I must admit my mistake……….completely forgot about leaving a review here. Should have done it a while back, but better late than never, right?

Ordered a 2011 from Hayes Custom Guns and took possession of it last fall (2016). Right from the start, it has ran with NO issues. The build quality is amazing, and the fitment is tight yet smooth. The craftsmanship is beautiful, and the pistol has been money very well-spent. The value, function, and quality scream top-of-the-line. Then, there is the trigger……..it is just……right. Excellent short reset, crisp perfect break…...smooth movement, tactile feel………..no mushy or sloppiness here! Seriously, it is awesome. I’ve put a decent amount of rounds through the gun now, and the fitment is still superb. I’ve had a couple other 2011s that did not exhibit the level of detail, fitment, and retain the tight fit after use. The Hayes 2011 build is unequivocally superior, and I won’t hesitate to have them do more going forward.

On top of a seriously impressive pistol build, the Hayes shop guys have been really supportive with other help I’ve sought from them. They’ve devoted time and effort to help me with my M2 that was originally built by another shop. I’ve had them improve the loading port and add a rear sight to it per the design I wanted, but beyond those two items, they’ve politely and eagerly helped me with some other issues I had with it. That kind of customer service and friendly helping hand is very welcome and definitely earns future projects I may have, as their easy-going and knowledgeable approach is very welcome and reassuring, especially given the way some others in the industry have treated me. Doesn’t matter who you are, these guys treat you right.

Seriously, give them a call. They’ll take care of you very well, and every gun I’ve seen come out of there equals excellent build quality and performance.

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