BCG isn’t ramped. Until I spend the money to get it that way I am stuck with the 9mm dedicated trigger group, I didn’t want that. My first 9mm build I used a PSA and it was less than a stellar performer, so that one was out. My second 9mm AR build I used a CMMG and it was great, few bucks cheaper than a RRA and came ramped. I couldn’t find one in stock this time but I did come across Kaw Valley Precision. It comes ramped and ready to roll with Colt pattern magazines or Glock mag builds. That’s a nice option, I was going Colt pattern as usual but if I ever go the other way it will work. I like the fact it is Nitride finished, QPQ, Melonited….whatever you call it, it comes that way. I love that treatment. Not only does it make everything slick and smooth but it is harder than hell and resists wear and corrosion. Nitride is just a plain good idea. Kaw Valley does it.

I’ll just let the pics do the rest of this. As you can see it is slightly different than the CMMG. I noticed the extractor claw on the Kaw Valley seems a bit larger. There are some tool marks left on the Kaw Valley that are not on the CMMG. My opinion on that is who cares…the thing runs like a champ and cycles very smoothly. If that’s one of the ways Kaw Valley Precision trimmed the price to $50 less than the CMMG AND gave us Nitride then so be it. Those tool marks aren’t bothering me in the least. I took it out on day one and ran the heck out of it. I pulled it out and wiped it off for the pictures. You can hardly tell it has even been used, the nitride cleans up easy and wears very well. Coming in at 15.5 ounces and made of 8620 steel this carrier is a bargain at $125. I’m very pleased with my first purchase. I would like to try out a barrel from them next.

Kaw Valley on left, you can see the tool marks and who cares. They effect nothing that I can tell.

Summary: Love the thing! Now this might be the most important part of the article. I emailed Kaw Valley Precision and the phone rang 40 minutes later…CUSTOMER SERVICE!! They have it. SO many don’t anymore. I was very impressed by that. I spoke with Ian of Kaw Valley Precision and he gave me a quick rundown of their story. A guy in a garage with some tools…4 years of hard work and dedication later he has a real live 1600 ft shop with lot’s of tools and employee’s. The American Dream come true. I loved hearing that. If you need AR pistol cal goodies don’t shy away from Kaw Valley Precision. I think these guys are doing great things and I am sure I will be back for more of their goods. As always thanks for reading and train often.

10.5 9mm build on a dedicated RRA 9mm lower. Colt pattern Metalform mags have served me well for a long time. Guardian 9 Can quiets her down.

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