Looking for a great hunting scope that excels in low light? The German Precision Optics Spectra 5x 3-15x56i is certainly worth a look.

As previously reported, GPO was started by Michael Jenson who has a long history in the outdoor and optics industry. GPO is an American based company that is partnered with GmbH, it is founded by Richard Schmidt, formerly CEO of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. They have created a unique company offering fantastic optics at a reasonable price to the consumer. All of their products come with a lifetime warranty.

GPO – Spectra 5x 3-15x56i

The Spectra 5x 3-15x56i has a wide optical zoom of 3x to 15x and features a large 56mm objective for outstanding low light performance. Featuring double HD glass with their proprietary lens coating it is outstanding glass. I have used all the high end glass on the market and the GPO hangs right there with the best in all conditions. It also has a center illuminated dot that works well in making precise shot placement in low light. It is done correctly in that it can be set dim enough to make a great aiming spot, especially on a dark target like a hog yet not be so bright it works against you by making your iris contract. I have seen this with many scopes and it makes them utterly useless. The reticle is like a german #4 and is also bold enough that you really don’t need the illuminated dot but it is nice to have for sure. The capped elevation and windage turrets are in mil with .1 (.36″ at 100 yards) adjustments. The caps can be removed, personally I leave the windage capped and remove the elevation only. My testing revealed that the adjustments are accurate and consistent. There is no zero stop like most “tactical” scopes have. Setting the knobs to “o” is a quick and easy process.

GPO – Spectra 5x 3-15x56i illumination and parallax control

I got to hunt with the scope on many hunts in Texas for deer and hogs and was very happy with the performance. Glass is great, the scope never fogged up on me or gave me any trouble whatsoever. I ran it on a 16″ 308 and it was a deadly combination.

GPO – Spectra 5x 3-15x56i elevation turret exposed

Specifications are as follows:

Tube: 30mm

Weight 29.3oz

Length 14.6″

Eye Relief: 3.75″

FOV at 100 yards: 34-7 ft

Supplied with see through bikini scope covers

MSRP: $1052.56

GPO – Spectra 5x 3-15x56i 56mm objective

Dealer locator: https://gpo-usa.com/dealer-locator/

More info: https://gpo-usa.com/

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